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Friday, November 8, 2013

4 Educational Films Regarding the Federal Reserve And The New World Order

We need need to get rid of the Federal Reserve, which is simply a banking Cabal with nefarious influence in and over the deepest aspects of our government, and a large part of why we cannot root out corruption until this all-pervasive entity is removed.

  Jekyll Island 

In 2010, Ben Still also created the much talked about "Secret of Oz" video, dealing with how that the Gold and Silver Standard economic solution to stabilizing the dollar was incorporated into the fictional story the Wizard of Oz in the children's book originally written by its author.  

For those who wish to know more about the New World Order concept, two films made years ago

From 2009 End game:

From 2010: Invisible Empire

These films, hopefully, will help get a discussion and then a legal and peaceful action with a real and tangible good end result going.

I have a few thoughts I would like to share after viewing the last two New World Order related films, even though they are now several years old.

I do not count Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan as totally reigned in by the influences of those elitists who are part of the New World Order.  But the surprise is that we have seen in our lifetime the gradual usurpation of power in ways we are only beginning to realize by looking at the issue.  President Reagan was guided by the Republican Party establishment to place the highest number of New World Order elitists in positions of power because they were intelligent, skilled, and cunning enough to help bring about a "Conservative Agenda".  He soon found he was in over his head, but still attempted to effect a positive change.  However, since Reagan, the executive power has shifted gradually to the Vice-Presidency and to unelected "handlers".    In effect, Dick Cheney acted almost as a co-President executive independent of President George W. Bush at times, rather than any traditional virtually powerless Vice-President.  
In regard to this, could  Obama have been chosen and enabled to the Presidency by an organized Federal intelligence services interference of the Presidential elections of 2008 and 2012  fraud upon the voters because he (Obama, also as of October 2012 registered to vote as Barry Soetoro, resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.) is at any time impeachable as illegitimate and a usurper of the Presidency, and been effectually reduced to being little more than a teleprompter reader of scripts, and a figurehead that an unknown group of handlers send around, telling him what to say, and sign?  Is that why Obama keeps denying responsibility of his office, as if on the sidelines, and referring to the "they" of Washington D.C. as if still an outsider looking in, despite illegally being in what was thought to be the centralization of executive power in this Government? 

 It may be time to have such a discussion as this, and for WE THE PEOPLE to push Congress to abolish the Fed, reduce the outside alien allegiances of those working in all three branches of our Federal Government in a legal and peaceful and intelligently constructive way, and restore the republic if we can, by such means, if it is at all still peacefully possible.  Just a few thoughts, for whatever they may or may not be worth.  Thanks.


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