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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Justice Scalia, Redressed After An Illuminati Ritual Over His Dead Body?

"We discovered the judge 
in bed, a pillow over his head. 

His bed clothes were unwrinkled," 
said Poindexter.

Scalia died, and it appears that to examine the likelihood that Poindexter apparently stood around with the other guests in a death robe cult over Justice Scalia's freshly dead body, perhaps even humming and chanting to receive satanic powers from the departing soul,  in which Scalia was apparently the sacrificial victim...now it is quite apparent, that is NOT to be excluded as a very good likelihood in a Justice Scalia murder investigation.  And if illuminati societies hold to their pattern, most all of the men who did not leave, would perhaps engaged in sodomy to celebrate their sacrifice because they are an all male club whose root origin is a group President Nixon once referred to on the Nixon tapes, if I remember correctly,  as "a bunch of faggots" he absolutely wanted nothing to do with.

Further, it appears that according to the Washington Post  there may be a direct connection between Washington lawyer C. Allen Foster --

(who all too conveniently brought or accompanied Scalia on the pretext that they were just non-violent animal lovers, {removing any bestiality connotation here})  

-- and that of  Ranch owner John Poindexter.   
     Separately, Poindexter was once a silent partner in a 5,000 acre ranch in Costa Rica which helped aid and comfort (and allegedly supply material assistance) to the Contras in the 1980s, according to Larry Nichols on March 24, 2016, while interviewed on the Alex Jones Show.  Nichols, is cited as a confirmed ex-Green Beret who trained and also at times led around one of these Contra bands in escape and evasion assistance in the 1980s for the Central Intelligence Agency (as I understand it), before Nichols was then recruited later by Governor Bill Clinton to work for him.   

So between Poindexter's relationship with Obama and a perhaps somewhat tenuous but very real connection with C.I.A. head John Brennan, did Obama and Brennan sanction a hit on Justice Scalia, and (just asking) can anyone vet that on the night of February 12, 2016, John Brennan himself was not one of the Cibolo Creek Ranch guests in attendance that night?  Not one guest has been interviewed by the U.S. marshals, by any Law Enforcement Agency, and Poindexter appears to be the only one who ever called a cause of death.  Since there was no examination of the body, and every law enforcement agent on scene presumed only that information Poindexter himself first relayed and had repeated verbatim without any examination but from across the room by other law enforcement, of a body that was killed and redressed and set out in perfectly neat unwrinkled clothes perhaps from another location within or without the building, it is time to demand accountability and truthful answers as to what really happened at this Bohemian Grove 
offshoot society gathering ranch.   

Most all in the Federal Government who participate in Illuminati ritualism must engage in sodomy with other men as part of the acceptance ritual.  A former illuminati wife, Kay Griggs, goes in detail how that this was what she learned through her marriage to an illuminati member in Military Intelligence. 


A Before  The Fact Donald Trump Is In Danger Connection?

The public might also  want to be cognizant that in regard to Scalia and Trump, the danger of the crazy Nihilist Socialists in power that want to re-live a 1960s anarchy peppered social experience, demanding that they have the right to transition from their now illegal Authoritarian to absolute criminal Totalitarian powers, is that first in their minds now is that back then, agents of the U.S. Government killed Martin Luther King Jr. on April 4, 1968 and then they killed Bobby Kennedy on June 6, 1968.

In a sense, and this is the purpose in using this comparative, both Martin Luther King Jr. and Justice Scalia were purists of a sort in their pursuits.

Bobby Kennedy was and Donald Trump still is, considered as the populist choice of the people wanting to effect change and restore sense and rid corruption in the Washington, D.C. Government.

The danger of it possibly being put into duplication considering who runs CIA (now a domestic operations agency since July 2013), DHS, and the DOJ taking orders from a foreign usurper as POTUS has probably got to be above the 70% level, possibly as high as 90% or more. Prayerfully it will never happen, and we will know exactly which 4 people to specifically blame if it does. 

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Legal Reference – Texas State Law:

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