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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Parisan Attacks on Charlie Hebdo, January 7, 2015: Commentary From Brianroy and Stratfor

Mohammed:  "100 lashes if you don't die with laughter".
The 2006 issue also states it was Guest edited by Mohammed

For this and other cartoons above, a small group Muslim men have been declared as those being the one who allegedly claimed to have avenged Mohammed by killing  the approximately 12 people at and around the "Charlie Hebdo" Magazine that published the above cartoon lampoon (among many others) in Paris, France.  

Personally, I am watching this with an inclination and suspicion that via watching the above video, with the specific training tactics and hand signals used, it to be more likely a European Union (E.U. Government) Black Operations trained recruits attack, staged and carried out to force as yet unknown legislative measures to be passed in the European Union under the excuse of being a legitimate response to this attack in Paris.  But that is only a wait and see suspicion, that may or may not be the case.  

There is a debate beginning to erupt on a smaller scale in Europe over how much Europe will let itself be Islamicized, or if they will use Islam to suppress and join Europe into one common Anti-Christ System, which Islam is, and the Bible says Europe will be as it from there subverts so much of the planet.  It seems to me, while the leaders of Industry will be just as much agnostic and atheistic as they always were, they may wish to envision themselves as a whore with the tattoo of Babylon on their heads, riding the Beast of Islam between their legs as if considering it as some new non-religious power trip driven spiritually transcendent sexual experience.

We are in a wait and see stage only hours and in the first days after this attack.  It could be that the E.U. may wait weeks or a few months, and I personally suspect, just me personally and this is my opinion, that this event was likely a sanctioned  event as of the Bilderberger gathering in 2014 (months ago).   

As of this posting, the information is still tentative, and on going.  

 Stratfor has a few words of comment about the attack from the Bilderberg perspective on how they will spin this.  

Paris Attack Underscores a Deeper Malaise
JANUARY 8, 2015 |

Wednesday's deadly attack against a French satirical publication has the potential to upset relations between European states and their Muslim citizenries. The strategic intent behind such attacks is precisely to sow this kind of crisis, as well as to influence French policy and recruit more jihadists. Even though Islamist extremism is, at its core, an intra-Muslim conflict, such incidents will draw in non-Muslims, exacerbating matters.

Three suspected Islamist militants attacked the Paris office of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo with high-powered assault rifles, killing 12 people. Among the dead are the editor and cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier, who was on a hit list appearing in al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's Inspire magazine for "insulting the Prophet Mohammed." Eyewitness said they heard the attackers shouting, "We have avenged the Prophet Mohammed," and chanting, "God is Great" in Arabic. This is the third such attack in a Western country in less than three months. The Paris incident involves perpetrators who displayed sophisticated small arms and small unit training.
Whether or not these attacks are the handiwork of self-motivated grassroots jihadists and cells or of individuals tied to international jihadist entities, such incidents aggravate tense relations between the Western and Muslim worlds. This is all the more significant in Europe, where states are experiencing the rise of right-wing nationalism and Muslim communities have long experienced disaffection. The jihadist objective is to get the states to crack down harder on Muslim communities in order to further their narrative that the West is waging war on Islam and Muslims.

While Western states go to great lengths to demonstrate that no such clash of civilizations is occurring, right-wing forces engage in rhetoric that reinforces these fears among many common Muslims across the world. More important, there is a longstanding conflict of values — particularly freedom of expression, which is cherished in the West but seen by many Muslims as a license for sacrilege. Though the vast majority of Muslims will not engage in violence in response to speech deemed as blasphemous, there are many who will. In Pakistan, the blasphemy law has been a subject of huge controversy. Many Pakistani citizens have been murdered by their fellow countrymen for speech or behavior deemed objectionable. At the root of this problem is the extreme discomfort many Muslims have with free expression, although this attitude is not universal. The person of the Prophet Mohammed is all the more sensitive because the traditional view is that he cannot be depicted pictorially, let alone in a satirical manner.

What is a Geopolitical Diary?George Friedman Explains.
Ultimately, this is an intra-Muslim struggle for power and control wrapped in a debate over what it means to be a Muslim in today's world and what the boundaries of justifiable action are. Defining those factors is one tool that can be used to gain power; attacks against the West and its interests, meant to force Westerners to pull out of Muslim lands or to attack Muslims and enforce the jihadist narrative, are another. This issue undermines efforts by moderate and progressive Muslims to advance the notion of freedoms based on an Islamic ethos.

The ongoing intra-Muslim debate gives extremists ample ideological and, by extension, geopolitical space to exploit. The jihadist enterprise deliberately targets non-Muslims, in particular the West, in part as a means to gain ground within the Muslim milieu. This strategy also sucks the Western world into what is essentially a Muslim civil war in order to tackle the security threats posed by Islamist militant actors.

In this way, the internal debate within the Muslim world does not lead to the defeat of the extremists or the easing of relations between Muslims and the West. But that is exactly where the jihadists are vulnerable, and where the real battle to defeat jihadism needs to be fought. As long as the ideology survives, it will produce new fighters. 
"Paris Attack Underscores a Deeper Malaise is republished with permission of Stratfor."

Conversation: France's Deadly Attack Will Not Be the Last

JANUARY 7, 2015 |

"Conversation: France's Deadly Attack Will Not Be the Last is republished with permission of Stratfor."

In a recent article, regarding no real anger or outcry over the Paris attacks by Muslims, especially with none of the passion Obama displays when he fails to subvert and destroy a passage of the Constitution, such as gun rights for U.S. Citizens, 

Pam Geller rightly charges:

“Obama has once again gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure not to associate Islam with the deadly attack against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo despite the Islamic chants and exhortations of the jihadists during the massacre.
This is of course consistent with his sharia-adherent policies. Obama has a long history of whitewashing and scrubbing  jihad — from Fort Hood, the Islamic State, the Oklahoma beheading, Benghazi, and on and on. Why? Why did he warn us that “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet Muhammad.”
Where is his allegiance? Either Obama is not-so-secretly a jihad sympathizer or he’s a believer.”

