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Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 Relevant Commercials / clips - But do they go far enough?

It is time to  hand  Mr. "I'm just supposed to be eye-candy for you guys" Obama his termination papers, and and in exchange have the United States get a real leader who will excel on U.S. Foreign Policy... who, unlike Obama,  is serious about being and acting responsible.

Just as Spanish voters figured out in a mere three days between the Madrid bombings and the election (despite their government’s effort to point the finger at ETA) that it was al-Qaeda that was responsible, American voters are determining, as congressional hearings unfold and common-sense analysis takes over, that the Benghazi murders were a coordinated and pre-planned attack on America — not spontaneous mob violence arising from an offensive video as the administration has clinged to for so long.

In less than 30 days, we will know if the Obama administration will pay a price at the polls for its handling of Benghazi and its aftermath, just as the Spanish government did for Madrid.

--- Robert C. O'Brien and Brad Thor

The Promise and Lie that should automatically be used to "FIRE" Obama

Obama and his War on Women if you don't follow the Liberal Drone or Orwellian 1984 Political Correctness Conformity Pack

Hat Tip to Redstate.com for this one

And then there's one from January of 2012 that is still relevant in October 2012

This video essentially asks:  Is Obama, Jimmy Carter Number 2? 

In September 2012 it was the same old script as Obama gave in 2008, and gave us nothing but debt and broken promises, and broken hopes with change for the worse (and obviously even worse to come if he stays).

Romney-Ryan  A necessary Choice over the Wastefully Spend and Destroy America Obama

Excellent ad from Rand Paul demanding we hold Congress accountable.  Example Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is appropriately ripped in this Rand Ad.

While they tear down and burn the American flag in Egypt and shout "Death to America" Joe Manchin votes to provide taxpayer aid to Egypt.

While Pakistan imprisons and tortures the hero who helped us get Osama Bin Laden, Joe Manchin votes to send billions of our taxpayer dollars to Pakistan.

While radical Islamists burn our Embassy and kill our Ambassador in Libya, Joe Manchin votes to send more taxpayer money to Libya.

While millions of jobless men and women seek work, while our debt climbs higher and our roads and bridges crumble here at home, Joe Manchin works with Barack Obama to send Billions of our taxpayer dollars to countries where radicals storm our embassies, burn our flag, and kill our diplomats.

It's time to bring our taxpayer dollars home.

It's time to send Joe Manchin home too.

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