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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Jesus Said That The Burning Bush Passage Demonstrates An Example That GOD In Not The GOD Of The Dead, But Of The Living, And He Is Correct.

Jesus Said That The Burning Bush Passage Demonstrates An Example That GOD In Not The GOD Of The Dead, But Of The Living, And He Is Correct.

Hear O Israel, YHVeH Your GOD, YHVeH is One. 
(Deuteronomy 6:4)

When the Jew repeats the Scripture as a mantra of sorts, and says GOD is One, he or she inserts the word "Adonai" which is often most interpreted as Lord or Master.  They do NOT say what is translated as "THE Master" is One, but simply "Master"  is One. And interestingly, the pace is often slowed to be trinitarian, as though one verse in completeness was inseparably stated as if in 3 sentences of 2 words apiece.

 "Sh'ma Yisrael.                     Father                   
Adonai elohayno.                  Son
Adonai ehad."                        Holy Ghost

  And interestingly, even their scholars are truly at a loss to properly explain the tradition of substituting Adonai for the very name of YHVeH as much other than an attempt to say it is because of reverence that they must outlaw its use by any Jew as if by a divine ruling to be imposed on every Jew when they follow a passage in Amos 6:10 where it reads: "Hold thy tongue: for we may not make mention of the name of the YHVeH."

They do not normally substitute "Ha Shem" or "The Name" uniformly in repeating THIS passage of Deuteronomy 6:4 so as to make GOD in His NAME of YHVeH out to be a singular person as well as a singular Deity.  Curious.  Further, only in Amos in this one passage is there any universal decree in the prophets that must be believed or held, and no other prophet or prophetical passage is seemingly to have any REAL weight, be it the LORD Himself speaking or a passage that affirms Jesus Christ as the One True Messiah. 

 And again, when the Jews repeat the Sh'ma (the "Hear asnd listen intently as with silence and reverence") passage of Deuteronomy 6:4, in Hebrew when they  say the word One,the word "one" itself is NOT the Hebrew word for One that is solely One numerically in the Hebrew word "yachid", but rather it is "Ehad", which also means "One in Unity" such as the one cluster of grapes that the spies brought back from the Land of Israel they spied out for Moses as a witness of its bountiful crops and prosperous habitable lands.    

For the Jew. the book of Exodus was and is a central point of Jewish Theological Identification of What and Who GOD is, but because of rebellion and inter-cultural corruption that lost them their first Temple in Jerusalem and gave them a split kingdom, then exile, and a large Dispersion throughout the Earth, by the time of Christ's Ministry, even with a Second Temple dedicated to a central worship to YHVeH, they were losing their way and in danger of losing their faith due to corrupt leadership mixing politics with criminal activity and cult society idolatry.  The corrupt factions overpowered the good in the majority, denouncing those who actually believed the Scriptures more than their self-aggrandizing pronouncements and new rules uttered by other corrupt members at a whim, and cited as though pronouncements where men put words in GOD's mouth and lied to make themselves perfection, effectually claiming GOD to be imperfect and yielding almost as a slave to themselves.  That rebellious activity in just one generation after the coming of their Messiah among them, lost the Jews a second Temple, and gave them two near genocides in Israel by their own rebellious actions, and lost them the land of Israel rightfully theirs for over 1800 years following the second rebellion in which they knowingly followed a second and false Messiah in 132-135 A.D., many still reverencing the rabbi who anointed and proclaimed that false one down to this day.  

       Many of those rebellious utterances against the Almighty where GOD is relegated to a flawed being sometimes subservient to these self-centered rabbis have been written down and preserved to this day most prominently in various book of the the Babylonian Talmud, copies of Oral Sayings their disciples kept of them, the bad mixed in with the good, the old and repetition of the same rebellious attitudes by successors that showed there was yet NO repentance among the non-Christians of the Jews, written over the course of the next several centuries following the 132-135 A.D. Bar Kochba fake Messiah (the Second War of their Rebellion) for preservation.  

By contrast to these, Jesus not only brought about the FIRST Permanent Reformation of Judaism, restoring the Original Faith of Judaism, but He went much further than that, His words in the New Testament clearly tell us that He also came as the One and Only Original Founder of the Faith, revealing it was He the Creator Whom was both revealing and fulfilling a greater long term and more Fundamental Restoration of things that dated back to the Garden of Eden and the Creation of the very first man in existence himself. 

