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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dated Interview Needed To Be Seen And Heard January 2017: Russia Today's Interview Of Steven Seagal From A Few Years Ago

The following is a dated interview from a few years back,  possibly around October to early November 2013 (?);  but the relevance of the comments made by Steven Seagal are almost timeless from then and today in January 2017 leading up to the Donald John Trump Inauguration on January 20, 2017.  

[[[  Update Febraury 3, 2017
Youtube took the original video down, the ff. video here is a posting of the same interview that I had to replace on February 3, 2017 here because the first was taken down.
End of Update Febraury 3, 2017]]]

If we are to speculate about the relationship between the United States and Russia, I would say that there will be no meetings until President Trump calls up Putin for the first time and discusses things with him as President. Likely it will be a series of several phone calls over the first two or three weeks with Donald John Trump as POTUS, with a focus on how we can best team up and eliminate ISIS from around Syria, with a meet between Secretary of State Tillerman and his counterpart placed on their scheduling as representatives of the agendas of their heads of State...preferably in early to mid March. 

And indeed, at this point in time, because the Globalists have devastated the United States economy far worse than is being reported or ever told us,  --

(Unemployment near 23% and a part-time work force that is ever increasing to force economic enslavement and dependency serf classes into the U.S. economy and social structure, while intentionally destroying lives by medical poisonings in vaccines by mercury and aluminum powder and over vaccination, graduating dummies who can't add $1.56 plus 87 cents in less than 30 seconds en masse, destroying the nuclear family as well as cognitive capabilities to ensure an enslavement class that is bred for mass extermination in 20 years on a Globalist timeline of 2035 to 2037 when a robot class can replace their useless eater status), 

-- such an open relationship potential for trade and markets that OPENS the American economy to create jobs for PEOPLE to return to a discipline and dignity of self-sustenance and useful participation and the freedom to pursue happiness in an economically ENABLED state of being, it is clearly in our best interest in the United States under a President Trump to now soon   be able to negotiate mutual friendship and trade and to hopefully soon be able to massively EXPORT goods to Russia in return for access to lower cost Russian oil or goods they can manufacture in kind, as long as it is a free trade we can both take advantage of to rebuild our national economies without having Globalism impose itself on us.   At this point in history and the geo-political landscape, this is and will be a good thing, and should be so at least for the next 4 to 8 years.  

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