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Monday, October 7, 2013

Obama and Lew: Seeking To Create Panic And A U.S. and World-wide Financial Meltdown. Take Precautions Within Your Budgetary Means, Now!

The Obama Administration is using language specifically geared to try to force a panic and a financial crisis to collapse the economy.  That of "America WILL default" on paying its interests, and blame the Republicans alone for what Obama and those who conspire with him are causing.    This was not only stated by Obama on Wednesday, October 2, 2013,

 but by his nefarious Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Foxnews Sunday with Chris Wallace on October 6, 2013 as well.

Further, the Obama Administration  will ratchet up its intensity on rhetoric specifically geared to cause a world-wide panic and collapse the economy as soon as it releases that the U.S. has passed the 18 trillion dollar mark, and that it is at the number actually higher than that now that is actually our debt.   Months ago, the Obama Administration intentionally froze the debt clock, at over 140 days now,  
specifically to help incite a panic, probably now (at this time)  aimed for an October 17, 2013, re-opening of the debt clock at actual amounts to add to the panic and blame Republicans in Congress as being the cause of the meltdown they are seeking to incite, when Obama himself and those who support him have been and are the primary cause of what they will make into a global financial crash, not just that of America.  

I urge readers world-wide to take a "better safe than sorry" approach that won't be outside the limits of their current budget, but as if preparing for a major storm and power outage.  It won't stop the crisis, but it will lessen the blow should it come, and can be extended out as part of normal spending if the financial meltdown is averted.

Here in the United States, I urge readers within their budgets to:

1) Buy extra food, emergency supplies, ammunition, and store extra water and keep extra small cash (change and small bills) on hand. 

 2)  Watch for intentional Federal banking interferences freezing electronic assets (your bank accounts) at any major banking institution that took "Stimulus" moneys, and for E.P.A. interferences shutting down power or water to whole regions, and various other harassments to make your lives as difficult as possible or to isolate and terrorize you into just going along and giving Obama dictatorial powers of some sort while taking ours as citizens -- guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution -- away.

If the crisis comes, you will have had a "heads up".  If it is averted, you will have had a "drill" experience to help you prepare even more for the future, including that of normal natural disaster preparation.    


[[[Update:  October 8, 2013
The U.S. Treasury has, in just one day, added another 777 billion dollars to the U.S. Deficit.  That places the current debt of the United States at a minimum of being in excess of $19,000,000,000,000 / 19 Trillion dollars as of this date of October 8, 2013.  


Figures for matured or cashed out U.S. Treasury debt held by the public below.  When bond issue is in excess of pay-out, new debt as a "promise to pay" is created.  

2013                7,546,726                    8,323,949                    777,223
2012                6,804,956                    7,924,651                    1,119,695
2011                7,026,617                    8,078,266                    1,051,649
2010                7,206,965                    8,649,171                    1,442,206
2009                7,306,512                    9,027,399                    1,900,887
2008                4,898,607                    5,580,644                    682,037
2007                4,402,395                    4,532,698                    130,303
2006                4,297,869                    4,459,341                    161,472

Other roll-overs of debt can easily place us at or above the 20 trillion dollar debt mark, as the pattern of 2009 Treasury bond redemption can easily be repeated and add over $1 Trillion more in just one day, yet again on top of the $777 billion dollar roll-over accumulation on September 30, 2013.  However, for right now, the unpublished debt of the United States as of this date of October 8, 2013, is in excess of $19 Trillion, and rapidly climbing.

     In effect, Obama (through his Treasury Secretary Jack Lew), has unilaterally raised the debt ceiling himself, (which is why they stopped the debt clock (now more than 4 1/2 months ago), and usurped the Legislative authority of Congress while manufacturing a financial crisis he and his co-conspirators created.  Any debt ceiling for functionality of the Government of the United States will likely have to have a 22 Trillion dollar or above figure, as the 19 Trillion dollar figure has now already been passed, and we are coming up on the $20,000,000,000,000 mark Obama and his co-conspirators will hope to panic the markets and global economy with.

End of update]]]]

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