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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Clinton Charity Fraud Revealed To Congress: Will The Clinton's Faith In Voodoo Be Nothing More Than Just Doo-Doo in 2019? Sure Hope So.

Greg Hunter, formerly of ABC and CNN gives a Christmas 2018 Message which also includes a prominent reminder of Forensic Auditor Testimony before Congress this month that the Clintons only have their LIBRARY listed as a 501c3 Charity.  ONLY THE CLINTON LIBRARY.

The Clinton Global Initiative and all the other alleged Clinton Charities that collected between 5 to 12 BILLION DOLLARS -- according to two forensic auditors who testified to Congress  in December 2018 -- did so FRAUDULENTLY. 

According to these who reviewed rooms of paper documents from the Clinton's Little Rock Arkansas Law Enforcement seized with warrants business papers...the Clintons ran like they were a Charity when they weren't?  That means:

 Money for Haitian Earthquake relief?  Fraud.  

 Money for Charity work in Africa and elsewhere besides the Clinton Library itself?  Fraud.

 In effect, what the forensic auditors told Congress 
was words to the effect that the Clinton Foundation of ANYTHING but the Library is nothing more than Criminal racketeering on a scale of nothing less than Organized Crime?  Yup.  Guess so.  THAT is what NOT having a 501c3 exemption means for the Clintons.  

It gets worse. "The Clinton Foundation acted as an agent of foreign governments"?

The above linked Russia Today reports:

Fraud investigators have exposed the Clinton Foundation’s alleged misdeeds in a Congressional hearing, describing it as a de facto “foreign agent” devoted not to charity but to “advancing the personal interests of its principals.”

The Clinton Foundation acted as an agent of foreign governments “early in its life and throughout its existence,” according to testimony by former government forensic investigator John Moynihan, which, if true, would not only render it in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act but also would violate its nonprofit charter, putting it on the hook for a massive quantity of unpaid taxes.

The foundation began acting as an agent of foreign governments early in its life and continued doing so throughout its existence, as such, the foundation should have registered under FARA.

Moynihan and fellow ex-government investigator Lawrence Doyle shared 6,000 pages of evidence with the IRS over 18 months ago, only to be met with silence. They shared them with the FBI multiple times – ditto. Yet when the pair testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, they refused to turn over the documents, stating they did not want to interfere with any ongoing investigations.

The committee chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said witnesses’ reluctance to share all the documents was hardly a “good foundation for truth and transparency,” while Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) said he felt the duo was “using” the panel for their own benefit.

“These are not our facts. They are not your facts. They are the facts of the Clinton Foundation,” said Moynihan, maintaining his interest in the case is purely financial – not political.

Testifying on their findings, Doyle highlighted the Foundation’s alleged “misuse of donated public funds,” explaining that it “falsely attested that it received funds and used them for charitable purposes which was, in fact, not the case. Rather the foundation pursued in an array of activities both domestically and abroad,” which included activities “properly characterized as profit-oriented and taxable undertakings of private enterprise, again failing the operational tests of philanthropy referenced above,” referring to the equally non-charitable pursuit of funding the Clinton Presidential Library.

John Huber, appointed by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the Clinton Foundation after Sessions recused himself from doing so, was conspicuously absent from the hearing, even though his job is to probe Clinton’s approval of the sale of US uranium assets to Russia.

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton also gave testimony, outlining how “it was hard to tell where the Clinton State Department ended and the Clinton Foundation began” – so much so that the King of Bahrain, unable to meet with Clinton as Secretary of State, secured a meeting with the Foundation instead.

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) likened the testimony to “Alice in Wonderland,” claiming yet another investigation of the Clintons was an attempt to distract from the ongoing investigations of Trump. “We have a ruling…saying there is sufficient grounds to go forward with a criminal investigation of the Trump Foundation, not the Clinton Foundation,” he said, adding that the committee had an informant in the Uranium One deal-making process who was unable to present any evidence of wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, the FBI has missed a deadline to turn over information on why they raided the home of another Clinton Foundation whistleblower, Nathan Cain, earlier this week. Cain’s lawyer says his client – who reportedly gave the Justice Department documents showing federal officials failed to investigate criminal activity related to the Uranium One deal – was accused of possessing stolen federal property.

Source: Russia Today   https://www.rt.com/usa/446522-clinton-foundation-foreign-agent-testimony/
‘Unregistered foreign agent’: Clinton Foundation oversight panel hears explosive testimony
Published time: 15 Dec, 2018 04:03

Edited time: 15 Dec, 2018 11:55

In effect, such charges of operating under false pretenses were made both in 2015 

and in 2016.

The 2014 Clinton Foundation pdf  clearly joins the entire family into its financial practices and lists the 
Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation
and page 28 of the ff. pdf shows a 501(c) IRS filing in 2014.

It's not just about Treason, which is the death penalty because it is a time of war (this applies to Bill, Hillary AND Chelsea who are financially involved in the money-taking from Russia for a $102,350,000  payoff for 20% of US Uranium which it then sells to Iran et al.), it is also about the other money corruption, and that also leads to the pedophilia, alleged human sacrifices (children and other rape victims, allegedly), and so forth...and all that is tied into Bill and Hillary's personal belief system which is a mixture of various forms of Satanism.  Some of them being so incredibly idiotic, you would think it be a scene from an Abbott and Costello movie.


In the 1990s, Bill Clinton as POTUS affirmed on a certain island trip that he still believed in and practiced voodoo at that time.  

Some 20 years earlier, for Bill & Hillary's honeymoon, in 1975,  Bill and Hillary specifically went to Haiti to engage in direct immersion into voodoo with a witch doctor priest as part of their becoming one flesh marriage spiritualism in which they thrust themselves as emissaries of the Devil (or words to this effect)  into the dark arts of Satanism and apparently from the very beginning of their marriage to present day being inwardly very vicious  individuals and biographically it could rationally and legally be argued that these two are indeed very hard core Satanists of a sort. 

In 2016, Hillary would reduce herself, it is alleged, to making voodoo dolls of people...not just members of the Press and members of Congress, which she ADMITS to doing, 
but also of those like Donald Trump and others she also despised.  

But getting back to Haitian Voodoo binding Bill and Hillary spiritually in 1975.  Well 35 years later, the Clintons were a big part of a scam of Haitian Earthquake Relief, in the BILLIONS of $$ and Haitians despise the Clintons to this day for giving them what amounted to between 1 and 3 cents on the dollar of all the Billions that the Clintons as a non-charity organization raised ILLEGALLY as if a charity and ILLEGALLY kept.  Billions of dollars raised for Haiti relief, keep 97 to 99%, de jure pay off those you have to, de jure laugh all the way to several various banks in different East Coast states from DC to New York.  

Haiti funding graphic

An arrest, speedy trial, conviction, and execution of the Clintons by the Federal Government (preferably by January 1 2019 and over by March 1 2019, we can only wish....)  seems to be a necessity if the USA is going to re-establish the rule of law domestically, instead of descending into anarchy and self-destruction by non-enforcement of Federal laws that exist now.  

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