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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11/2013 One Year After Ben Ghazi 9/11/2012, And 12 years after 9/11/2013, Obama Openly Sides With Al Qaeda Against The People Of The United States

September 11, 2013, is a date for time-lines to remember the assassination of a United States Ambassador and the killings of 3 U.S. Citizens

and the wounding of other U.S. Citizens at Ben Ghazi, Libya, 

almost as much now, as it is to remember the 9/11/2001 sneak attack which killed approximately 3,000 men and women, mostly U.S. Citizens, when Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked commercial airliners and turned them into kamikaze death machines.

Missing from the Media, and as a rebuttal to the Obama defenders and betrayers of the Constitution and of the United States as idolatrous fanatics, is the FACT that Obama effectually pledged in the Third Presidential debate after lying that he did everything he could to send help to secure or save our personnel in Ben Ghazi when he got "that phone call" that he  "would go after those who killed Americans and we would bring them to justice. 
And that's exactly what we're going to do." 

What is also missed, is that the U.S. involvement in the War in Libya was:
~  an unConstitutional war action started by Obama, involved over 4,000 United States covert troops and advisors in Libya, 
~  involved the United States on the excuse of preventing a massacre in the tens of thousands WITHOUT telling America that these were almost exclusively terrorists of Al Qaeda and various Islamic terror organizations, and some Libyan civilian supporters
~ and that these civilians were in no way innocent, but those actively supporting an invading enemy that Obama's covert operatives either brought in or supported in its earliest stages, including arming and assisting in organizing and advising what - where - who to attack.  
And when that attack was over, many of these same covert intelligence people packed it up and moved it over to Syria, where they actively engaged and brought in Al Qaeda in 2011 as they tried to overthrow Syria. 

Further, these alleged to be C.I.A. and D.O.D. black ops people (allegedly then in 2011-2012 were chiefly under Leon Panetta's guidance, also allegedly as a political payoff for Panetta independently ordering the May 2, 2011 Osama Bin Laden kill) specifically brought in Al-Qaeda In Iraq through contacts with Qatar and Saudi Arabia from Iraqi cities such as Fallujah 

recruiting actual Iraqi insurgents who fought and ambushed and booby-trapped and killed U.S. troops in Iraq.  Iraqi insurgent, some from Fallujah now prominently in Al-Nusrah and supported with arms and other goodies by order of Obama secretly in 2011 - 2012, but now openly supported by him in 2013, who are members of Al Qaeda, in Syria.  

(Leon Panetta served as Director of the C.I.A. February 13, 200 – June 30, 2011 and as Secretary of Defense July 1, 2011 – February 27, 2013). 

Some of these Al Qaeda in Iraq, now Al-Nusrah and Obama supported in Syria, have (allegedly) served under Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian-born Al Qaeda in Iraq leader who cut off the head of U.S. Civilian Nick Berg.  These are the kinds of terrorists that titillate, excite, motivate Barack Obama to help overthrow nations for, so that they can unite one day -- he hopes -- into one large fanatical Islamic Caliphate that will conquer the world and make it submit to Islam, even if it is never to be in his lifetime.  And remember, Obama has dined and closely associated himself with West Bank and Gaza political activists with direct ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood since the 1990's that we know of, and has been a member of jihadi Islamic beliefs himself since his initiation in Hyderabad, India, in 1981 on a trip with his one of 3 fellow Muslim Occidental College room-mates, the same year and before I had sharp words with him at his interview with Bill Ayers in a public restaurant in Wilmette, Illinois, after both ruined my appetite with their death to America because they are a more resolute Marxist-Leninist death to America Communist than the other verbal contest after consenting to a night of homosexual sex before proceeding the the interview verbosity.   

On October 22, 2012 at the Third Presidential debate,  

Obama @ 5:19 into the debate broadcast, stated


“Now with respect to Libya, 
as I indicated in the last debate, 
when we received that phone call, 
I immediately made sure that number one,
 that we did everything we could to secure those Americans who were still in harm's way;
 number two, 
that we would investigate exactly what happened, 
and number three, 
most importantly, 
that we would go after those who killed Americans and we would bring them to justice. 
And that's exactly what we're going to do.

Minutes later, in that October 22, 2012, third Presidential debate against Mitt Romney,  Obama stated on two separate utterances the ff.:

"What we've done is organize the international community, saying Assad has to go. We've mobilized sanctions against that government. We have made sure that they are isolated. We have provided humanitarian assistance and we are helping the opposition organize, and we're particularly interested in making sure that we're mobilizing the moderate forces inside of Syria   [to cover up the fact that we have armed and sent Al Qaeda, and continue to send arms and munitions from Libya through Turkey].

  We are playing the leadership role. We organized the Friends of Syria. We are mobilizing …support for the opposition. And we are making sure that those we help are those  [Al Qaeda] who will be friends of ours in the long term and friends of our allies in the region over the long term. But going back to Libya -- because this is an example of how we make choices. When we went in to Libya, and we were able to immediately stop the [Al Qaeda and other terrorist forces] massacre there….”