The answer is that OBAMA IS A KARBALA JIHADI since 1981, and a believer in Jihadi Islam who apparently must passively and non-violently arm and aid those who violently spread Islam, or something to this effect. 

In regard to a visit to Pakistan and India in 1981…
“The Obama campaign says Obama was in Pakistan for about three weeks, staying with his friend’s family in Karachi and also visiting Hyderabad in Southern India.”

Now the visit to Hyderabad India can be taken naively as a festival tour for those devoted to Mohammed:
Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah Hyderabad
One of the most venerated monuments located in ‘Devan Devadi’, Hyderabad; the ‘Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah’ is a prime pilgrimage centre for the Muslims. Built during the ancient times, this important religious structure is built in the memory of ‘Hazrat Ali’, who was the son-in-law of ‘Prophet Mohammad’. Muslims come here to offer their prayers to ‘Prophet Mohammed’.

Mecca Masjid Hyderabad
Mecca Masjid is the biggest and the most spectacular mosque of Hyderabad. It is also one of the largest mosques in India and is listed as a heritage building. It is believed that a strand of Prophet Mohammed’s hair is preserved in a room in the mosque’s courtyard. The bricks used for the construction of the mosque were brought all the way from the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Or Hyderabad, India, visited by Obama in 1981, can be taken for what it was: a Shia Muslim jihadist indoctrination and pilgrimage with education:

Muharram is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm in Hyderabad. The city is home to a large population of Shia Muslims and together they celebrate Muharram to mark the sacred month of the Muslim New Year.

“Karbala symbolizes the true face of Jihad…non-violent resistance. Not taking life but sacrificing your life for Islam.” 

Mourning rites
On Ashura, the Muslims take out processions carrying colourfully decorated taziyas (bamboo and paper replicas of the martyr’s tomb) embellished with gilt and mica. Colourful replicas of Imam Husain’s tomb at Kerbala are also carried in procession and buried at an imitation Karbala. The mourners walk barefoot to the beat of drums. In a frenzy of grief, they beat their chests and cry out the name of Husain. They sometimes even flagellate or whip themselves, drawing blood. 

Muharram Flagellation
Muslims from the Shia community would also flagellate themselves with rods and sticks during the procession. They would even cut themselves with sharp objects like knives in public. This self-harming is also symbolic for commemorating the suffering faced by Husayn Ibn Ali and his followers. This is a show of mourning, and this show is usually seen in the Shia population in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Lebanon, Pakistan and Bahrain, where there is a considerable Shia population.

Karbala is a holy city for Iraqi Shia because it holds the shrine of the martyred Imam Husayn ibn Ali, whose death here in 680 and the subsequent conflict over succession of the caliphate distinguished the Shia from the Sunni sects of Islam. 
The word Karbala is formed from two Assyrian words which are (Karb) means sacred place, and the word (Ail) also means (God). Therefore both two words means (sacred precinct of Allah). Some also said the word is a Persian origin formed from two words which are, (Kaar) means work and (Bolo) means the higher, thus the meaning of the both words is ( the higher work).
…Karbala is one of the most holy cities in Islam, but it is for the Shi'is that it plays the most important role. It witnessed great events which left their mark on Islamic history.
…In 680 Husayn ibn Ali made a claim at the role of Caliph, as the representative of his grandfather Prophet Muhammad. His group had been promised that they would take over the Caliphate, when Caliph Mu'awiyya died. But upon his death in 680, this promise was not kept, and Mu'awiyya's son Yazid seized power. Husayn opposed this, and with a tiny army, only around 70 men, women and children, he faced Yazid's far more sizeable army at Karbala. In this battle Husayn and all his companions were killed. This story is central for Shi'is today, and has gained a position in the Shi'i thinking not all to different from the crucifixion of Jesus in Christianity.
Twice each year -- on the 10th day of the Muslim month of Muharram and forty days later in the month of Safar -- Shi'a pilgrims from throughout the country and around the world seek to commemorate the death of the Imam Hussein….

Then there’s the fact that Obama wears the ring which states part of the Muslim Prayer of faith in Allah and Mohammed only.

Long before Barack married Michelle, his ring of Allah, on his wedding finger, which he never removed or changed even after marriage to Michelle, is there from the time he attends Occidental and rooms almost exclusively with Middle Eastern Muslims, those he was most comfortable living as a foreign Muslim exchange student himself, receiving a foreign student loan as an Indonesian citizen and obtaining also a Fulbright Scholarship, which funding and allowance at that time was available to him in his years there at Occidental College in California from 1979 to 1981.  He also may have had some Ford Foundation minor supplement funds (kind of like a Pell Grant) because of his mother as well (which Ford Foundation private funds would possibly have covered his books, minor other allowances, or what have you).    
As long as Barack wears the ring, no Muslim may say he ever denies the Shahada or in any way ceases to be a Muslim.  And remember, the ENTIRE TIME Obama attended the black racist and race baiter Jeremiah Wright’s Church, claiming passively to be a Christian, Barack wore the ring of Allah and the Shahada testifying of his own first and primary spiritual marriage to the Devil, to Allah and his schizophrenic liar and sex predator Mohammed, as if he, Obama , were destined to be Mohammed’s gay concubine in what he apparently believes would be his hereafter (when instead his soul will drop through the earth and go to hell, whensoever that is, and likely by natural causes).  

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