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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Barack Hussein Obama / Barry Soetoro Admits to Ongoing And Current Use Of Crack Cocaine?

Even just 20 years ago in the United States, were we to go back in time and explain the usurpation and character of the usurper in the Presidency, of who he is and what he is, no one would believe it, and very few would ever be accepting of such a concept outside of the Clintonian Democratic Socialists and Communists within the upper echelons of the Clinton Administration and the Democaratic National Committee, perhaps.  The average American in 1994 would either have laughed in hysterics, thinking it was some new comedy movie script, or they would have stepped back or away in almost silent horror, thinking the bearer of news from the future was asking them to believe the impossible (to put it nicely).  

And in some ways, the further and further we go into the usurpation period from January 20, 2009 to present day and onward, we see in the news such degradations and acceptance of such that we NEVER would have expected as much compliant acceptance to get along as we have, beginning from the promotion of homosexuality as part of the 1963 Communist strategy
 to destroy America's society, to where veterans of our military and evangelical Christians are scorned as if terrorists, and where the terrorists of Al Qaeda are the new allies and soon to be new heroes of the illegally empowered Obama Administration ever increasingly unrestrained by any allegiance or obedience to the Constitution of the United States or of concern for any accountability to citizens of the United States for whose interests they are supposed to help protect (rather than exploit).  

Confession of Obama as a currently active Crack Cocaine Addict?  

Barack Hussein Obama, registered to vote in the District of Columbia as Barry Soetoro in the 2012 Presidential Election, and who may or may not have voted for himself as Barack Obama also by absentee from his Chicago, Illinois address, has admitted drug use and abuse on the weekends while in the Presidency, and joked about it as he addressed a White House Staff to say farewell to a beloved Pastry Chef there.  

If the News Media ever comes forward with an expose of what really goes on at the White House with this usurper, it will obviously include testimony of Barack as using mind-altering substances on occasion, in Barack's own words as only on the weekends, including the use and abuse of crack cocaine.  When the call went out from Ben Ghazi, Libya, in the middle of the week on September 11, 2012, was Barack Hussein Obama II / Barry Soetoro high on CRACK COCAINE and derelict from the duties he illegally took upon himself in usurping the Presidency?  Was his escape out of town to Vegas on September 12, 2012, to party with Jay-zee and fund raise in Vegas, post-crack cocaine the night before at the White House Rose Garden, 

[Video below introduced and commented on afterwards by ABC News]


 while Hillary herself looked like she was working off a drunk?  Was his 9/12/2012 escape out of town in part because Barack both approved the assassination of his ambassador while putatively / presumed President, and that he was in dire need of another Crack Cocaine fix on Air Force One or while in a room in Vegas?  One has to wonder.

Of the Crack Cocaine dependance or addiction of Barack that is being transferred in a blame substitution application onto an illogical alternate such as a "pie crust"  because of an inherent weakness and addiction or dependence on the part of Barack, which he expresses with his facial body language to be true and to which his wife affirms with a yes to he is stating it is "the crack" [cocaine] that he is internationally saying to Governments around the world that he does, (which further erodes their confidence in U.S. Leadership), I focus on what is said from 17 seconds until 1 minute and 1 second of this video (of Barack within the last few days).  In case the internet is scrubbed of the video, I include a transcript of what was said.


@ 17 seconds ff.
Obama / Soetoro:   ... Here's the problem.  We we  called Bill the "Crust Master" because uh, his pies -- I don' know what he does, wheth he puts Crack [cocaine] in them or, um.    But, 

His wife:  No he doesn't.  There is no crack in our pies.

Obama / Soetoro: I, I'm,  I'm just saying that when we first came to the White House, I don't know if some of you some of you remember this, the first year, like my cholesterol shot up.  And and the doc said like 'what happened, you had like this really low cholesterol, you were really healthy', and I thought, (IT'S THE CRACK) [Cocaine].

His wife:  Yes!

Obama / Soetoro:  [continuing] ...the Pie. 

But why should anyone worry?  The Media and those in the Entertainment industry who pass out $30,000 a plate to Obama, at what appears to be at an almost quarterly rate of attendances, even after that 2012 is over, are sold on the idea that NOTHING is too much of an abomination or shock value to them, whether true or not.   For example, how can we think Entertainment Industry Celebrities or the Media have any sense of decency for looking out for any common decency on behalf of the general public, when they privately accept such realities as  Obama / Soetoro being actively gay while married, and then going out even further to say that Michelle is really a transgender and that "that's okay"?   




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