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Monday, October 21, 2013

JFK 50th Anniversary Reminds Us That Birtherism Is Legitimate And Suppressed By A Combine Of The Government And Media Working Together To Do Another Cover-Up

For anyone who doubts that those of us who reasonably doubt Obama is in any way legally in the office of the Presidency of the United States in any great numbers, or if they should not be cognizant that they  are unable to even have the capacity to reasonably and intelligently argue our points when they are too busy  stopping their ears and closing their eyes and refusing to engage in a equal platform of intelligent debate and calling us names (and yet wonder what other Conspiracy we can cite by example); then, if that later point is raised, of what other Government Conspiracy remotely approaches that of enabling Obama, we need only point out that America has already gone through a similar wedding of the Government and the Corporate Media in their combined suppression of the truth in the debate over what really happened to JFK when he was assassinated in Dallas in November 1963.

To this day in 2013, 50 years after the fact,  a majority of us -- over 60% of the U.S. adult population -- REASONABLY and RIGHTLY doubt the authenticity of any claim that Lee Harvey Oswald singly assassinated JFK, let alone even fired a single shot of the alleged rifle that was changed from a Mauser -- with a 4/18 scope that the first two witnesses that spotted the alleged Oswald rifle testified to -- to an Eastern European piece of junk.   But the coverup is only challenged the most loudly only after decades of removal of those who were in power at the time (in 1963), and a disconnect is finally enabled by a passage of time away from the event regarding those who were in power then to still continue to suppress the truth in numbers - power - continued influence.  Only after the damage has been done and enough time passes does it seem that the voices of doubt of  a great bulk of the American Citizenry, that have always been there, grow louder.  In the same context of power and influence, so is the "Birther" issue against Obama, where those in power are able to mute and suppress the probably 40ish percent to almost half of the American citizenry that doubts Obama's legitimacy at various levels of  intensity.

The 1964 Secret Service Official Version To Other Agents Not Part Of The Conspiracy

In 1978, the British Broadcasting Company tried to blame the American Mafia as behind the JFK Assassination.

The BBC blamed the death of JFK on the mob.  A careful look at the evidence tells us that it doesn't work that way.  As with the Bilderbergers, representatives of agencies and organizations are sent forth. So was the case of the assassination teams.  While a single shooter of the mob may have been used, and then later liquidated, a shooter from the Military, the C.I.A., the F.B.I., and the locals (Dallas, Texas or to this effect) would have been recruited and employed.  That means 4 teams, and possibly as many as 8 bullets fired, coordinated and commanded by military and intelligence personnel.   These representatives when dispatched to a location will act and interact in the behest of organizations and interests.  The Military has their interests represented.  The Intelligence Agencies have theirs represented, probably in two rival spheres of Domestic and Foreign (F.B.I. and C.I.A.).   The Industrialists have their interests represented, probably utilizing the mob to that regard, but controlled and overseen as part of the F.B.I. influence and control.  Other Political Sphere groups could be represented by yet another representative as observers or participants.  These get together and act together.  In the case of Kennedy, the military and the different intelligence agencies most likely acted together as the one who pulled the trigger.  They utilized and allowed certain mob activity as fringe and logistical support to isolate, identify, and control whatever activity assigned to them by their Intelligence / Law Enforcement handlers.  With President Kennedy, they removed him from power with an assassination, and ran a Conspiracy with the media and others for 50 years now in covering it up.   So to say that an illegal alien or foreign national like Obama being placed by the same kind of power conspiracy using different players in much the same roles of power, and then having his illegality covered up and excused upon by a power conspiracy of the same groups while berating any who dare challenge them, it is not beyond reason or probability given the extent that JFK's own assassination was white-washed and covered up, and certainly still not believed by most of America's Baby boomers and older citizenry. 

November 11, 1992 Interview of Retired Colonel Fletcher Prouty, regarding JFK

From 2003, a 40th Anniversary look at President Kennedy's Assassination

(Warning: Some graphic images and some crass language-  Infowars documentary edition)

Jesse Ventura adds details in his investigation while at "Conspiracy Theory"


Jesse Ventura's Book "They Killed Our President" @ Amazon.com

JFK: Director's Cut, Starring Kevin Costner (1991) 

JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy

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