Mark 12: 24-27 (King James Version)
24 And Jesus answering said unto them, Do ye not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God?
25 For when they shall rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels which are in heaven.
26 And as touching the dead, that they rise: have ye not read in the book of Moses, how in the bush God spake unto him, saying, I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob?
27 He is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living: ye therefore do greatly err.

That passage to which Jesus, who in Israel was known as "Yeshua" or "Salvation" to the Jews, reads thusly in the KJV.  

Exodus 3:1-6 (King James Version)
Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb.
And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.
And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt.
And when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I.
And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.
Moreover he said, I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. And Moses hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon God.

The One who appears in the Bush is called both an Angel, which means Messenger or Ambassador -- and in this instance it is one who is sent at the behest of another to communicate and represent -- and it is also clear that the One who appears in the Burning Bush is also called GOD.  Not just GOD, but the covenant GOD who spoke and dealt with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob: the three Patriarchs of Israel who are effectually the Father, the Son, and Grand-Son in their succession. 

In A.D. 57, after Peter and Paul were executed by Nero's authority in Rome on June 29, in the weeks following that, in Ephesus, probably in or about late July to early August, the Apostle John and several other yet still surviving Apostles recorded for us the Gospel of John, likely written by the hand of the Apostle Andrew, with the Apostle Phillip and other Apostles and principal first hand close witnesses of Christ as well as the mother of Christ being present.  And when the passage of

John 1:18  (King James Version)
18 No man hath seen God at any time, the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

was stated, as with understanding the Bush Passage with the Trinity of GOD (Father - Son -Holy Ghost) relates to identification with Adam, Eve springing from his rib as the same stuff and then the Son born where she declares, "I have gotten a man, YHVeH" also ties in to reveal the 3 persons of the Trinity by example where 3 persons can be spiritually one and the same substance and all three the same Being as One Being (GOD) --  ehad [one united in complex unity, and NOT yachid, one and mono or singularly one alone unit that cannot be more than one ALONE]  -- and yet 3 persons that are both joined and can be exclusive in reference to at the same time, the clarification of understanding is clearly that in the Bush Passage and throughout the Old Testament that no man has seen the person of GOD the Father, the invisible GOD who sent His WORD, His Logos (as the Gospel of John calls Christ). 

In the Gospel of John, the Greek word "Logos" is not only translated as "Word" but is also translated as "(the) Intelligent Reason", or that distinction of one who represents as a son can be an Ambassador of  his father, or of an Angel who specifically carries the words and mission with parameters of what he can do or not do and of what he can say or not say of one who sends him.  

Also in the Gospel of John, Christ speaks of the Father who is in Him, even as He is in the Father.  Internally, according to the words of Christ left us in the Gospel of John, it is to the effect of this that we are told:  that Christ was able to both hear and see with the mind's eye or at some more comprehensive level the person of the Father.  The Father would do a certain thing a certain way, and Jesus by His words says He merely duplicated what He was shown to do.  The Father would say words, and Jesus would specifically manifest those words by utter those precisely as they were spoken. 

No man has seen GOD.  Yet, every year, in every synagogue, the Jews would hear the passage read aloud how that 74 of their relations at one time all saw the person of the GOD of Israel and ate and drank in His specific presence. 

Exodus 24:9-11 (King James Version)
Then went up Moses, and Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel:
10 And they saw the God of Israel: and there was under his feet as it were a paved work of a sapphire stone, and as it were the body of heaven in his clearness.
11 And upon the nobles of the children of Israel he laid not his hand: also they saw God, and did eat and drink.

 It may be that these saw only the person of the GOD of Israel by means of looking at the mirror reflection of Him in the ground, as even a desert can take a mirror reflection of the sky above under certain conditions and angle of viewing it.  In effect, the seeing the very image and reflection of the person of GOD off the ground as if a mirror from an angle, that very exact image reflection is what and who Christ Jesus is all about, as described in John's Gospel and by the scholar Saul who became Paul in 2 Corinthians 4:4 in the Koine Greek of that passage, the very language which that passage was originally first written in for the Hellenized Jews of the Diaspora, whose language of commerce and business and daily inter-action was first that of the Greeks, and then thereafter in private use was apparently their native tongue of Hebrew. 

There are various passage that reveal a seeing of GOD in the Bible, but it is never in a pure face to face way so much as by a reflection, a vision, in a dream, via a concealed form, and so forth.  

