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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

UN Migration Scheme To Destroy The USA. More Video Data.

The United Nations under the guidance of colonizing banking mega-giants in Europe and the United States, are seeking to bypass all national Governments with an international system of UNELECTED Employer Corporate Governances that are answerable and soon to be (allegedly by 2030) accountable only to them.

  11 July 2018 


 The UN High Commission on Migration is STILL organizing to force migrate many tens of millions millions of Central and South Americans into the United States to implode the USA Government and any resistance to a tyrannical New World Order under unelected Europeans whose parents and grand-parents gave us World War 2 from both the Allied and Nazi sides of it.   

Migrants in Germany and elsewhere are openly snatching German children as young as age 6 and teenage girls off the street and taking them into the "migrant" centers in Germany, and up to 30 men will rape them to death.  Since Germans are forbidden guns to defend themselves, hypothetically, they should dig remote holes, snatch and grab the UN barbarian horde migrants here and there at a time, and hypothetically, disappear them (doubly securely bound hand and foot) into the Earth.  The UN wants not only to destroy societies and all nuclear families (father-mother-children as one unit), they also want to reach down and third world implode all civilization but for the very Feudal lords running them at the top, and if they can get the dumb wannabe slaves to give up their freedoms so they can be executed on the spot or tortured just for an intelligent difference of opinion or denial of whatever lies they say, then they will achieve their goals to make the world submit into a New World Order of tyrannical universal slavery where private opinions/beliefs, private property, and all rights as individuals are all de facto forfeited.

It is an extreme under-statement when the UN climate chief Patricia Espinosa, recently stated that: 'We require deep transformations of our economies and societies.'

It is clear that their intent at the UN is to force US Citizenry out of homes, jobs, financial and logistic resources, commit mass crimes on the citizenry of the United States, and that the UN intends solely to defend those who commit crimes while harshly destroying any verbal complaints or retaliation of being invaded, raped, fellow citizens killed, etc.   

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