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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Is Forensic Evidence Of One Of Hillary's Murder Victims Admitted To Being Used to Haze, Shut Up, Make Others Go Along As Felonious Accessories To A Criminal Conspiracy Now Exposed In A Wikileaks E-mail?

Of the many murders committed by the Clintons, which they have gotten away with dozens of publicly known instances, is one of the bullets that passed into or through one of these victims, such as Vince Foster,

being retained as a murder trophy by the Clintons and Hillary’s staff for intimidation of others as a form of terrorism or a felonious act of criminal "hazing" to force them to be an accessory to multiple felony compliance and racketeering in a criminal enterprise "or else"?

I have emboldened, underlined, colored, changed the font and enlarged the text below WITHOUT ALTERING ANY COMMUNICATION TEXT CONTENT STATED for quicker readability

Russia Today reports: 

Jennifer Palmieri, communications director for Clinton, bizarrely declares her intention to show a bullet to a new member of staff in a June, 2015 email. When informed of new employee from Liberia, Cara Bernard, Palmieri responds, “Another Liberian! I will show her the bullet you gave me!”
The communication from Marlene Vasilic of the Center for American Progress is titled ‘A Liberian is coming!’

Re: A Liberian is coming!

To: mvasilic@americanprogress.org
Date: 2015-06-09 20:09
Subject: Re: A Liberian is coming!

Another Liberian! I will show her the bullet you gave me!

Sent from my iPhone

> On Jun 9, 2015, at 11:32 AM, Marlene Vasilic wrote:
> Howdo former CAP’er’s and Christina!
> Happy to see you guys kicking butt and taking names up there. Just a brief note to let you know that one of mine is joining you! The fantastic Cara Bernard, first generation Liberian American is beyond ecstatic to work with HRC in Human Resources. She’s a recent AU Grad, has honed her chops with the likes of NPR, Steny Hoyer, the DSCC and even Vincent Gray. Though she will be too self-conscious about this to share, she’s the grand niece of Liberia’s Madame President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf! 

Please say hi if you see her, or in other words, HAZE HER! She can take it.
> Missing you all and sending blessings, light and love,
> Marlene
> Marlene Cooper Vasilic
> Vice President of Outreach and Special Events
> Center for American Progress
> 1333 H Street, NW
> Suite 1000
> Washington, DC 20005
> Office: 202.481.8102
> mobile: 202.725.4867
> www.americanprogress.org
> @mcvasilic


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