 In Judges 13, the Angel /Messenger  of the LORD / YHVeH was somehow concealed as though a man from the parents of Samson, 

16 And the angel of the Lord said unto Manoah, Though thou detain me, I will not eat of thy bread: and if thou wilt offer a burnt offering, thou must offer it unto the Lord. For Manoah knew not that he was an angel of the Lord.
17 And Manoah said unto the angel of the Lord, What is thy name, that when thy sayings come to pass we may do thee honour?
18 And the angel of the Lord said unto him, Why askest thou thus after my name, seeing it is secret?
19 So Manoah took a kid with a meat offering, and offered it upon a rock unto the Lord: and the angel did wonderously; and Manoah and his wife looked on.
20 For it came to pass, when the flame went up toward heaven from off the altar, that the angel of the Lord ascended in the flame of the altar. And Manoah and his wife looked on it, and fell on their faces to the ground.
21 But the angel of the Lord did no more appear to Manoah and to his wife. Then Manoah knew that he was an angel of the Lord.
22 And Manoah said unto his wife, We shall surely die, because we have seen God.
23 But his wife said unto him, If the Lord were pleased to kill us, he would not have received a burnt offering and a meat offering at our hands, neither would he have shewed us all these things, nor would as at this time have told us such things as these.
24 And the woman bare a son, and called his name Samson: and the child grew, and the Lord blessed him.

and when the sacrifice is made, He -- the person who is the pre-incarnate Christ whom is the GOD of Israel  -- ascends up to Heaven in the same manner as the pillar of fire seen by the children of Israel with Moses, and shows that the way by which Elijah the prophet ascends up to Heaven [ and is in fact, it seems to me,  worm-holed through time to a future not yet upon us]  is that same pathway which Christ is the Way leading up before AS the Way. 

In one passage alone regarding the Patriarchs of the future nation of Israel, GOD actually identifies himself only one time as the GOD of a living Patriarch, that of being the GOD of Isaac [the Son, who Abraham calls his ONLY son].  And this is prophetically significant to the revealing of the coming Messiah and the fact that GOD is Trinity and yet One united in complex unity.  
Sh'ma Yisrael, YHVeH Elohaynoo, YHVeH ehad.   (Deuteronomy 6:4)

 The Revelation Of Jacob In Genesis At Luz, Which He Renamed At Beth El

 When GOD met Jacob and let him know that He is the same one whom is the GOD of Abraham who passed on, who physically died, for the only time in Scriptures GOD includes that He also is the GOD of someone physically living as well, for Isaac

Genesis 28:10-13   (King James Version)
10 And Jacob went out from Beersheba, and went toward Haran.
11 And he lighted upon a certain place, and tarried there all night, because the sun was set; and he took of the stones of that place, and put them for his pillows, and lay down in that place to sleep.
12 And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.
13 And, behold, the Lord stood above it, and said, I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father, and the God of Isaac: the land whereon thou liest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed;

 whose eyes were at this point dim (so that he was blind from old age) in Genesis 27:1
“And it came to pass, that when Isaac was old, and his eyes were dim, so that he could not see…”
would not yet die for many years until Jacob went to Syria, married twice had many children, came back to the land of promise, and buries his beloved second wife Rachel at Bethlehem in Genesis 35:19, and once all this happens, then we read of Isaac passing away from this physical life in what was then called Arbah (but later called Hebron) in Genesis 35:27-29. the ladder itself, set upon the Earth and reaching up to Heaven, is there at the presence of the Lord GOD of Abraham and of Isaac, and we know from Scripture that this Lord GOD is the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ, for the Way up to Heaven to GOD the Father is ONLY by He whom we know today as GOD the Son.    

John 14:6 -  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Genesis 28:13 is the only place in Scripture where a patriarch is named in which GOD says “I am the GOD of” and this person is yet living upon the Earth.  The example and emphasis of the patriarchs is that GOD is not the GOD of the dead, but of the living, and this example is through the son of promise, Isaac, who was born to a 100 year old father named Abraham and a 90 year old mother named Sarah.  Isaac, whose birth in a womb was a miracle come about by a spoken word and the Holy Spirit of the Living GOD vivifying the womb of an old woman and making it grant a new birth, never having ever conceived, never having given birth before, as if a virgin "womb" and which spark of creating new physical life was as if one put out and never before lit.  But even as one who has trusting faith into Jesus has the pilot of the human soul lit with the flame of eternal life and then is gifted with the power to be called a child of GOD through faith into the only Son of GOD, who is GOD from GOD, so too is Sarah our example and fore-mother in the prophecy and the living faith as it concerns the coming of Messiah and acts as a precedent to the Virgin birth of Mary giving us the entrance into this mortal world, sharing the literal experience as one of us among us, the GOD of Israel, the Messenger of the Father, GOD from GOD, the Holy One, Christ Himself.  

