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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Alex Jones Warns of Soros USA Policy Inducing War With Russia. Video And My Input.

While the United States might have some engagement that could result in major conventional losses to us, it is NOT ever likely that we will go nuclear with Russia because the Globalists have not yet fully emasculated our nuclear arsenal down to near zero.  Under the Obama Treaty with Russia, the USA now counts bomber planes capable of carrying nukes, the launchers themselves, the subs and the silos capable of carrying nukes AS nukes, even if there are no dead drop nukes, cruise nukes or MRBMs or ICBMs with nuke warheads in any way involved.  The details of his START TREATY were posted at:

P. 4
Article I11
1. For the purposes of counting toward the aggregate limit provided for in subparagraph l(a) of Article I1 of this Treaty:
(a) Each deployed ICBM shall be counted as one.
(b) Each deployed SLBM shall be counted as one.
(c) Each deployed heavy bomber shall be counted as one.
2. For the purposes of counting toward the aggregate limit provided for in subparagraph l(b) of Article I1 of this Treaty:

(a) For ICBMs and SLBMs, the number of warheads shall be the number of reentry vehicles emplaced on deployed ICBMs and on deployed SLBMs.

(b) One nuclear warhead shall be counted for each deployed heavy bomber.

3. For the purposes of counting toward the aggregate limit provided for in subparagraph l(c) of Article I1 of this Treaty:
(a) Each deployed launcher of ICBMs shall be counted as one.  [the language without specific clarification, based on 2b above, infers as one nuclear warhead].
(b) Each non-deployed launcher of ICBMs shall be counted as one.  [the language without specific clarification based on 2b above, infers as one nuclear warhead].
(c) Each deployed launcher of SLBMs shall be counted as one.  [the language without specific clarification based on 2 b above, infers as one nuclear warhead].
(d) Each non-deployed launcher of SLBMs shall be counted as one. [the language without specific clarification,  infers as one nuclear warhead].

In 1996, then President Bill Clinton signed a directive that only the President can authorize a nuclear submarine launch. The Presidential Decision Directive 60 (PDD-60) signed by Bill Clinton http://www.armscontrol.org/act/1997_11-12/focnov
goes beyond the stating that the US would not use nukes against non-nukes states, or would not allow a nuke launch until after a nuclear attack has been verified.  The power to hold the codes is in the hands of the putative President.  If the bombs are falling, and the putative President is inclined to kick back, put his feet up on the desk and wait it out, and the officer holding the Launch Codes decides to leave the room, the Secret Service can execute that officer for Treason, even though the alleged President by apathy is the one so doing the Treason as the nukes are going off.  Until the advent of Obama, such a scenario was utterly inconceivable by a President...but with the usurpation of  the America-hating Obama, one NOT Constitutionally even legal to hold the office and thus is presumed by NOT de facto legally there, but illegally ensconced with a 100% VOIDABLE time there and all laws passed while he was there thus legally voidable as well being absent any Constitutional authority because he is ABSOLUTELY NOT a UNITED STATES Natural Born Citizen, that very scenario could indeed become a reality.   The danger, then, is NOT from the Russians themselves, but from the usurper Obama. 

In the Obama Administration, that means the launch codes and authorization would not have to legally be decided upon being released to our land silos, nuclear storage facilities, and nuclear subs UNTIL the nukes are popping off on various US Cities, based on a prior Administration's Presidential Directive, and could merely use the ACLUese EXCUSE that the incoming missiles, regardless if it is a few to hundreds of them, the excuse being to the effect of:  "well they might be just merely be conventional warheads, and go land in the middle of nowhere and just make gopher holes in the deserts, fields, or woods somewhere". 

In her final speech as Secretary of State to the Council of Foreign Relations on January 31, 2013, Hillary Clinton spoke of a new infrastructure of Government in the making which will replace this one...one that is seen as a new dynamic as exciting and geometric as was the Parthenon of Greece in its day; [and then about 3 minutes later] in a world where society is seen as either Democratic or Totalitarian.  She excluded the option of there even being room for a Republic or Republicans to exist, let alone any number of small splinter parties be they Independent, Libertarian, Green, or any other name.

Preceding all this current hysteria with Russia, as is happening with the Department of State under Kerry and the Irish Republican Army terrorist wannabe Samantha Powers, Alex Jones is the opening video to this blog piece is both getting AND missing the right screen in which it is technically an election strategy HYPE to manipulate international tensions and focus to domestically election fraud and vote fabrication and to in whatever illegal way "garner" votes for Hillary by having people LOOK AWAY from what FRAUD they are going to try to commit on November 8, 2016.

