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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Isaiah 53:1-12, in Alternate Word Pictures with Reiterations, (AWPR) : Translation Mine

"Who has believed our report, and the Arm of the LORD to whom is revealed?"   Isaiah 53:1


{then we read aman in the hiphil perfect, which means}
...will be brought about to be made certain, so as to believe."

In other words, "who has repented, or been brought about, so as to believe?"

"...our report." {uses the word shemua / sh'ma, that news which they are supposed to hear - stop and listen intently to - and obey}.  

In other words, the stop, listen, hear, & believe, becomes as equal to the Great Sh'ma of Deuteronomy 6:4.  And moreso, than to just stop, hear, and listen intently, the added emphasis in the prophets, that is, here in Isaiah 53:1, was to BELIEVE.  That is, there is an equal to the Law of Moses Sh'ma command, and is is supposed to be a mandatory doctrine of equal value to Deuteronomy 6:4 that is being implied.

"...And the strength or ARM {v'zeroa} of the LORD, to whom is...
{then we read gala in the niphil perfect}...
is revealed, uncovered, apocalypsed and made visible (so as they also know what they are seeing)...{or in regard to the ears, unstopped, and made audible so as to clearly be able to hear and understand}?

"...And the strength or ARM {v'zeroa} of the L-RD, to whom is...
{then we read gala in the niphil perfect}...
is revealed, uncovered, apocalypsed and made visible (so as they also know what they are seeing)...{or in regard to the ears, unstopped, and made audible so as to clearly be able to hear and understand}?

The Arm of the LORD, v'zeroa, is He who fought for Israel at the Red Sea, and destroyed the armies of Pharaoh while commanding the Heavens and the Earth and the sea. 

 Hence, it is impossible for Israel to be the definition of Messhiach, or the intent of Isaiah 53's revelation as some Jewish counter-missionaries to the Christians, who will willingly deny their Faith to attempt to win an argument will sometimes contend as the replacement of Messiah, so that they can impute sinless righteousness & perfection upon themselves, so that being Torah breakers and liars equates righteousness as if GOD is unable to label a single Jew as a sinner or a wrong doer under any circumstance.  Really?  And a Jew that flicks a light off on Shabbat afflicts his soul for such a sin. but murder & rape & lying & desecrating the name of GOD with blasphemy, all that means nothing, only so long it is in the vein of bearing false witness of the Jewish Faith with outsiders?  That's exactly where these zealous liars have their mindset as coming from.  It is damnable, because they call GOD a liar and represent themselves as His lying ambassadors when clearly Leviticus 19:11, Numbers 23:19, I Samuel 15:29, John 8:44, Titus 1:2 collectively show that GOD is NOT a liar.  And if the Devil is a liar & the father of lies, guess whose children they choose to become in the process of their attempt to murder the souls of those who would be saved in Christ Jesus, their True Messiah?  Yup.  They choose to become Satan's kids, and will find themselves ultimately cast out with him if they keep to that unbelief and causeless hatred. 

Isaiah 53 is all about King Messhiach, he who blew into Adam's nostrils as YHVeH / JeHoVaH  GOD, the person who gave Adam eternality in his soul.  And for all we know, the crease above our upper lip and under our nostrils is a sign from when the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ as YHVeH touched it with the side of His finger as he blew into our first father's nostrils. 

Isaiah 53:1
"Who is to repent, so as to be brought about and be made certain and believe -- having intently listened to, heard, and

obeyed our report?   And to whom is the ARM of the LORD unveiled,
uncovered,  apocalypsed and made visible to an understanding eye,
or heard and understood by the unstopped ear?" 

Isaiah 53:2 "For He comes up as a shoot before Him,
and as a deep root of the depths out of ground, dry.
Not a form to Him,
and not majesty that we should see
notice / look at closely / inspect Him,
and not an appearance that we should desire."

Isaiah 53:3 - "Despised with contempt as having little worth
and rejected as fat and short-lived,  abandoned of men;

a man of heartbreaking sorrow,
grief, the pains of affliction;
and known of those being sick,
wounded or faint.

And loftily hiding against (were the) faces from Him,
being despised with contempt as having little worth,
and not did we imagine, count,
or impute Him as having a value."

Isaiah 53:4 "Truly indeed our sicknesses and diseases He has lifted up and carried (away), and our mental and physical anguish (He) bore the burdens (for):
yet we did make a judgment so as to imagine and count Him stricken as with a blow by a plague or disease,
slain / killed by GOD, and so answered."

