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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brianroy Answers Readers Questions: Epiphanius Wrote A Book 4?



September 17, 2009 posting:

The post-Nicene 4th century apologist, Epiphanius (ca. 310-402 A.D.), in Against Heresies / Panarion, declares that John wrote his Apocalypse during the (end of the) reign of Claudius Caesar. The following is my reconstruction of the passages, in order to encapsulate what is being declared.

“Even the people of Thyatira testify this is to be true … [that]… (The Holy Spirit) did foretell (the Apocalypse) through the mouth of John (the Apostle)… who indeed did prophesy… during the reign of Claudius Caesar…when he was upon the isle of Patmos.” Epiphanius, Against Heresies, 4.33.8

“…after his (John’s) return from Patmos, under Claudius Caesar…the Holy Spirit [not much later] compelled John to publish forth his Gospel…several years into his residing in [Ephesus of] Asia.” Epiphanius, Against Heresies, 4.12.1

Steve writes

I appreciate your hard work. But I could not find the quotations of Epiphanius to substantiate them. You say they are in Epiphanius, Against Heresies, 4.12.1 and 4.33.8. But Epiphanius only wrote three books against heretical beliefs that I can find, and all seem to be entitled "Parnarion." It seems that a mistake has been made here.


    You can read the two citations in the more recent English translation of Epiphanius Section 4 or Book 4 works in        

The Panarion of Epiphanius of Salamis: Sects 47-80, De Fide   (1994, Brill)

  The first citation of 4.12.1 appears on p. 36 of  that edition, for example.   It is an out of print work, but is the most recent of sections 47 - 80 of Epiphanius that I am aware of, so you may have to use a University Library (at the cost of purchasing a parking space or you might be able to order through a public library system) , or you can opt for a rare Book Dealer to locate a copy. To purchase the book 4 / section 4 works of Epiphanius is a bit expensive, generally ranging from about $213 to $429 U.S. dollars.  There used to be a copy of the above book at Google Books, which should  still be there.     

 I hope this helps.     Thanks.   -- Brianroy

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