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Saturday, April 9, 2011

George Soros: Oil is to be a new banking Commodity like gold, so as to redefine wealth? But must be traded under Communism / State Capitalism as such a wealth commodity?

George Soros goes on television to argue how "the dollar is quite strong" now? 

He also states that the USA can absorb MORE DEBT to get the economy going, and to use it wisely, such as to "build infrastructure and improve productivity" @ ca. 4:22-4:30 on the video. 

But what kind of infrastructure and productivity?  The aim for those in the know, and as is passed on piece-meal in this interview, is that of a State-run (Federal Government employed) Oil Industry in which all oil companies are absorbed by the National Governments in the nations where they are in. 

This is the next thing on the agenda for those allies of Communism to pursue at whatever level they find themselves at, and it is in interviews like this that George Soros gives the Communist-Socialists the new Agenda. 

We can expect the US Congress, Left-wing political action groups, leftist think-tanks, leftist lawyers and others on Leftist Mainstream Media arguing, and third-world nations insisting on...that the wealth of a nation in its resources belongs to the National Government, and not the individual...but to the collective, just like in Communism, and it is to be a Commodity that is administrated solely by the National Government in whatever way it suits itself. 

In perhaps as little as 5 years, even in America, because of the more than 70 Communist-Socialists in Congress and a usurper to the Presidency and fellow Communist-Socialist Obama, in as little as 5 years  there will no longer be any such thing as an Exxon-Mobil or Shell or BP.  It will all be "State owned and State controlled" with gas and oil prices doubling in the USA to 8-9 dollars or more per gallon at the pump.

But wait until you hear what will support the currency that you will use to buy the oil or gas with @ 6:53ff. 

Soros @ 4:40 - 5:18  states that the one job of the European Central Bank is only to prevent inflation, while in the case of the USA's Federal Reserve is to maintain employment and financial stability.

In the Reserves, the US dollar accounts for only two-thirds of the currency, it is no longer the main currency in the reserves.  The question is, which reserves does Soros speak of...Foreign Reserves or that of the USA Federal Reserves?  He is ambiguous.  But because we have no oversight of the US Federal Reserve Banking System, we cannot legitimately dismiss that we aren't shoring up our own currency with a one-third investment in the Euro as our reserves. 

Of great interest is this, @ 6:53 ff.  that like gold, the central banks and the governments of the world are now viewing oil as a commodity that redefines the wealth of a nation.
In other words, you will buy gas and oil based on wages supported by an amount of gas or oil set in the price of the currency.  So that, if your dollar is equal to the cost of one pint of 89 octane gas or one pint of #2 diesel, it will cost you $8 to purchase a single gallon of gas.  The price will then be fixed at whatever frequency that is yet to be determined, perhaps quarterly just like the interest rates. 

@ 9:21 ff,
George talks about China trying to rein in its rate of growth, while creating a "shadow banking system" that "is growing out of control".   Soros twice refers to this "shadow banking system" which he lays at the door of the Chinese as its virtual black market operators. 

@12:24 ff.
  George launches back into his Chinese example of  "State Capitalism" (i.e, "Market-based Communism").  It is clear that George wants Market-based Communism  as the new economy he wants the world to enter into in place of current Capitalism, where the States own everything and then the nations trade and interchange in a Capitalistic format amongst each other.  

In order for that to work, the Governments must then own ALL THE COMMODITIES, including precious metals, oil and their reserves, farm-based foods, the fish in the sea, etc.

And those same National Governments will have to own all the national banks as well, in order to regulate interest and currency rates to a projected stability under Communism / State Capitalism.  That will call for a 10 year transitioning process: a 5 year plan to National Socialism for each respective country, and a 5 year plan from National Socialism to Oligarchal Dictatorship, otherwise known as Communism, for each respective country as well.  Communism, oppressive oligarchal dictatorships...this is what the Left and George Soros want, not only the United States, but for the world. 

At the end of the interview, one of the two interviewers ask George: "Where do you go, gold?"  

Soros responds, "Well this is what we're trying to figure out here."   

The answer was oil. 

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