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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Council on Foreign Relations - 2012, noting their presence in helping to screw up America in September 2012

In the News of September 2012 to date we have several problems of note.

1)    The Obama Administration and a Congress set forth on a path of Financial mismanagement to 1.2 Trillion annual deficit spending under continuing resolutions  from 2009 to present, were apparently motivated and convinced to take that course through a member and adviser from the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), Peter Blair Henry (CFR #19 below).  The idea was a macroeconomic model of what he took from the anti-colonialist development of the economies – no kidding here, seriously  --of Jamaica (where Mr. Henry is a dual citizen) and Barbados.   http://www.econtalk.org/archives/2009/07/peter_henry_on.html
When Vice President Biden uttered the excuse that we need to flush away money to cut down the deficit, it was on the model sold him and the Democrats by Obama’s close third-world dinky island Financial Adviser, Peter Blair Henry.  

2)    In September, the intentional domestic diversion of the Chicago Public Teachers Union Strike is Obama manufactured.  In an economy with 13.9% actual national unemployment (when the fake 8.1% Obama numbers are adjusted to rates reflecting the same metric of the prior Bush Administration),  while the Chicago Public School Teachers Union are turning down  a 16% raise demanding more,

 there was a direct connection between that manufactured crisis and Barack Obama, not just through Rahm Emmanuel (former White House Chief of Staff) and Bill Ayers (who once propositioned Obama for sex in my presence in mid- summer of 1981 as a demand to make sure he wasn’t an FBI informant,  and Obama nodded in consensual acceptance that he would); but through another Council on Foreign Relations Board member and  his National Co-chair of Obama for America 2012, Penny Pritzker (see #31).

3)      On September 11, 2012, members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda stormed the United States Embassy in Cairo Egypt, and in Ben Ghazi, and committed mayhem.  In Cairo, they forcibly took down the US Flag and flew the black flag of Al Qaeda, tearing the US Flag in pieces and as a dense mob made an exhibition on top of its walls.  In Ben Ghazi Libya, they stormed the compound, burned out large portions of the embassy, and were directly responsible for the deaths of U.S. Ambassador Stevens and three others.  In a piss their pants begging and whining cowardice, the embassy in Cairo issued and then reaffirmed the following statement after they had been stormed, but not burned out as at Ben Ghazi, Libya:   

      "The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims—as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.”


   Do we NOT have people old enough to have remembered the hostages of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran?  The charge about an anti-Islam video that no one ever heard of prior to this tells incident was pre-arranged by an Obama hierodule faction in the Department of State and Black Ops, who (working with outside groups in and outside Egypt and Libya) started a crisis as a means to pump up the polls with a "rally round the President" vote in November 2012.  
      Such assistance could also have allegedly been helped by those such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrne using their "Free Gaza" connections to reach out to factions and privately call for these uprisings. 
      In January, the trio were spotted in Egypt attempting to stir up crowds on the streets with 1,400 other left-wing activists after the Egyptian government refused to allow Free Gaza Movement members to enter the Gaza Strip.


       In regard to the crisis of the Muslim uprising in Libya and Egypt, and killing our ambassador in Libya with 3 others, Obama who skips intelligence briefings as inconvenient and in times of crisis goes on vacation such as he just went to Vegas,

 is also advised by Council on Foreign Relations Member Jami Miscik  (see CFR #25 below). 

And what’s worse, is that there was word that the attacks were known to be coming 48 hours in advance, and the Obama policy was to do nothing. http://www.glennbeck.com/2012/09/14/report-obama-administration-warned-about-attacks-did-nothing/

The Council on Foreign Relations is supposed to be a non-partisan think-tank...but of late its influence has been that of incompetence in dealing with Muslim Fundamentalists through appeasement and cowardice, and disastrous to helping justify the Democrats to add extra unnecessary trillions in deficit / debt spending.  They are NOT helping...and in fact, some of their Board Members advocate we REPLACE this Republic with something else (cf. Joseph Nye Jr.CFR #26,  Peter Petersen CFR #29 below, for example).  

