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Monday, November 12, 2012

Healthcare Act Consequences: Will it suppress jobs and create a working class glass ceiling? It seems so.

In 2013, Employers everywhere will be cutting jobs and slashing hours



But how bad can it get?  America's media and politicians, by apathetically tolerating the voter fraud of the Democrats and Obama-philes of 2012,


 have ensured that we have an economic judgement upon its working poor and lower Middle Class of all ethnicities.  By tolerating voter fraud and lap-dogging at Obama's privates, those who support Obama are removing the opportunity to repeal / remove the Obama Curse Healthcare Act in order to keep Barack Obama in power based on idolatry, mythological utopian Socialist ideology, and either an insanity or just plain idiocy in exempting him from deification and granting him the "full ride" without any consequences (no matter how badly he screws things up) over his skin color.  

Relative to the employer responsibility issues, the following is a short overview of the basic issues involving two categories of employers with more than 50 full-time employees (This requirement is regardless of whether the plan/s they provide are grandfathered and non-grandfathered):
  • Employers with more than 50 full-time employees that do not provide employees with a coverage option are penalized.
  • Employers with more than 50 full-time employees that provide an unaffordable coverage option are penalized.
  • Employers are not required to meet the minimum benefit requirements applicable to individual and small group markets.
  • Employers are not required to make minimum contributions to employee premiums, but they have to follow standards to make coverage affordable to employees.
  • The rules and penalties are only applicable to full-time employees, which is 30 or more hours per week determined on a monthly basis. All part-time and certain seasonal employees are exempt from being counted toward the required 50 + threshold.

Employers in 2013, it seems to me, will see no other option than to massively cut hours of those working 30 hours and above down to 20 to 28 hours a week or less, and pay a penalty that pro-rates part-timers as if the company has the average of  a number of employees working at 120 hours per month.  

Let us use the largest workforce population of any one state, California, as an example.  

In California, the average coverage per person is generally somewhere averaging at or close to about $245 a month.  That equals $2,940 per year.

If the Obama Health Curse penalty upon the employer is not even $200 per average of 120 hours a month worked by the part-timers when their hours are lumped together and divided, what do you think the employers will pay, and what will be the New Obama Curse Consequence when the employer has the option of supplying Healthcare at a cost of $2,940 per employee versus the $2,400 a year penalty on a fraction of them?

 Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will have now passed on a legacy, in America, of a NEW GLASS CEILING that discriminates against the working poor and the lower Middle Class so as to help PREVENT THEM FROM ACQUIRING WEALTH BY BARRIER-MAKING.  

 We are given an example in this:

 - a firm has 35 full-time employees (30+ hours). 

In addition, the firm has 20 part-time employees who all work 24 hours per week (96 hours per month). These part-time employees’ hours would be treated as equivalent to 16 full-time employees, based on the following calculation:

20 employees x 96 hours / 120 = 1920 / 120 = 16

There are two ways to reduce costs:
1) Massively decrease the hours of full-time workers to part-time status
2) Low Salary the full-time workers and increase the work burden to compensate for the hours you take away from those being cut down from full-time to part-time status.  

By example:
     Let us say that Johnny and Juanita are full-timers for Company X at 32 hours a week.  They are exceptional workers.  Richard, Jermaine, Robert, Miguel and Jane are so-so workers who get their work done, and also are 32 hours a week. 

 Company X, in order to cut their Healthcare liability, well before the December 31, 2013 deadline, places a glass ceiling of 24 hours a week on Richard, Jermaine, Robert, Miguel and Jane.  This equals 120 hours a week or 480 hours a month/ 120 = 4 full-time employees to which Company X has to account for. 

 Company X now has reduced their Healthcare obligation by 1 employee for the 5 they cut from the 32 hour full-time (which is so bogus to call full-time, when it still should be 40+ hrs per week to differentiate between full and part-timers).

Company X can now shift an extra 12 - 15 hour workload onto Johnny and Juanita and pay a salary at the rate of what they would have made at 40 - 42 hours a week, saving the company an extra 2-5 hours a week on average in wages that would go against the added costs of mandated Healthcare coverage.  

Meanwhile, Company X now will pay a penalty of $800 a month on the 5 employees they reduced hours for rather than the $1225 a month cost otherwise, saving $425 a month, which would apply to the new costs of Healthcare Coverage forced on Company X to supply for Johnny and Juanita, which taken with the 2-5 hours a week free labor under the new salary measure, covers the new Healthcare expense for these two.  So the initial expense now added is $800 a month per 5 employees.

Therefore, Company X looks at their base hourly wage.  So in order to compensate for the new costs, Company X now lays off 1 in 6 part-time workers.  So if Company X has 8,000 hourly workers at 32 hours a week, we can expect a lay-off of 1,000 workers, a decrease of hours / take-home pay by 25% for 5,000 workers, and a modest increase in pay and burdening work-load on 2,000 of its workers. 

 In an economy where potentially more than 42,000,000 that may be affected by this, that means we might see an addition of as many as 7,000,000 added to the UNEMPLOYMENT rolls before January 1, 2014.    Is that what this last election was all about?  The politicians and the Media playing "WE THE PEOPLE" for a bunch of "suckers"?  That INCLUDES those who shouted "Hail Obama" to Michelle, if they are part of the working poor or lower Middle Class.  

So for $84,000,000,000.00 in increased temporary revenue...is it REALLY worth the cost? 

And from there, we might as well include the necessary result of the Healthcare Curse also then having the repercussions of also creating toxic debt.  These can be loans from a financial institution, credit cards and other outstanding credits being paid upon that will no longer be paid, even on installments, because bankruptcies may force as many as half of the new part-timers to crash and burn on their financial obligations, and have those banks and financial institutions pass that cost-burden onto everyone else.   

That brings us to a potential of 10,500,000 more Americans who could be forced into dire straits as a direct consequence of Obama - Reid - Pelosi and the Democratically Controlled Congress that had to "pass the bill to see what was in it".   And this isn't even our worst case scenario.

Will the Affordable Healthcare Act be a means of installing a "glass ceiling" upon minorities and the working poor and the lower Middle Class of all ethnicities?  It seems so to me.

 As far as the Media and the politicians are concerned, it's just "sit back, enjoy the music, suffer silently, and fork up the money"; and "if you don't make it, well that's just too damn bad."  That's their message to us, it seems to me. 

 America, you just got "rolled". 

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