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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ex-Navy Seal Warning Of Obama To Military Litmus Test: Are You Willing To Shoot And Kill And/Or Disarm Otherwise Legal And Peaceful U.S. Citizens For Obama? (Or words to this same effect).

Former Navy Seal Speaks On Litmus Test In Military:  Are You Willing To Shoot And Kill And/Or Disarm Otherwise Legal And Peaceful U.S. Citizens For Obama? (Or words to this same effect).

If you are...you have a future in the military or at Homeland Security.  If you aren't, there's the door, or we will "nudge" you the hell outta here.  

Ben Smith @ Foxnews


Ben Smith @ Infowars the ff. week

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from October 23, 2013  

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Part of the above interview and Alex Jones also offers his viewers OTHER supporting military testimony to the same effect as Ben Smith, regarding the new madness / willingness of a rogue power-hungry group of politicians enabled and empowered by Obama's [illegal] authority in the Presidency to disarm and or fire upon U.S. Citizens domestically while being or serving in a United States military designed to fight FOREIGN Wars.  It is illegal for the U.S. Military to ignore the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of the Right to Bear Arms under the Second Amendment and attack United States Citizens, but that is the litmus test Obama has been putting to the highest ranking officers and certain high ranking non-commissioned officers of the various branches of the U.S. Military all of 2013.

On March 18, 2013, a Youtube uploader placed a collection of similar stories run in the Mainstream News regarding concerns to this effect and added commentary.  For those concerned, it is an upload worth checking out and perhaps saving.

It appears that Obama and those obsessed with supporting him apparently utilized the Litmus Test firstly under the excuse as a support of Senator Diane Feinstein's effort to end run the removal of the Second Amendment by attacking certain kinds of guns, while using language that basically banned anything semi-automatic. 

[[[[[Update: October 26, 2013

Video has leaked of a SEPTEMBER 2013 Military Police Training Class exchange (just a month ago as of this posting) 

in which the Military Police at this class  are informed that there is a coming Martial Law in which they will be used like the National Guard in which FEMA (i.e. Homeland Security) will take control of whole areas, and in these situations they can expect to be used as form of security presence and / or armed back up, in which the 1st - 2nd -  4th Amendments Constitutional Rights of U.S. Citizens will be as if suspended in regard to the military and non-existent as far as Homeland Security is concerned. 

According to the instructor, the military is to tell people to go into their homes, and the Homeland Security under the guise of FEMA then invades the home, confiscates whatever they want, does whatever they want (leaving open the option of mass rapes and mass murders).   

For FEMA to be involved outside a natural disaster would require a bio-hazard release such as a modified H1N1 virus  or other agent intentionally released into the population, or it would require the missing nuke that was ordered out of Texas by Obama without a sign-off , which was supposed to go to South Carolina and never arrived that Lindsay Graham feared was black operations planned to explode in Charleston, but now is to be detonated by black ops zealots for Obama somewhere else inside the United States?   These are two possible scenarios, but obviously there are others. 

There is existing Pandemic Legislation language from Massachusetts in 2009 that could be re-introduced.  See the World Net Daily Article link of  Pandemic bill allows health authorities to enter homes, detain without warrant

We also could say that a suspension of all food stamps, rather than just a 15% reduction planned to start next week in November 2013, could start a mass hysteria and uncontrolled rioting needing a martial law.  But if it were that, since most of them are not likely to be armed with firearms in any great numbers, then just who and where is FEMA with Homeland Security troops so keen to descend upon and mass gun confiscate and murder and pillage as their first example that is left as the unknown in this hidden camera video footage above? 

We are left with a warning to keep preparing in our own lives against that day in which a domestic military force of Homeland Security, utilizing the resources and manpower of the active Military, treats us as if they were foreign invaders sent here to conquer, having some kind of evil and alien allegiance we will only understand AFTER it happens.

  End of October 26, 2013 Update]]]]] 

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