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Saturday, April 14, 2012

While Glenn Beck exposes Farrakhan, a few other observations and comments follow.

 Glenn Beck is at his best when he is not a shock radio clown, and enters his more serious news and issue driven television persona.  Recently, he shared an expose on Louis Farrakhan, leader of the nation of Islam, and from whose organization the New Black Panther Party was formed and branched  from.   I have chosen to bypass the 9/11 truther segment.  The ff. 4 clips were made available at: 

Segment 1:  Intro

Segment 2:    On Farrakhan's anti-Jewish hatred

Segment 3:  A review with Erick Stakelbeck, part 1

Segment 4:   A review with Erick Stakelbeck, part 2

My Commentary:

The Nation of Islam, effectually promotes as doctrines of belief since the 1960s
-- that G-D is a negro / is black,   [never mind that GOD is Light and in Him there is no darkness nor shadow of turning]
-- that the pure and righteous are negroes / blacks, 
-- that the white man is the incarnation of evil created by a mad scientist on Patmos, 
-- that all Jews and Christians with white skin need to be annihilated, 
-- that the race war in which all white Jews and Christians are to be annihilated is to be assisted by some mother spacecraft which tells them when they are to rise up to do it.

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 Further, in a speech mentioned bt the Washinton Post,

Wartosky, Alona   "Brother Minister: The Martyrdom of Malcom X" , February 17, 1995


 Farrakhan seemed to (at least twice) admit a Nation of Islam assassination of Malcom X (who acting in righteous indignation to Elijah Muhammed getting six of his secretaries pregnant) was ousted from the nation of Islam and then executed as a "traitor", with Farrakhan in that 1993 speech stating:

  "Did you teach Malcolm? . . . Did you clean up Malcolm? . . . Was Malcolm your traitor or ours?" .... "And if we dealt with him like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours?"

And we are to acknowledge and remember that the New Black Panther Party is an offshoot of the Nation of Islam under the guidance and "spiritual counsel" of Louis Farrakhan.  

 We see only too recently that by their bad fruits, are still unrepentantly obsessed with calling for black instigated race war. 

The Black Panthers may call themselves "new", but they haven't changed their fundamental doctrines of hate since their founding in or about October of 1966.    By and large, the leaders are obsessed with calling for a race war, but except for the television cameras and a few minor incidents, most always want some OTHER someone they can instigate into starting it, so they can scapegoat - blame - martyr and capitalize on their suffering and deaths.   These wayward souls whom they instigate (motivate, or incite) into action are merely looked upon privately with the same disdain as "deceived suckers who need to get took", or words to this effect.  

 The deceived who are led astray by stoking hate and fear into acts of riot and murder and/or  mayhem, are led astray through the bad fruit and fundamentalist doctrines found through Islam, to their hurt and destruction by the reckless indifference of those inciting them.   

The race-baiters who claim to be setting their people free, in reality do little more than turn their "brethren" from being free men and women with all the liberties and privileges of freedom in a free society with all the perks of citizenship, into literal victims and felonious criminals (without even the right to be called citizen or to vote), throwing their lives and futures away on a moment of flash-hate and stupidity.

  In that sense, Islam really does meet its definition of creating "{shackling} submission" upon those who are wayward led astray after its glorification and justification of hate, thievery, violence, all sorts of immoralities up to and including  murder; regardless of its motivations or alleged justifications (such as over ethnicity).  In Somalia, the Sudan, Nigeria, and elsewhere, the ethnicity argument doesn't apply as Muslims unprovoked slaughter innocent peaceful Christians. 

 Nor will the use of Surah 8:41
--  and any claim of a failure to collect a Sharia 20% co-existence tax just for breathing as a non-Muslim,

 (nor as the July 1981 professed in my presence  at a distance of no more than 6 or 7 feet away -  "I'm a Marxist-Leninist" Obama       who in 2008 said and probably still in 2012 would likely recycle it as "when you spread the wealth around, it is good for everybody") ;

nor that of another 20% Sharia tax (in Islamic enforced dhimmitude / that special oppression levied upon  non-Muslims) that goes to the local or regional Islamic "prophet" if there is a living "prophet" of Islam --

nor any other reason, none, will ever justify Islam's fundamentalist religious doctrines of  (or that which results in) unrepentant and oft reckless thirst for carnage and the shedding of the blood of innocents as a prey. 

 Christ Jesus is the Logos, the Intelligence and Intelligent Reason as well as the spoken WORD of GOD.  If GOD by Reason and Faith peacefully calls people to convert, and uses Creation or Nature and International Wars by nations and governments to bring about Judgments for unbelief, and himself not only refused to kill or murder, but forbad all His disciples from even the smallest acts of violence...and rebuked one having dared maim another before healing the one harmed attempting to defend Him...what does that tell you and me about the Christ of the Bible, the "Prince of Life" and the "only begotten Son of GOD", who is so far above and vastly superior to the perverted and wicked theology / tree / fruit of Islam?  Perhaps, that it spiritual abomination to equate the two, and that to choose Islam is to embrace or accept a destiny of eternal death and all the evil that goes with it; but to embrace Christ Jesus as one's LORD and Savior is to embrace  or accept a destiny of eternal life and all the good that goes with it? 

 Some who follow Farrakhan and the New Black Panther Party down this wayward path of being incited only by them into a "race war" they started, will even pay the ultimate price by becoming literal lost souls  -- for whatever reason and by whatever means they are separated from their bodies as they are made into corpses -- and who in the last second of life, with sure certain knowledge of deceit and betrayal, will certainty experience the sudden great dread and unspeakable horror and immediate and inescapable pulling down and free fall of their soul eternal damnation, as their conscious soul and spirit  plummets down - down - down into hell...and perhaps realize in those moments of sudden dread and free falling the fearful lamenting cry of  if only someone really loved them, and would have just led them to Jesus,

 and to have helped them to know GOD as Love....


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