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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

It's Official, the Congress of the United States Has Abdicated Its Legislative Authority And Committed TREASON In Fast-Tracking The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty

After the U.S. Senate on Tuesday June 23, 2015 decided to cut off debate regarding the issue, in a vote of 60 to shut it down, 


on Wednesday June 24, 2015 the U.S. senate by that same majority of 60 to 38 passed the illegal Fast-Track Authority for Obama 


to hand over United States Sovereignty vested exclusively in the Congress of the United States to alien powers.  

The day of the end of the Republic of the United States, and the dissolving of Congress by its own hand, is just one single majority vote away...which could come as early as next week.  The Republic of the United States, agreed to on September 17, 1787, reborn in on March 09, 1789 as the first day of its operation, but reckoning its birth on July 04, 1776, will likely never see its 240th year of its claim for national sovereignty nor its de facto 227th year of legal existence as "The Republic of the United States of America."   


Published on Jun 18, 2015
Fast-Track surrenders Congressional power to the executive for six years. Congress gives up the power to control the content of legislation, to amend the legislation, to apply a 3/5ths cloture vote or a 2/3rd treaty vote. Fast-track is designed to ensure passage of three secret transnational compacts - TPP, TTIP, TiSA - which together encompass 3/4ths of world GDP and as much as 90% of world GDP when counting countries whose membership is being actively sought. Fast-track would launch the formation of a new Pacific Union with immense regulatory powers, as well as the Trade in Services Agreement designed in part to enhance labor mobility among more than 50 nations. Moreover, instead of promoting reciprocal trade, the deals would promote more one-sided trade that widens our trade imbalances and destroys American manufacturing jobs.



The majority of the United States Senate decided to ignore the warnings of Senator Jeff Sessions in his latest open letter warning:

The Media and those who support the destruction of the Republic of the United States, are effectually proclaiming there is no need for YOU to know the Truth, will not tell you the truth...nor will they inform you that in the very first words of the Agreement of the Treaty, the public is BANNED from being allowed to know the text of the illegal Treaty, and thus there will be a totalitarian assumption that is expected that anything they say is the NEW LAW, and YOU have NO say or allowance for resistance.  For 4 years from when the Treaty is supposed to conclude, which the Prime Minister of Australia says will be next week, all Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Page 1 of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

"20 January 2015

This Document Contains TPP CONFIDENTIAL Information MODIFIED



Derived from: Classification Guidance
dated March 4, 2010

Reason: 1.4(b)

Declassify on: Four years from entry into
force of the TPP agreement or,
if no agreement enters into
force, four years from the close
of the negotiations."

Further, both the Transpacific Partnership and the Atlantic Trade Treaty (which will soon also follow), will be those which will be offered to Congress without emendation, and all they need is a simple majority vote to pass it, NOT the required two-thirds number the Constitution requires, not a United States Natural Born Citizen as President of the United States to sign it as the Constitution requires.   

 Congress will at that point, be nothing more than figure-heads with "no production for use", a bunch of figure-heads that these unelected and unaccountable alien powers can then by their own majority vote put a bounty of "Dead or Alive" upon, and be murdered with impunity, because Congress will have AUTHORIZED those alien powers that very ability under the rules of "living document authority" to alter and institute any law it wants...ANY LAW IT WANTS...and then can sit back, and watch as ISIS Muslims or whoever machetes Congress and their staffers, et cetera,  or something to the same savage effect for your and my media viewing.  In that day, even though we tried to prevent it with a demand we uphold the Constitution of the United States, and even warned of it before hand, if the members of Congress are taken out by such measures, it will be that they by a majority vote did so vote to commit suicide, while voting to murder those around them and the entire nation of the Republic of The United States as well.  How can I put it anymore strongly in a legal and peaceful and rational presentation than that?  I don't know.

GOD have mercy on us all.  Amen.



[[[[[ Update: 06/25/2015   

How and why could such an egregious and TREASONOUS piece of legislation be rammed through Congress successfully?   The answer is offered up by one of those who betrayed the Constitution in running for President while knowing he is NOT a Constitutionally required United States Natural Born Citizen, Senator Rafael "Ted" Cruz, who earlier unsuccessfully voted for this same legislation when it was defeated, but now vote against it in this last vote and basically BRAGS about how corrupt the Congress (including himself by inference and implication) have become:   Cruz has joined those who sold us out, and perhaps is trying to ease his conscience as he positions himself to do more damage as he once again chuckles over his words (as in the video @ 2;55 - 2:59) of 
"In 2010, as many hard-working Americans [chuckling on the next six words] crawled out from under the financial crisis..."  

Oh yeah...ha, ha...so funny to him...not funny to us.  


"Once again Congress has become enmeshed in back room deals.  
...And this seems to be an all too common trend in Washington, that whatever is happening, corrupt back room deals dominate....

Since 2008, the big banks, have only gotten bigger.  As the FED noted at the end of 2011, 5 banks held more than 8.5 TRILLION in assets.  Equal to 56% of the United States economy, and that's UP from 43% five years earlier.

...Lobbyists and career politicians today make up what I call the Washington Cartel.  And it operates very much like other cartels, it operates like OPEC...[he then makes a Masonic Lodge and Cult ritual joke about not knowing if they wear robes]...but they nonetheless on a daily basis are conspiring against the American people. 
 Let me explain how it works.  A bill is set to come before Congress, and career politicians ears and wallets are open to the highest bidder.  ...And those who don't oblige, are shunned by the Cartel."

WND's report will include Cruz as saying: 
"Washington conspires against the American people on a daily basis,” charged the senator, saying it operated just like OPEC and every other cartel.

“Freedom is very scary to politicians in Washington because they’re all about power and control,” 

“It’s the same as taxation without representation,” reflected Cruz, because “our representatives aren’t representing us, they represent giant corporations and lobbyists.”

 End of  06/25/2015 Update]]]]]

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