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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Russia Today - An Almost Retrospective Twilight Zone Piece For Those Of Us Who Grew Into Adulthood In US-Russia Cold War: "Enforced speech"

Pravda used to be a NO FREE SPEECH ZONE in the Soviet Era of Russian Politics.  Oddly enough, as Russia gains more and more Free Speech capability on its International Russia Today Programs, Big Tech Leftist Communists and other Totalitarians wish to choke it off and destroy Free Speech to be more like how Pravda used to be and exist.  They tell you what to say or believe as true or politically correct, and if you value your life or well being, you had damn well better accept what you were told was the correct living (hence evolving and subject to change) political speech as to whatever THEY say it is.  I add this short less than 1/2 hour program, NOT because I am pro-Russia, but because it is so odd to those of us who grew up and lived the anti-Russia Cold War to find that we were more betrayed by enemies within to destroy our mutual liberties as citizens of the United States willingly, than to have it destroyed by spies who came in among us, pretending to be us.  


RT:   Not long ago the political left were the guardians of free speech. Along with tech tyrants, the left today has gone from protecting speech to enforcing speech. Even to the point of penalizing you if you say the wrong thing in public. You can lose your job and livelihood. Welcome to the era of simply ‘shut up and nod.’
CrossTalking with Emmanuelle Gave, Lionel, and Daniel McAdams.

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