When the pre-incarnate Yeshua breathed into man the breath of the second life
(cf. Lamentations 4:20,

The breath of our nostrils, the anointed of the Lord, was taken in their pits, of whom we said, Under his shadow we shall live among the heathen.

 Genesis 2:7, 

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
et al. ), 
He breathed into our forefather Adam the "breath of Heaven" as it were, as if the smallest sliver of the spirit and soul of GOD [the Son] Himself.

In breathing into man the second life, GOD gave us a new ability to discern with the heart and mind between right and wrong, and on how we are to think about and know GOD.  In a way, GOD planted a spiritual seed of Himself within man, who was first given a physical body or "basar" from the Earth itself, manifest in a physical form, an action that would preceded GOD the Son Himself doing the same thing, inhabiting a body of Earth as Messiah.  The first man, our perfect proto-type, was equipped with at least 5 external senses in which to house GOD's spiritual seed, a seed GOD did not SPEAK into existence, but BREATHED into existence, hidden away and within, something that would always be unseen by the naked eye, but always seen by GOD,  and then GOD watched it grow.

And with the very eyewitness of One who was with Adam at the Beginning, we can though His words and trusting-faith into Him, learn more of the Bible, which He gives as His only guide of learning of Him,  and in effect, it then becomes an essential point of reading and of knowing and of believing, because it alone as a primary code or primary means as a written work, aids and instructs us back from a spiritual death we are all born with back to He who will restore to us the pilot light of that which gave Adam 'lives" / eternal life, but He has made it contractual that it is only if we believe into Him and accept Him as our living LORD and back from the dead living Savior (though invisible to us in the now until such times and conditions as He has designated in Scripture to see Him) and that we believe that only by faith into Him, all His works atone and pay for our sin debt, which is what He did for us at the Cross, fulfilling many, many prophecies...some planted so far deep in the Scriptures by such intelligent means, and over such a vast enough period of time, that it is impossible for fallen mortal man to have manufactured (let alone of his own group intellect and will to have planted) them there.

And we are told by the Early Church Fathers that one of the few genuine teachings of Christ outside of the Bible itself, and literally it seems that it is only several things preserved that

“The days will come when the vines will grow, each having 10,000 shoots; and on each shoot 10,000 branches; and on each branch 10,000 twigs; and on each twig 10,000 clusters; and in each cluster 10,000 grapes; and each grape when crushed will yield 25 measures [ca. 150 gallons].

And when one of the Saints takes hold of a cluster, another cluster will cry out,
‘I am better. Take me. Bless the LORD through me.’

Similarly, a grain of wheat will produce 10,000 heads; and every head will have 10,000 grains; and every grain (will yield) 10 pounds of fine flour, white and clean.

And the other fruits, seeds, and grass will produce in similar proportions -- and all the animals feeding on these fruits produced by the soil, will in turn, be harmonious toward one another, and fully subject to man.”

-- Papias…who was a hearer of John and…saw John the disciple of the LORD, recalled having heard how the LORD used to teach about those times…and he goes on to say [that Jesus, the LORD, said]:

‘These things are believable to those who believe.’

And according to John, ‘when Judas the traitor did not believe, and asked, ’How then, will such a growth be accomplished by YHVeH?’’, the LORD said, ‘’Those who live until those times will see.’’ “

Irenaeus, Against Heresies 5.33.3-4 (2nd generation student from John)

We are all called to restored an to have a rightful inheritance of LIVES or eternal life by merely having that simple trusting faith into Jesus Christ, and thus having the ability by a new born again experience in our spirit and soul to be called a Son or Daughter of GOD.  John 1:12, 3:3, 3:5; Romans 10:9-10,13.  

Blessings to all the True Fellow Saints in Christ Jesus.

-- Brian Roy B. 

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