It is for this reason of interference, and deep connections in our Institutions - Government - Industry - Media, that I have decided to address part of the root of why we sometimes have certain national policies, or federal intervening events or international crises either spring up or handled poorly like the several mentioned above.  

But before I list their Board of Directors, which I encourage you to carefully note, I have a little more input before getting there...

Controlling the Media Obama Personal and clumsy Foreign Policy Disasters

In 2007 and 2008, an unseen group successfully directed the Mainstream Media narrative for the 2008 election cycle, and were successful because the Mainstream Media WAS so predominantly members in this Organization: the Council on Foreign Relations.   

In the latest crisis in which the Muslim fundamentalists of Al Qaeda stormed the United States Embassies of Egypt and Libya, killing a United States ambassador in Libya with 3 others, sure enough, to ensure how the narrative was told Isobel Coleman affirmed on video what was allegedly told Mainstream Media producers how their reporters should approach the narrative dealing with Egypt and Libya, which is then maintained and adhered to by the Mainstream Media.  
This is the most recent and mild exertion of the Council of Foreign Relations to help steer the media narrative.   But instead of being one of competence, it is one of incompetence which is stirring the mobs that already are reared from childhood to thirst for the shedding of the blood of enemies, real or imagined.  

Thanks to Obama and the Council on Foreign Relations Mainstream Media, it is now becoming overnight fashionable to commit violent mob uprisings against any U.S. Embassy in the world, whether in London (see picture below)


 or Tunis and by some accounts 16 other U.S. embassies beyond the 9/11/2012 embassies at Cairo (Egypt) and Ben Ghazi (Libya).  In fact, even the German Embassy in Sudan was attacked thanks to (a remembrance of) Barack Obama's July 2008 Berlin Speech, where Obama told the people of the world to look to Berlin (i.e. Germany).  Mob mentality reduces the average Intelligence quotient to roughly 75, and that needs to be taken into account.

 In June of 2008, with the release of the manufactured / perjurious Barack Obama short form birth certificate, every member of the Council of Foreign Relations, if they wished to remain a member and not be blacklisted from the industry, was allegedly told (and this is as yet unconfirmed as no two or three members themselves will come forward) to discredit any mention of the Barack Obama birth certificate...and as far as I can ascertain, no reason was given.  Why was that?  Who stands to benefit, and what is there to gain? 

 It was with the 2008 Presidential Election Cycle that a new form of anti-journalism emerged, and was deceptively presented to the American Public.  Many of us sensed this change beginning in October of 2007, but couldn't quite place a specific on the nature of the change.  That anti-journalism tactic, encouraged upon the Media, was to inject a view into a question and answer session to discredit - mock - destroy credibility of those being asked the question, and then to focus on the reporter's question as the answer and solution, regardless of the answer of the politician or expert answering the question.  

 Example #1

 The Reporter at even the local News level in Arizona, was instructed by her producer to INJECT an attack point of view into the News Conference.  Answers were immaterial.  Reporting and Journalistic Integrity was immaterial.  The only thing that mattered for "mission accomplished" was to inject an attack upon the Sheriff Arpaio Press Conference into the forgery that Barack Obama's Birth Certificate is, into the live broadcast; and any collection of facts or accuracy was totally of no relevance whatsoever for her or her producer.  This is how it is in the Mainstream Media, the which members of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations have direct past and current ties to PBS, CBS, NBC (owned by General Electric), and CNN .

Example #2 

Again, the attack is all that matters...injecting a point of view, or doing what they can to discredit an individual they deem a threat to their agenda is all that matters. 

