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Monday, January 3, 2011

Allen West on Foxnews Sunday January 02, 2011 The complete interview

Florida Representative Allen West is interviewed by Foxnews Sunday host Mike Wallace, and joining incoming Freshman Senator Mike Lee of Utah. 

A TEA Party Patriot, those interested in doing a little more background on him can check Pamela Gellars excellent collection at the ff. Atlasshrugs (a recommended site)  link:


I am hopeful that Allen West and Mike Lee will not be co-opted as the corrupted leaders in both parties have pre-announced they will do to them, and that they and other TEA Party elects will bring the TEA Party into the halls of Congress.  It is my hope that they will be so resolute and so aggressive in purpose and will, that the corrupt will resign from Congress in groves,(be they small or large), and that other as or even more resolute TEA Partiers will come to take their places and restore this Republic, etc.

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