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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Western Journalism Reports Media Concealed Fact Of Communist Troops On U.S. Soil in November 2013 To Learn U.S. Specific Vulnerabilities In U.S. Simulated Electro-magnetic Pulse attack.

[My comments in green]

Question: Why invite an enemy which was reported as intending to use the very weapon you are gaming against   

and expose your strengths and flaws to that enemy, unless you are either a clear and present danger to the National Security of the United States by naivete and incompetence,  and/or specifically intent on betrayal and the committing of Treason against the United States of America?

Western Journalism writes:

The Communist People’s Republic of China was invited take part in a massive drill dubbed GridExII that took place on November 12-14,2013. The drill simulated the detonation of a massive nuclear warhead high above the skies of the United States,creating a giant EMP—Electro Magnetic Pulse—that took out the U.S. electrical grid,communications,banking services,and all computers,simulating a helpless America completely dependent on its all-wise government.
According to declassified (but heavily redacted) intelligence documents released in 2011,the Chinese were reportedly working on a “Super Electromagnet Pulse Bomb.”
China is gearing up for war against the United States,and their top weapon is a super electromagnetic pulse bomb that can blanket the U.S. and send America back to the Dark Ages in less than one second.
And no doubt the Chinese have perfected this EMP bomb by now.
So exactly why the Chinese are involved in a drill of this nature is unclear. The only logical explanation,as crazy as it sounds,is that the Department of Homeland Security—Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force” (the entity overseeing this drill)—is secretly working with the Communist Chinese government!
Which is not surprising,given that Barack Hussein Obama has long been suspected of being an ardent Marxist.

The exercise in which the Chinese participated was preceded by another exercise 2 months earlier in September 2013,

 in which a search and rescue mission simulation was conducted by U.S. Advisors aboard a Chinese Missile destroyer.  The Chinese Army published the ff. two captions and the two ff. photos below affirming that pre-Grid II exercise in Hawaii. 

U.S. observers ... aboard Chinese navy's missile destroyer Qingdao near Hawaii, the United States, Sept. 9, 2013. Four naval ships, including Chinese navy's missile destroyer Qingdao, missile frigate Linyi and USS Lake Erie, and three helicopters, conducted a joint search-and-rescue exercise near Hawaii.... (Xinhua/Zha Chunming)

The picture shows a scene of the China-U.S. joint maritime search-and-rescue exercise. (Chinamil.com.cn/ Chen Guoquan and Zhang Gang)

To give you an idea of the range of a 1.4 megaton nuclear explosion initiated Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) pulse
in 1962 during Operation Starfish, at a proper altitude:  http://www.atomicarchive.com/Photos/LANL/image56.shtml
on July 9, 1962, the United States Navy exploded a 1.4 megaton nuke over Johnson Island that took out a British, a U.S. Naval, and an AT&T satellite (all rarities in orbit at the time), with an effective range of secondary interference at a distance of  9,000 miles (i.e., Argentina in relation to Johnson Island).  The length of the secondary EMP radio interference was about one year. The explosion was not a perfect circular pulse, but an oblong after the pattern of the photograph available at the link above...to which Hawaii was on the narrow of the oblong, some 750 miles away, experiencing blackouts and blown transformers as a consequence of that high altitude nuclear detonation experiment.     

The above paragraph in green is previously released information to the public that has been around since the Star Wars defense debates during the Reagan Administration.

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