The producers at the television studio would ensure an editing or re-editing of the material to push the attack narrative on the messenger "FORWARD"...which word in and of itself, is a catch-phrase for advancing the hidden agenda that includes "World Socialism", "Eco-environmentalism" or Radical Environmentalist forced re-coordination through local - state -federal Government such as Agenda 21 and so forth, a New Order in which the consensus of the Media and Executive Business and Executive Government Membership elite dictate policies and the creation of laws and regulations upon society equal to and sometimes greater than that of Congress.  After that, the catch-phrase "FORWARD" splinters, but the essence of it is, the Obama Campaign and the Media Membership joined to the rank and file membership of the  Council on Foreign Relations (perhaps more than half of the major media figures, perhaps more) apparently seem to think they have a right to create a new governance (and a new Government) upon the United States of America to replace this Republic. 

many of the Members of the Board of Directors on the Council on Foreign Relations make up a Who's Who of Wall Street Companies, and these are those with direct familial personal and/or political connections within the inner circle of this and previous White House / Oval Office Administrations.   The CFR Connections to the White House, and its influence on Executive Policy, is just as much a crisis as the Lobbyists are to the Houses of Congress.  

 Council On Foreign Relations  - The Major Corporate Connections

1)   CFR Co-Chairman: Carla A. Hills,

chairman and CEO of Hills & Company, International Consultants. 

Board Member at:  Gilead Sciences, Inc.

International Board Member at:  

J.P. Morgan Chase

Rolls Royce
Coca-Cola Company

2)   CFR Co-Chairman:  Robert E. Rubin,
Former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury ( 1995 - 1999)

Harvard Corporation member.

Served on  Board of Directors 1999 – 2009, 
and was Chairman 2007-2009:  Citigroup

 He also served on the Board of Directors at: 
The New York Stock Exchange,
the Ford Company,
the New York Futures Exchange,
the Center for National Policy

3)    CFR Board Member:  David M. Rubenstein 
Managing Director and co-founder: The Carlyle Group (assets $150 billion)

Board Trustee: University of Chicago

Dean's Adviser: Harvard Business School

Other important associations: Smithsonian Institute, Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton, Tsinghua University, the Library of Congress.


4)    CFR Board Member:  Richard E. Saloman
Managing Partner :  East End Advisors

Trustee and Investment Committee Member at:  
the Museum of Modern Art,
the Peterson Institute of International Economics, 
Rockefeller University 
the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

 5)    CFR President:  Richard N. Haass
 Non-Fiction Political Theory Book writer

6)    CFR Board Member:   John P. Abizaid
 Senior Partner:  JPA Partners LLC

 Former U.S. Army General: Central Command Commander

7)    CFR Board Member:   Peter Ackerman

Managing Director:  Rockport Capital Inc.

Executive Council Member:   
The International Institute for Strategic Studies in London

 Advisory Board Member:  America Abroad Media


 8)    CFR Board Member:   Madeleine K. Albright
64th U.S. Secretary of State (under Bill Clinton, 1997 ff.)

 Chairperson: Albright Stonebridge Group, 
Albright Capital Management LLC,

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs,
the Pew Global Attitudes Project

U.S. Defense Department's Defense Policy Board


 9)    CFR Board Member:   Alan S. Blinder
 Former Governor of the American Stock Exchange.
 Former Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board (1994-1996).

Professor, Princeton University.
 Member: Bretton Woods Committee,
 the Bellagio Group


10)    CFR Board Member:   Mary Boies

Attorney, Managing Partner: Boies & McInnis LLP
 the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee

Former Board of Directors member:  MBNA Corporation,
MBNA Bank.

Former Vice-President, CBS Inc. (law department)

Former attorney for:  U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board
(which activity also advises the Secretary of the Air Force and the Air Force Chief of Staff directly),
 the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee
 White House domestic Policy Staff

Important Associations:  
the (U.S. Air Force) Air University Board,
the Center for International Studies, 
the International Rescue Committee, 
Business Executives for National Security, 
the Central European and Eurasian Law Institute in Prague,
Dean's executive committee member -  Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.


