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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election 2012

 [[[[[Updated and edited 11/07/2012
 Obama won a second White House term Tuesday night, overcoming concerns about the fragile economic recovery to soundly defeat Republican nominee Mitt Romney. 
"We've got more work to do," Obama declared, addressing a cheering crowd at his victory rally in Chicago early Wednesday morning. Obama spoke to supporters at his campaign headquarters shortly after Romney called the president to concede. Obama congratulated his opponent on a "hard-fought campaign." 


On November 2, 2012, Willard "Mitt" Romney delivers a speech that many Conservative Talk Show Radio icons (including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc.) are calling as Mitt Romney's successful closing argument


When Americans vote on Tuesday November 6, 2012, despite the News Media corruption, two things will 
[[[[[should have, but did not]]]]]  stand out when the majority of people vote.

1) When Ben Ghazi happened on September 11, 2012, Obama did not rally behind American Citizens and the protecting of even its own ambassador.  He was ready to throw away 30 lives plus the Ambassador, if not for the intervention of U.S. Patriots at the C.I.A. annex who after 25 minutes of communicating what was going on and arming up, were told to stand down time and again, and went anyway and prevented a massacre of U.S. Citizens.  


Obama NEVER sent help.  His first instinct was to side with the terrorists, and afterwards (indifferent that more than two dozen more Americans didn't die by directly refusing to obey his stand-down order 3 times, thereby SAVING  lives) throw words at us, and go to Las Vegas for a fundraiser to enrich himself  to "hang out" with rapper Jay-zee and live up to a "social image" rather than the responsibility of the Office he usurped as something other than a United States Natural Born Citizen.  

The more radical blacks who mix in and make this issue all about race are now kicking it up a notch and giving the chant "Hail Obama" as if he were a living deity among men.  

 But we already have known that this "worship" aspect was part of the blindness they see to the man, based on skin color rather than the content of his character as Martin Luther King, Jr. (a Republican, not a Democrat) once demanded to fellow Negroes / Blacks that they apply to fellow Negroes / Blacks as well as whites / Caucasians

 SpecialOps2012 put out an political advertisement to remind U.S. Citizens about 09/11/2012: 


The ad is incorrect in that Leon Panetta called the SEALS and Obama, whose sorry and treasonous ass was dragged in from the Golf Course to watch,
was so offended that he probably leaked info that got a Seals Team 6 helicopter shot down in Afghanistan and intentionally attempted to see 30 U.S. citizens in Ben Ghazi murdered by his intentional inaction.   In my opinion, the caption should read something to this effect:

  "Obama watched
the SEALS as
THEY got Bin Laden.  

When SEALS called
Obama, he alone
issued orders that
they were denied." 

2) When Hurricane Sandy happened,  Obama promised to cut through the Red Tape that bogs down every facet of his Administration, and admitted to its existence.  He did his photo ops where he play-acted being Commander-in-Chief.  He had his photo op with the Republican Governor of New Jersey who praised his generous assistance.  He threw words at the people.  And when the photo-op was over, he once again fled from RESPONSIBILITY and went to Las Vegas to have a fundraiser for himself, and again hang out with rapper Jay-zee and laugh it up.  

     Meanwhile, many millions are still without electricity, natural gas, and the hardest hit are going hungry and thirsting even for just the basics.  Many are without running water, and this will lead to serious sanitation and possible epidemic disease issues, and Obama is blowing them off, escaping from RESPONSIBILITY, dining and yucking it up in Vegas, laughing his ass off as many perhaps even freeze to death in the storm hit areas.  

It would be nice, but it may be too much to expect the average U.S. Citizen to realize that this pattern that Obama exhibits throughout his usurpation of the Presidency, in many areas of internal and domestic foreign policy, is simply Obama's version of the Islamic practice of Muslim men making their women drink camel urine, under the pretext of the mental case Mohammed who did the same in the Quran and saying to them, "Here, drink this for good health."


