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Monday, April 16, 2012

Individual mandatory Nationalized Bank Accounts as a New Form of Taxation Collection coming through Obamacare?

While there is debate in the Senate on whether a person's passport can be withheld,  so as to prevent them from leaving the United States, for $50,000 and above in back taxes (the same as now can be selectively done if you owe $2,500 or above in child support)

I suspect there is another more round about way in the works for 2014 and beyond.  One in which the Government, perhaps no longer being the Republic of the United States of America then,  in which every inhabitant is ordered and assigned an individual federal bank account number in which only through that account number are you able to deposit and withdraw funds.  All current bank account numbers after the transition period then ceasing to exist.  But it is a plan that needs a designated banker, and a means of justification.  It appears to me that the Obama Team has recruited Jim Yong Kim for this role, but in order to give him the experience he needs for such oversight, they nominated him to head the World Bank.  Why Jim Yong Kim?  Because it will be a mandatory account system used to tax every individual for mandatory universal healthcare by making it an automated withdrawal requirement from your financial account in order to expedite tax efficiency.  That in turn will be the preferred method for you to then pay all your taxes.  Only problem, under the United States Constitution there are roadblocks.  Remove the US Constitution and "fundamentally transform America", as Obama promised when he was 5 days away from Election Day 2008,  and you remove the hindrance by establishing a new Government and New Constitution that you can write anyway you want.  It is a New Constitution modeled after South Africa's that I suspect is now sitting in a West Wing drawer or on a West Wing Hard Drive somewhere, as well as in a George Soros funded Think-Tank Office.

But let us for a moment look at the person Obama wants trained to be the head of the Healthcare Financial Efficiency Collection Expert slated for 2014 and beyond.

In March 2012, the Communist-Socialist Comrade Obama appointed his nominee Jim Yong Kim
prior to the Healthcare Arguments before the United States Supreme Court.
On April 13,  Agency France Press (AFP)  / France 24 reports that Russia has concurred with the appointment made by Comrade Obama.
"Taking into account professional qualities, experience and the competences of Mr Kim, Russia will support the candidacy of Jim Yong Kim in the vote of the World Bank's board."  Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said Friday.
 Harvard-trained doctor and anthropologist, Kim, 52, is the former director of the department of HIV/AIDS at the World Health Organization. He became the president of the Ivy League college Dartmouth, in New Hampshire, in July 2009.

 On April 10, 2012, The New York Times
Jim Yong Kim is a physician and global health expert who became president of Dartmouth College in 2009. In March 2012, President Obama named Dr. Kim as his choice to be the new head of the World Bank.
That made Dr. Kim the frontrunner to take the helm of the multinational development institution on June 30, when its current president, Robert B. Zoellick, steps down at the end of his five-year term. Tradition has held that Washington selects the head of the bank and Europe its sister institution, the International Monetary Fund, since their founding during World War II.

 ...He is not a development scholar nor, like previous presidents, a banker or foreign policy √©minence grise.

...[He is]  Not a Banker, But a Hands-On Development Expert

But the bio-sketch from Fast Company is the most telling:
       As a physician working to establish health-care programs in the developing world, Jim Yong Kim was "constantly frustrated at how poorly we executed." Why is it, he wondered, "that great academic institutions are not able to help us figure out how to take all this money for global health and turn it into fantastic programs?" Now president of Dartmouth, he has taken up that challenge. Already the go-to source for Medicare data, the college is now bringing together all of its academic resources, from medicine to business to systems engineering, to launch the Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science. Studying the most successful health systems and sharing their best practices, Kim believes, could improve health-care quality and help lower costs as much as 30%.

 The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire also give more insight into the Hanover, New Hampshire based Dartmouth University President,
listing his close connection with Timothy Geithner and new friendly association with Hillary Clinton.

 Jim Yong Kim is under the impression that "the world's troubles are your troubles" and that it is his goal to make Health Care Delivery a globally perfected happening. 

In following this, on March 23, 2012, when Obama announced several days prior to the US Supreme Court Arguments over Obamacare's unconstitutionality,  as seen above and at the link of
Mr. Kim issued a dartmouth Announcement to his Faculty, Staff, and Students
which reads as follows: 

Announcement from President Kim

March 23, 2012
To the Dartmouth Community,
I write to share the news that President Barack Obama has asked me to stand for nomination as president of the World Bank. This is one of the most critical institutions fighting poverty and providing assistance to developing countries in the world today. After much reflection, I have accepted this nomination to national and global service.
When I assumed the presidency of Dartmouth, I did so with the full and deep belief that the mission of higher education is to prepare us for lives of leadership and service in our professions and communities. While President Obama's call is compelling, the prospect of leaving Dartmouth at this stage is very difficult. Nevertheless, should the World Bank's Board of Executive Directors elect me as the next president, I will embrace the responsibility.
As Chair of the Dartmouth Board of Trustees Steve Mandel '78 and I have discussed, if I am elected, our Board will take appropriate steps to ensure continuity of leadership and determine the timing of a search. For now, I remain president of Dartmouth. Steve and I will keep you informed of the nominating process and timing of a final decision by the World Bank next month.
Jim Yong Kim
President, Dartmouth College

 Interestingly, in Road Trip Nation 
  Mr. Kim is given a 4 minute video interview and is also quoted as saying:
"Following your dreams is one thing, but you’re going to be much better at following your dreams if you have some skill." 