 11)    CFR Board Member:   David Bradley
 Chairman:  Atlantic Media Company

Founded and sold: the Advisory Board Company,
the Corporate Executive Board


 12)    CFR Board Member:   Tom Brokaw
 Former Prime-time News Anchor
 and Managing Editor: NBC News (1983-2004)

  13)    CFR Board Member:     Sylvia Mathews Burwell
 Former Clinton Administration: 
Deputy Director Office of Management and Budget
Deputy Chief of Staff to the President (Clinton)
Chief of Staff to Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Robert E. Rubin

President: Walmart Foundation

 Former President: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
(re:  Microsoft)


14)     CFR Board Member:    Martin S. Feldstein
Former President and CEO: 
National Bureau of Economic Research (1977-1982, 1984-2008)

Professor of Economics: Harvard University

Former Chief Economic Adviser to President Reagan (1982-1984)
Former Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Member to President G. W. Bush (2006)

Current Board Member: Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board (2009 - present)


 15)     CFR Board Member:    Stephen Friedman 
 Chairman, Stone Point Capital

 Former Chairman: Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 
Goldman Sachs and Company.

Former Director: National Economic Council 

Former Economic Adviser to President G.W. Bush (2002 - 2004)

Former Chairman, Board of Trustees: Columbia University


(16)     CFR Board Member: Ann M. Fudge
Board of Directors Member:  General Electric (which also owns NBC),

Finance Committee Member: Corporation of Harvard University

Chair:  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation‘s  “U.S. Programs Advisory Board”

Former Chairman and CEO, Young and Rubicam Brands

Former President of Kraft Foods Division: Beverages, Desserts, and Post


(17)     CFR Board Member:    Pamela Gann
President: Claremont McKenna College

Former Dean:   Duke University School of Law

Board Member: Institute for the International Education of Students,
Committee for Economic Development

Consultant Expertise: U.S. foreign policy,
international economic law


(18)     CFR Board Member:    Thomas H. Glocer
Director: Merck and Company

Former CEO:  Thomson Reuters Group  (Reuters News Services)

Important Associations / Memberships:
 Library of Congress  (Madison Council Member),
The American Law Institute,
Columbia University
Yale University
British American Business Inc.
the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum


 (19)     CFR Board Member:    Peter B. Henry

Dean:  Stern School of Business
Board Member:  Kraft Foods,
National Bureau of Economic Research

Adviser:  Head of  Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign External Economics Advisory Group 

Dual U.S. / Jamaican Citizen
Appointed May 2009:  Presidential Commission on White House Fellows
Senior Fellow: Brookings Institution 

(20)     CFR Board Member:    J. Tomilson Hill
President and CEO:  Hedge Fund Solutions Group

Vice Chairman, Board of Directors Member:
 Blackstone Group Management LLC
Former co-CEO, co- COO, co-President: Lehman Brothers
Board Member:  OpenPeak Inc.,
Advantage Testing, Inc.

Advisory Board Member: Christie’s

Important Associations:  Lincoln Center Theater,
the Smithsonian Museum
the Metropolitan Museum of Art


(21)     CFR Board Member:    Donna J. Hrinak
President: Boeing Brazil, The Boeing Company

Former Vice -President: PepsiCo, Inc. (Global Public Policy, Government Affairs)

Former United States Ambassador: Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Dominican Republic.   Also had diplomatic assignments to: Poland, Mexico, Columbia, Honduras.  

 (22)     CFR Board Member:    Alberto Ibargüen
President: John S. and James L. Knight Foundation  (funds media and journalism "innovations" and other projects)
Board Member: America Online (AOL),
American Airlines, 
Pepsico, Inc.

Former publisher of the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald.

Member: Advisory Committee to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Foreign policy.


(23)     CFR Board Member:    Shirley Ann Jackson
 President:  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Board Director of:  NYSE Euronext, 
Marathon Oil,

Member:  President's (the usurper Obama's) Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (2009)
Member: Department of State  International Security Advisory Board (2011)
Member:  National Academy of Engineering 

Trustee: Brookings Institution
Regent:  Smithsonian Institution

Former Chairman:  U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1995–1999)


 (24)     CFR Board Member:   Muhtar Kent
Chairman, CEO: The Coca-Cola Company

Member:  Eminent Persons Group for ASEAN (as appointed by Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton).


  (25)     CFR Board Member:   Jami Miscik
President, Vice Chairman: Kissinger Associates, Inc.

Current Adviser to Barack Obama through President's Intelligence Advisory Board

Direct Business and Social Relationships to the Bilderberg Group (whose chairman is her boss, Henry Kissinger).

