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Monday, November 4, 2013

Temporary Diversions: Comedy, Western, Cold War, Western, Classic Music

Bill Cosby at the height of his touring America's Colleges giving a Comic routine that would now be considered "politically incorrect" to give in our current day.   His approach in this video bridged into the common experiences and considerations that put race aside, and sought to use humor to help people come more to their common senses, and away from the drivel and victimhood propaganda in today's political correctness brain-washing into compliant idiocy that is so prevalent in 2013.  

Audie Murphy, the most highly decorated Combat Veteran of World War II, returned to America and rejoined society as a valued member and eventually a famous B Picture Celebrity.  We need to hold our military veterans, especially our combat veterans of Foreign Wars having served honorably in the high esteem they deserve.  Our veterans are among the greatest resource our society has, and they deserve so much better than to be labeled by the screwy extreme Leftist driven Obama Administration as terrorists or those who need to be denied the Bill of Rights for which they in part fought and suffered for.  Just to look at this picture, you see someone who killed well over 1,000 men in combat, and though fighting the strange guilt that comes from having served and fought and come home in one piece, never became anything other than a productive and peaceful member of our society as a patriotic United States Citizen, letting his professionalism  and military training work to his advantage in inter-acting with others ...even if in just a pretty decent western opposite Dan Duryea. 

A well known 1960's Cold War film with a fairly good story-line and professional cast. 

 If the movie cuts to a middle segment, simply drag the time bar ball left until it reads (0:00).  Thanks.

A Hopalong Cassidy Western from 1940

Andre Rieu in 1994, when he had not yet acquired a larger orchestra or vocalists.  You will also see Frederick when he was younger and slimmer on his zither, and when he and the Orchestra had not yet worked out the classic comedy routines as seen in the clip at the bottom of this web page.  There are a few spots where you will see very briefly where the video rubs, but overall, worth the view and listen to.

Please tap on the highest quality Resolution and Full Screen options and enjoy!


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