Isaiah 53:5 "But He was fatally bored through and pierced for our rebellions, revolts and transgressions;
He was crushed emotionally and spiritually, being humbled for our deviations, perversions and guilts:
both the rod of discipline and the oral instruction of
our soundness in mind, body, and spirit / our peace, was upon him;
and with his heaped upon and united blows and stripes we are healed ourselves."

Isaiah 53:6 All we like a flock of sheep and goats go staggering, erring, and wandering astray;
and every one to his own way have we turned the face;
and the L-RD hath marked, laid, and killed in Him the deviations, perversions, guilts, the iniquity of us all.

Israel, who are like sheep that go astray both before and after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. in the Old Testament, the Tanakh, are as the staggering, erring, and wandering sheep and goats. (cf. 1 Kings 22:17:  Ezekiel 34:5-6,12)

Isaiah 53:7 "He was oppressed (with near to violent rulers who acted upon Him) with demanding and exacting pressure ,
and He was in humility and poverty in (the) affliction,
yet but not at all did He open His mouth:
as a lamb to the slaughtering,
trumpeted like a stream He was led,
and as an ewe before her shearers is silent and binded,
so He opens not his mouth."

(Isaiah 53:7, translation for word study and intent only, mine, using word pictures and reiterations from the Hebrew)

Jesus was led by a mob to his trial and by the Sanhedrin Katan to the Cross, like a stream through the streets south and east via the Water gate out into the Kidron and Hinom Valley, across the southern bridge to Olivet.  There is no doubt as to whom this passage refers to: Yeshua.

Isaiah 53:8
"From being pressed upon, seized, taken hold of,
restrained, held back,
and sufferring barren/naked oppression;

and from justice and the court of Law and the one judging
[having rulership over the Congregation of Israel in his office] He was taken:

and the circle of His lifetime,
who shall rehearse over the matter,
muse and speak upon,
and (even) cause-for-complaining about it?

for He was cut off, parted and separated from out of the land of the undead lives living: for the rebellions, revolts and transgressions of my people the physical blow and (even) controversy (like a plague or disease) was to Him."

Isaiah 53:9
"And He was perennially rewarded (by) being put and set with the criminally and greedily wicked;

His sepulcher/tomb,
(was associated) with a man made materially rich by deeds and accomplishments,
as one executed or killed (now) in the realm of the dead;

though no wrongful, corrupt, oppressive,
or malicious violence He had done;
and neither (was) any falsifying deceit or treachery in His mouth."

Isaiah 53:10
"And the L-RD joyfully delighted taking pleasure in emotionally and spiritually crushing Him;
to make Him physically beaten, wounded
and mentally anguished with the sickness of grief:

if He shall bring to ruins and devastations
as a pouring falling noise a sin, tresspass,
guilt offering for the sin of others His soul,
He shall see with the eyes to look on and inspect the action of
[His] sowing seed or offspring,
[i.e., He shall behold the Harvest of that which He has sown by pouring out His soul into ruins in atoning for them],

He shall make long his days,
and joyfully delighted taking pleasure the L-RD His Hand shall prosper."

 Isaiah 53:11
"Of the labor, toiling, suffering
of His soul
He seeing shall see
and shall be satisfied in fullness and plenty

[as to the satiating of His soul]

by His distinguishing and intimate acquaintant knowledge
shall lawfully justify and righteousify freely
My just - lawful - Righteous Servant
for a great many (for many lengths / long times)

and their deviations, perversions, and guilts
He shall bear the load to transport, carrying (them) away."

The Temple Sacrifices do not infer "free" sacrifices, and even the poor were required to pay and purchase animals (including birds) and exchange a payment for sacrifice and service by the Kohen.

In contrast, the righteousifying done by the Righteous Servant, the King Messiah, requires such an inclusion of redemption as free righteousifying...without money, without price (e.g., Isaiah 52:3, 55:1)  to the one being redeemed...in the translation of the Hebrew words in respective their word pictures.  

 Isaiah 53:12
“Thus, I will allot, apportion, assign to Him
with the great many    
[with many lengths / long times]  great and mighty (ones);

He shall divide the spoil / plunder / booty 

because / in exchange for who
He poured out and made bare to death His soul
and with transgressors, and with those who rebel or revolt,
was counted, numbered, appointed, portioned.

and He, the sin

[those who experience the failure to live up to expectations or to respect others, those who miss and fall short of a mark or standard]

of a great many
bore, lifting up, carrying and taking away;
and for the rebellions, transgressions, revolts
made entreaties and intercessions.”

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