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Monday, October 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton Campaign Commits Obama Approved and Protected Domestic Terrorism As If Above The Law

 Oct 17, 2016

Bill Still features Project Veritas revealing that Hillary Clinton's Campaign sponsors Domestic Terrorism and law breaking activities (and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a part of the Department of Justice refuses to prosecute because Lynch and others above them are so damn corrupt).  

Mayor Tom Stevens (D) of Hillsborough, NC with Fox Business News Neil Cavuto regarding the [Hillary Clinton / George Soros / Barack Obama  approved] firebombing of the Orange County GOP office.

Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne joins the show to discuss the character of Hillary Clinton and what he saw during his time guarding her.

Bill Still features a post-interview news report of Hillary's September 7, 2016 display of her lousy extreme temper tantrum foul-mouthed character after Matt lauer offended her by asking her about her e-mails in which she declared she violated the Law so badly that "if Donald Trump is elected, we all hang from nooses."     She KNOWS she committed TREASON and MURDER and is destined to easy conviction and hanging?  Clearly so.

Come January 20, 2017, with an elected and sworn in Donald Trump, within minutes, there needs to be arrests and immediate prosecutions of Hillary and all those involved in her criminality.  A list of arrests and prepared evidence for warrant signatures need to commence rapidly and be followed through, and in fact be present in a brief case ready for submission and signature to execute warrants for arrest when Trump gets sworn in, right then.  And if we are lucky, Hillary will turn state's evidence on all her accessories in her treason and various hundreds of  felonious activities and be detailed to take them all down with her.  We can only hope.  The important thing now is for WE THE PEOPLE to do what little and what we can individually and together to NOT let her and the globalists and the hired Central Intelligence Agency STEAL the 2016 election by any fraud or criminal act they deem necessary.  

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