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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Possible Economic IMF Against Greece Ripple Effect Coming June 30 to July 1, 2015? Just In Case, Take Precautions NOW!

It is possible, that if the nation of Greece is thrown out of the European Union and while defaulting on national debt and simultaneously being prevented the use of the Euro in its financial transactions, on June 30 to July 1, 2015, despite its banks and stock markets being ordered closed for this up coming week (beginning June 29th, 2015 to as late as perhaps July 6th or July 7th, 2015)

 there may be an economic earthquake that will rattle across the world.   

Previously, the International Monetary Fund (the IMF) imposed a high end direct tax (without being a legislative body, but a CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM to Western Europe) on the nation of Cyprus.

The whole robbery scheme by the IMF was excused by financiers and journalists on the notion that 40% of the account holders in Cyprus were foreign accounts, so what's the big deal if a bunch of foreigners were looted as well?  

There, the direct sucking out of funds hit smaller account holders with a (in an electronic flash) loss of 6.75% and larger account holders with a (in an electronic flash) loss of 9.9%.  It was unmitigated financial institution robbery on anyone daring to have a bank account in 2013 in Cyprus.   


But what if it doesn't JUST affect Greece, but there becomes a moment when panic spreads in stock markets and financial institutions across the globe?  What then?   The answer is, "Like with any weather forecast of a major violent storm coming your way, even if it doesn't specifically come where you are or it breaks up and fizzles out... just in case it does come and roar right on top of you, and ravage everything around you, it is better to be prepared so that you are safely sheltered as best as you can be, than to take no precautions at all and do you possibly great harm and worse."  

So therefore, I would think it to be advisable to ask yourself, if there is a financial panic that spreads to the banks in the United States or whatever country you are in, as almost 40% of my readers are various international readers reading this blog, do you have enough resources to survive a crisis in which banks are closed for as many as two weeks and your accounts are on lock-down, as even ATMs are closed?    I cannot say it WILL happen...but if you have the resources, use the warning as a motivation to prepare and take precautions to make it that much more easier on you and yours in case it does happen, and to learn from this situation against the full economic meltdown many top analysts are predicting for sometime in late September to early October this year of 2015.   

That aside...

The United States used to have a legitimate President and a time of genuine -- not propaganda manufactured -- prosperity just 29 years ago.  The speech in the video below was made to the International Forum of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States  on April 23, 1986.   President Reagan in 1986 also seems -- in wisdom -- to speak to our time in 2015, as it were: warning that we in the United States now follow the failed Marxist model of that which decimated other economies.   I hope you will appreciate much of the video as did I.  Peace.  


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