So what skill does Mr. Kim have at running a bank, any bank or institution specifically governed to finance and the laws thereof?  He has none.  Mr. Kim has NO skill.  Not even some.   As even the New York Times admits 
 ...He is not a development scholar nor, like previous presidents, a banker or foreign policy √©minence grise.

...[He is]  Not a Banker, But a Hands-On Development Expert

So, that being the case...why Mr. Kim?

It would seem to be because he needs a financial efficiency expert with top executive banking experience with handling hundreds of billions of dollars, who can adjust and adapt his learning curve into the job and task at hand.  

In the years 2014 ff., Obama has made his plans...and has considered with the electronic vote rigging given that will be his in what is now 26 States and 900 jurisdictions, 
and probably more by November 2012, is a given.


By example also, in the above video, a Diebold Electronic Voting Machine Contractor says in 2004, around Baltimore Maryland, 200 electronic memory cards and all their votes were erased…and also talks on uploading software modifications that he clearly has no idea as what the effects to the actual accuracy and vote tallying are. 

I think we can project the most probable scenario of a post-Obama 2012 Presidency turned Dictatorship in which Jim Yong Kim becomes the new Healthcare Tax Collection Efficiency Czar and the following scenario occurs.  It is only an educated guess, however...but it should be very close to what they have plans for (in my opinion).   
I call it scenario 84 in order to remind you that Orwell's "1984" is the reality they live by, even though they will chronically and consistently  claim it is Orwell's  "Animal Farm" as to what guides and governs their actions.    

Scenario #84:
In the Socialist States of America (the post-1787 founded Republic Governance), the Financial Institutions / Banks continue to exist, but now are co-owned by the SSA and act as conduit tax-collectors using Healthcare as the entry model

1.  The Republic of the United States ceases to exist and is replaced by an altered Government infra-structure that mimics the  current Government, but is stripped of the Bill of Rights as it transitions and morphs gradually.

2.  By 2014, a law would be passed by Executive Governance as the law of the land, whereby every man and woman and child will be issued a State Monetary Account Identity in which their financial assets can directly be accessed by the then Socialist States of America or SSA for Taxation purposes. All taxes would be removed by and through banking institutions as a means of immediacy and efficiency, thereby virtually eliminating the Internal Revenue Service, except as a banking job function and description, and at a higher outside level (like with the FDIC) as bank auditors.   

3.  The State Monetary Account Identity (SMAI) required upon every individual in the post-2014 Obama Dictatorship  (should it come about) would be portable and transferable between differing financial institutions in a society modeled in part after the Communist variant of the State Capitalism of China; however, the individual would never be able to deactivate that number, because that privilege belongs only to the State.

4.  Taxes of the individual would be directly seized out of the individual's SMAI, with Obamacare currently being the very first tax at a rate of approximately $85 - $100 a month.  And if you are delinquent, no matter what money that you earn or possess must first go to pay State owed taxes and delinquencies to the State.  This will be the new means of taxation in the future, run through the Healthcare takeover.  

5. Employed or not, all taxes in the Obama-run SSA (if I understand their strategy correctly)  would begin and end with the individual through banking institutions.  Those not of age to work, be they 12 or 14, or what age mandated by the State to work (as in age requirements to work in Communist Regimes elsewhere around the world during the 20th Century), will likely have an account marked something like  I-SMAI for Immature (or under age minor) State Monetary Account Identity. 

6.  Once accounts are delinquent past a certain point, individuals will be "modified" into work camps.  Those too sick to work or deemed  undesirable, and unable to obtain a waiver, will likely be liquidated and have their assets recouped by the State, the SSA (so as to spread the wealth around).  

7.  The most extreme form and last resort, desirable as a scenario by extreme Communist-Socialist ideologues, is the ff.   The Death Panel / Death Camp Scenario via Hospital Harvestings?   If the person has no properties and is in good health, especially if they are above 15 and under 30,  it is likely he or she could be harvested as a form of wealth distribution for the State...this harvesting specifically would be geared to remove all viable organs and transplant capable body parts of the "tax-delinquent" or "politically (including religiously) undesirable" for Elite Party Members and their families on Health Delivery List.  Eyes, liver, lungs, heart, kidneys, bone, cartilage, skin, hair would all be harvested for use by others for the benefit of the State.  

So will the above scenario occur?  If later this week Jim Yong Kim is nominated.  If Obama wins election (and he can only win by spiking the electronic voting machines).  If, if, if....   Well, I guess we shall wait and see.  Because, even if not by a 2014 then  newly assigned  Jim Yong Kim, the new collection of taxes right out of your and my bank accounts is still the height of tax collection efficiency....and unfortunately, an inevitability to watch out for.   But we shall have to wait and see who wins out, us or them.

That's my input.

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