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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

State of Mind and Future Shock: Information Videos.

State of Mind 

You can buy the uninterrupted DVD at:


Alex Jones in July 2013, premiered this History of Modern Psychological War by the Elites Upon Humanity in the United States of America.   In this Youtube Premiere, Alex interviews those directly involved in the making of this very important film that is not only individual educational, it is multi-generational group discussion stimulating (for those with rational and deep thinkers to interact with -- those able to intelligently and calmly question, explore rational hypothetical or theoretical conclusions,  research, and learn). 

 But be warned, it is not for everybody.  De jure (by claim), we can rate this film as:
 X-M  (Not for Morons).  


In the video, you will notice that success of brain-washing comes primarily through hypnotic suggestion conditioning when the subject has made the mistake to trust those he or she shouldn't with demands of obedience in spite of facts to the contrary that may be known to the subject.  I believe that while the film over-emphasizes the intelligence of the elite -- such as knowing how they will subject the entire society as rather learning in ever increasing increments rather than it (since just after World War I) as since the 1920s always that way -- it is still a very sound and timely film.  Timely, because the fears expressed in the film are a practical happening for so many now.  We have reached a point when we are at the Fuhrer Nazification Hypnosis as Germany had in the late 1930s, as the State of Mind in America nears ever closer to real anti-Constitutional attempts to be totalitarian by design in our society today, as unknown elites and known leaders in Congress and elsewhere attempt to subjugate America's society by mind and behavior control in its various forms and many levels of attempts of subjugation upon both the individual and the group.  

America's State of Mind is now that of a majority dumbed down society, and this movie is essential for Conservatives, Independents, and free thinkers wanting answers as to why the glazed over repetition acceptance of  the abuse of power and condoning of extreme corruption, or the now chronic hypnotically droned out response by the Left of idiotic smear attack answers of "race" as being why someone might be upset over issues such as:  Agenda 21; or Obama's giving away nuclear missile secrets to Russia; or Obama's giving the Chinese our electro-magnetic vulnerability secrets to the Chinese who train with U.S. troops on U.S. soil and who have already publicly stated they will use the information to destroy us by that same electro-Magnetic Pulse Bomb method;  or Ben Ghazi; or  Obama's support of Muslim terrorists (Al Nusra - Al Qaeda of Iraq in Syria); or the the I.R.S. or Democrats for Obama Voter Fruad scandals;  or the Fast and Furious Gun running scandal attempting to False Flag a crisis to justify stripping U.S. Citizens of their Second Amendment guaranteed right to gun ownership if they choose to have one; et cetera.

This program, "State of Mind",  does contain a lot of valuable useful information and insights for the informed and semi-informed.   It also contains things that you may want to stop and rewind, and say, "Hey, wait a minute!"   By example, of interest to me, was the use of an H. G. Wells quote of the "thousand points of light" that President George H.W. Bush often used during his Presidency, but the film did not connect to.  The "1,000 points of light" which President George H.W. Bush repeatedly used in 1989 on, specifically underscores that indeed, the first President Bush had aspirations and designs as part of his core belief system in which he desired the subjugation of the United States into a Global Society, and away from its Constitution.  This revelation is my personal reaction from the film regarding from the quote of H.G. Wells speaking as to "Globalism".  The use of this specific covert identification phrasing, the same as Communists would call themselves "fellow travelers" in the U.S.A., for example, was something that I have passed over (for whatever reasons) quite a few times until watching this film virtually undistracted.   

In the 1970s, we were warned of some of the problems of a mental and emotional "disconnect" by we and future generations as being in part attributed to "future shock".  That's "Future Shock by Alvin Toffler, 1970." 

  In the ff. film based on a 1970 book and released in 1972, some of the futuristic concepts (despite the limited imagination we had back then),  

seems to also be something that plays to the advantage of the elite --   this "shock" or  being overwhelmed by the future coming too fast, or "future shock" -- who entranced a willing large segment of America's moderates and Left of Center "yippies" wanting an entrancement to be the opiate to allow them a religion of sinning against the Almighty without moral conscience. 

Please share and discuss with family and those who are intelligent (and at least more or less already like minded) friends able to question without having a tantrum or emotional fit like so many Democrats, and other liberals so often have.


[[[[Update 11/28/2013 

A Supplemented with extras Infowars Interview Video From An Expert Discussing The Subversion Of  U.S. Education from 1910 ff.  

    In two parts for resolving voice to video sync issues in an earlier posting.

  End of Update]]]]

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