This is how Islam treats women, and how Obama treats the Constitution and the masses of the Citizens of the United States.  "Drink this."  (Then laughing: Heh heh heh heh).

 Obama already exhibits the Indonesian Tribal and also Muslim practice of making every one else who works under him to follow from 2-3 steps or more behind because his how existence is to project "image"(that built on sand that can wash away), not "substance" of a good character (as that founded and secured into a bedrock)...which is why in a crisis, we get words and then Obama seeking to go off somewhere to escape reality as someone else handles it.  We have seen this for years that Obama projects image and then even with the smallest of crises caused by someone other than him (whether at the behest of Soros and his think-tank, such as the overthrow of Libya and Egypt), such as two American women being caught by the North Koreans, he breaks down like a man-baby, and demands someone else to clean up his mess.  


Obama in 2009 called in former President Bill Clinton to go over to North Korea to give Kim Jong Il credibility because Barack and his team was either too incompetent to negotiate for the release of two trespassing American Chicks playing photo-journalists just inside the North Korean border, or he planned it that way so as to knock U.S. Foreign Diplomatic Credibility a notch, and elevate a Third World Communist Dictator that Obama's friends and advisers idealized (Ayers & wife (Dohrne), Jarrett, Van Jones, etc.).

Clinton ill nork

In the August 9, 2009 edition of the Washington Post, Henry Kissinger wrote: 

Amid the widespread relief that American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee have avoided the brutal fate meted out to them by a North Korean court, it may seem captious to consider the long-term implications of President Bill Clinton's trip.
The impulse to save two young women from 12 years of hard labor in a North Korean gulag is...the precedent for the future.

Another Barack Obama Foreign Policy screw up, whether it was intentional or not.

And when Hurricane Sandy was coming a week ago, Obama refused to do his campaign stop in Florida and fled to D.C., and revealed to Bill Clinton (who again is there to bail out man-baby Obama) that when Mitt Romney calls Barack out on forcing the selling of Chrysler to the Italians, which now will build a Jeep plant in China, Barack's "FEELINGS" were hurt.  (See clip at 18-28 seconds)

 Meanwhile, the women, such as Hillary, often are required to follow at 5 or more steps behind, as part of his Islamic faith and upbringing in the Muslim dominated Indonesia.  What does Obama have on the Clintons to make them tow the mark?  Alleged Sex tapes between Hillary and Vince Foster, for example?  They should come clean, whatever the blackmail Obama has on them, and America will most likely forgive them of it, and see Obama for the jerk he really is, who is a Muslim acting as a Christian counterfeit.  

 Obama memorized the prayer call of the 96 praises of Allah, studied and memorized large portions of the Quran in Arabic, attended Jihad pilgrimage to Hyderabad, India with two Occidental University fellow dorm-mates (one a room-mate) where Shiite Muslims beat themselves bloody and pledge themselves to the life cause of Allah and eternal war against unbelievers by deception or whatever means necessary.

It is clearly apparent, that Obama is waging a soft Jihad from within the Oval Office, making sure he wages a clandestine war upon the United States from within while avoiding removal by impeachment or Coup d'etat by the Military, who ordered his sorry ass back to the White House situation room, reminded him who really took out JFK after JFK almost got us into a nuclear war with Russia, and told him taking out Osama Bin Laden was an unnegotiable "will happen now" (despite the two previous in our sights to take Osama Bin Laden out were directly denied by Obama). 

[[[[[The text that followed, now deleted, was an inaccurate prediction by me of a Mitt Romney win on Election Day 2012, even though with a proviso that he would get x-number of electoral votes  if the election was not rigged for Obama through massive fraud.  

I apologize for the error of thinking that a "too"  moderate  Republican could ever win the U.S. Presidency after the failures of  Bob Dole 1996 and John McCain 2008.  I again apologize for the error. 


 --- Brianroy  11/07/2012 ]]]]]

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