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Friday, July 4, 2014

Featured Western Journalism Videos: Barack Hussein Obama, Enemy In Chief To United States Citizens

On this July 4, 2014, Independence Day, I choose to celebrate the fact that there are those of us who choose to REFUSE to give up our rights to Free Speech. 

For as long as they last, I choose to post these Western Journalism videos which are almost up to the same proper mindset as I have warned about regarding Obama, his Islamic Jihadi devotion, his anti-Americanism, and the pro-Jihadi American born traitor John Brennan (head of C.I.A.)
 who props up this foreign usurper Obama / Soetoro in the White House.  

Obama's DNA Likely Not Related To Any U.S. Citizen Mother

Obama's Maternal DNA Likely Related To Indonesian Mohammed Sabuh

See also:  








Let this day of Independence 
be as the title of a British Rock Band put it 4 decades ago: 
"Won't Get Fooled Again". 

Happy 4th of July, 2014.    --  Brianroy. 

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