Since that October 22, 2012 third Presidential Debate, it is undeniable that Obama did NOTHING in sending any military fighters, NOTHING in sending any special forces in any of 4 southern European Countries to save anyone, but rather forces were told to stand down by either Obama or by someone acting with his alleged direct authority.  OBAMA LIED then, about what happened the night of Ben Ghazi, and is lying now.  And when someone did arrive  almost a day after, and it was not even a plane with a cargo door wide enough to receive a wounded U.S. Civilian on a stretcher without being turned sideways to get him even onto the plane.  They were there to put what was left over in body bags and take them home.  They were NOT prepared to deal with approximately 31 or more survivors.  And on September 10, 2013, John Kerry announced that these people would NOT be made available to Congress in order to suppress this and other facts they do NOT want America to know by their testifying under oath at the Congressional Hearings on Ben Ghazi.  

 We have been given a white-wash of what happened where no one was allowed to be held accountable, and where the witnesses of the events are lie detector tested regularly under coercion between 1 and 2 times a month and more to see if they leaked any information to any kind of Press or Media.  And, we have those who are photographed and videotaped as leading participants upon the raid of the Mission in which Ambassador Stevens was killed giving interviews or going about freely within Libya, easily apprehended should we deploy resources to do so, and these are Al Qaeda terrorists living openly and freely before U.S. and other foreign Media with no consequences and no fear of arrest or assassination. 

 We can drone strike both terrorists and U.S. citizens in Yemen, but in Libya they roam free without any such repercussions.  

And why is that?  

On 9/11/2013, let us pause and reflect on who the real Barack Obama is.
His mission in life is to:
~    advance jihadi Islam against America, to give its ideologue radicals top secret clearances to be privy to the most secret and in depth inner working of our Federal Government and steer its policies, 
~   to rush to the aid of Al Qaeda in overthrowing strong Mediterranean Middle East Countries opposed to them, 
~   to leave Americans who flash-traffic the highest 911 call for help to die and to order our military to stand down so that they will be corpses, 
     and if any should survive to regularly coerce them into silence and demand to them that they NOT testify.  

Yes, let us pause to remember who the real enemy is.  A man who effectually calls dead U.S. Citizens in Ben Ghazi on 9/11/2012 and those who died in New York City, in a field in Pennsylvania, and in Washington, D.C., on 9/11/2001 as "bumps in the road".  

Of late, let us at least remember the names of those U.S. Citizens who died on 9/11/2012, be they Ambassador Steven, Sean Smith, Ty Woods, Glen Doherty.

Let us also remember that Obama has created other victims on other dates and other occasions, such as Border Agent Brian Terry in the Fast and Furious Eric Holder Department of Justice orchestrated attempt to bring down the Second Amendment by blaming U.S. Citizens for the covert program Obama and Holder ordered.  A Fast and Furious labeled program which ran an illegal gun smuggling operation that legally was buying and illegally selling guns from U.S. gun shops and selling them at discounts specifically to violent Mexican drug cartels, criminal enterprises that should be prosecutable against Holder and Obama under R.I.C.O. at some later time -- such as IMPEACHMENT of Obama -- and that this criminal activity was directly responsible in getting Brian Terry shot up on December 14, 2010, from which wounding he died on December 15, 2010; but dying only after Holder was responsible for first issuing a policy of Border Agent disarmament and then also being specifically complicit in supplying the  semi-automatic rifle that fired the 7.62 x 39mm bullet that killed Brian Terry.  These dead U.S. Citizens, and the hundreds of dead Mexican citizens, people who were killed because of Barack Obama despite their being on two continents thousands of miles apart, are to Obama merely "bumps in the road",   nuisance bodies he and his political machine runs over.   These deaths are homicides and murders Obama commits under what might be law enforcement termed and penal code worded as "color of authority", whose scandals and public outcries are minor disturbances and noise...minor disturbances and noise...and are to be dismissed with a "what difference now does it make?" response, as Hillary Clinton remarks over some of those same corpses with cruel callousness,  a "we don't give a sh*t" attitude and de facto response.  

On 9/11/2013, as Obama warmly embraces a Muslim march on Washington D.C. for the promotion of Islamic Supremacy, and denies U.S. patriots a motorcycle counter demonstration of true U.S. patriotism in Washington D.C., 

let us look at Obama clear eyed, and remember this 9/11/2013 what a scumbag traitor the man REALLY is.    

Obama has decided to openly rejoice over the deaths of all Americans who died on 9/11/2001, and those who died on 9/11/2012  and now politically dances in joy for the victories of jihadi Islam he has given them over OUR dead fellow citizens, as though he were an Arab Gaza or West bank terrorist celebrating the deaths of those who died on 9/11/2001 when the attack and destruction of the New York City World Trade Center towers  was first broadcast on the news to them.  


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