But in order to see why a "first strike" nuclear war is NOT advantageous to Russia now, let us re-examine what Obama did for their Manchurian Compact partner, the Chinese in giving away first strike nuclear capability for which he should have been arrested, tried, convicted, executed with both a Supreme Court Chief Justice and the Senate presiding in passing sentence that he committed such an offense worthy of execution.  

        On July 6, 2012, the illegal to be in power Obama Administration ensured a preliminary (allegedly Continental United States) Internet kill-switch and black-out communications technologies and capabilities put into place.

In February 2013,  the citizens of the United States were nationally made aware that  the Chinese Government has most of  an entire building that its Government operates as a hacking base in Shanghai. 

In the China Daily News, some 6 months after the event, they too did a story and had watched the video of the United States "Aurora Generator Test".  Of interest is a quote near the end of the China Daily News article of a Security Expert who states:

"What keeps your lights on are some very, very old technology," said Joe Weiss, a security expert who has testified before Congress about such threats. "If you can get access to these systems, you can conceptually cause them to do whatever it is you want them to do."

The alternative Media and alert American Patriots already know that the illegal  Obama Administration committed yet another of its long line of acts of  TREASON (and in this case, open violations which could charge those like Obama and those who authorized such data transfer and sharing to foreign governments with espionage) when it shared the electro-magnetic vulnerabilities of the United States first with Russian military troops on U.S. soil (in Colorado)  in 2012, and then with Chinese Army Troops on U.S. soil (in Hawaii)  in November 2013
 by inviting the foreign adversarial or enemy forces of the Chinese Army to observe first-hand a top secret operation of a simulated nuclear explosion designed to destroy the U.S. Utility and Communications grids over the Continental U.S.,  even though the Chinese Army have specifically and PUBLICLY gone on record in the past several years that they wish to soon use this very tactic to destroy the United States by an inferred sneak attack upon us.

That's what we did for the Chinese, but back track to a year earlier, and you will find Obama did exactly the SAME THING for the Russians as with the Chinese, as I refer above to Russian troops on U.S. soil in Colorado in 2012, learning how to neutralize the United States and make a successful first strike.  If Obama and then Hillary are determined to see our nukes go to zero as nothing more than empty of nuke warhead bombers and empty of nuke warhead silos and empty of nuke warhead launchers, do you REALLY think the Russians or their current leader Vladimir Putin will be goaded into any kind of a nuclear war with us when (if they wait just a few years more) they can utterly annihilate this nation without any losses on their side except from radioactive fallout from the other side of the planet carried there?  Hell no, they won't be goaded.  As for the radioactive fallout that travels across the planet statement,  statement, I refer to two events in the 1970s which was blacked out and far too many Americans have memory suppressed and intentionally forgotten.  At that time, two Chinese Hydrogen bombs were tested and exploded above ground in CHINA which  did this across the world and upon the United States fall-out effect and gave Americans the experience of witnessing  the radioactive atmospheric debris in glowing red clouds that lit green grass as purple at night as it crossed from California to New Jersey in June of 1975.  This was duplicated again in October 1976. It is a blacked out news event that those of us who are of age will remember, especially those of us who spent hours under these night clouds as witnesses to the events.  

One hydrogen bomb was enough to take radioactivity around the world from China to the East Coast of the United States, we can only imagine what 500 or 1,000 would do and wonder what would a radioactive hypercane be able to do as a residual effect of a major nuclear strike on the United States?  It would travel death by the tens of millions and more around the world for one full year before fully dissipating.  That is a goal that globalists someday want, as if the human species would somehow magically evolve by radioactivity rather than get killed, burned, birth defected and maimed by it.  

So personally, despite the Manchurian Compact which exists between Russia and China, where if you nuke one, you are attacking both and BOTH will respond with nukes...something no one is now talking about in the Russia, Russia, Russia (look away from domestic election steal) hype, I ain't worried about it at all.  Russia is led by a man with a clear head on his shoulders, and most likely he already knows it is a political bluster move designed to cast the eyes of a nation and of the entire world AWAY FROM AN OPEN ELECTION STEAL FOR HILLARY.  

For those that read and know the Bible is also history BEFORE it happens, you also should be at least be cognizant that any nuclear holocaust demise of the USA (to be found in Jeremiah 51, Isaiah 13 and various other passages)  still would be years out as well.

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