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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 18, 2016 - A Few Videos Regarding DNC and Hillary Clinton On Feminist Policy Toward Pushing Nuclear War Abuse, Hillary's Forward Together Bus Open Dumping of Human Waste, and More Where The DNC Benefits From Election Fraud (videos)

Alex Jones Interviews Michael Savage:
Obama Administration Feminists Want War Because They Are Mentally And Emotionally Unstable To Begin With

Meanwhile, the Hillary Clinton / DNC Campaign Bus Envisions that the "FORWARD TOGETHER" campaign slogan on the side of the bus means leaving their fecal matter and toilet paper all over an open street in  Lawrenceville, Georgia and just dump it down any old storm drain because that is what they think of Georgia and the average voter in America anyway.  

Meanwhile, Bill Still introduces more from James O'Keefe "Project Veritas" on the Democratic National Committee approved voter fraud, and this includes an undercover scooped admission from the Communist Party USA based People For The American Way's deputy political director Scott Foval,  that this has been standard practice for assisting the Democrats in voter fraud for 50 years now.  

David Knight of Infowars wraps up today's news with his perspective

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