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Friday, January 2, 2015

Pipes and Drums of the Swiss and the English Military Tattoo, with International Guests

An "artistic" Esoteric Insert:   English and Old English Version 

Part A


"Hope for peace.

Prepare for war.  

The watch lights are burning,

upon the hills, and at the shore.

The enemy plans his plans,

but the pipes and drums lift up their call;

when the enemy comes in like a flood,

the Spirit of the LORD will cause him to flee,

and the enemy will fall.

We will pursue and reap victory,

and those who with vast fortunes of gold and silver weave their webs,

they specifically shall most certainly perish from the earth."  

Part B.

Leader:   "And so,

as the pipes and the drums of war call us back,

let us pray now the LORD's Prayer in the tongue of our forefathers:"


"Faeder, ure pu pe eart on heofonum,
si pine name gehlegod,
tobecome pin rice.

Gewurpe ein willa on eorton
swa swa on heofonum.

Urne gedaeghwamlican hlaf syle us todaeg,
und forgyf us ure gyltas,
swa swa we forgyfut urum gyltendum;
and ne gelaed pu use en costnung,
ac alys us of yefele.  

Leader:  "Amen."  

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