Former Central Intelligence Agency Deputy Director - Intelligence (2002-2005)
Central Intelligence Agency: 20 years
Former National Security Council member (1995-1996)

 Board Member: In-Q-Tel, 
 the American Ditchley Foundation


   (26)     CFR Board Member:   Joseph S. Nye Jr. 

 Professor:  John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs)

Former Chair: National Intelligence Council

Former Deputy Under Secretary of State (security assistance, science, and technology)

Recent article written by him with a very dangerous utterance:
In "The Future of American Power" he states in regard to the United States (and what he and others of the Council on Foreign Relations are clearly advising Obama to accomplish):
 'In an information-based world, power diffusion may pose a bigger danger than power transition.'


   (27)     CFR Board Member:   James W. Owens
Board Director:  Alcoa Inc., 
IBM Corporation, 
Morgan Stanley. 

Former Member: Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board (2009-2010).
Former Chairman, CEO Emeritus:  Caterpillar Inc.


(28)     CFR Board Member:   Eduardo J. Padrón
 President: Miami Dade College

Appointed by Barack Obama as Chair: White House Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans

Chair:  White House Fellows selection panel  (2010)


 (29)     CFR Board Member:  Peter G. Peterson
 Chairman Emeritus: Council on Foreign Relations

 Founder, Chairman: Peter G. Peterson Foundation
 Co-founder, Chairman Emeritus: Blackstone Group 

Former Chairman, CEO: Bell and Howell Corporation (1963 - 1971) 
Former Assistant to President Nixon on International Economic Affairs (1971)
Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce (1972)
Former Chairman, CEO: Lehman Brothers (1973 - 1984)
Former Chairman: Federal Reserve Bank of New York (2000 - 2004)
Author of: 
Running On Empty: How the Democratic and Republican Parties are Bankrupting Our Future and What Americans Can Do About It; 
and Gray Dawn: How the Coming Age Wave Will Transform America and the World; among others.  


(30)     CFR Board Member:   Colin L. Powell
Former General of the U.S. Army and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff    (1989 - 1993)

Former U.S. Secretary of State  (2001 - 2005)

Board Member: Revolution Health Care


 (31)     CFR Board Member:   Penny Pritzker
 **In Barack Obama's Inner Circle of Advisers and Closest Supporters**

National Co-Chair: Obama for America 2012

Founder, Chairman, CEO: PSP Capital Partners, Pritzker Realty Group
Co-founder, Chairman: Artemis [Greek goddess Diana] Real Estate partners

 Former Member of Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board
Member: President's Council for Jobs and Competitiveness 

Trustee: Stanford University

Board Member: Hyatt Hotels,
Chicago Board of Education (Public Schools)

 Husband Bryan Traubert was Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential Campaign Finance Chair.


(32)     CFR Board Member:   George Rupp
President, CEO:  International Rescue Committee

Former President: Columbia University,
Rice University

Former Dean: Harvard School of Divinity

 (33)     CFR Board Member:        Frederick W. Smith  
Chairman, President, CEO:   Federal Express Corporation

Co-chairman:   the Energy Security Leadership Council

 (34)     CFR Board Member:       Margaret Warner 
Senior Correspondent:  PBS NewsHour


  (35)     CFR Board Member:      John Vincent “Vin” Weber 
Co-Chairman, Partner:    Mercury/Clark & Weinstock

Former Congressman: U.S. House of Representatives (1981-1993)
(Minnesota, 2nd District – R)

Board Member:  ITT Educational Services, 
The Lenox Group
Aspen Institute


  (36)     CFR Board Member:      Christine Todd Whitman
Former Governor: New Jersey (1994-2001)
Former Head of the Environmental Protection Agency (2001-2003)

Board Member: S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc.;
Texas Instruments;
United Technologies;
the Eisenhower Fellowships;
the American Security Project
  (36)     CFR Board Member:     Fareed Zakaria
Newshost: CNN  (Fareed Zakaria GPS)

Editor at large: TIME
Former Editor:  Newsweek International (2000 – 2010)

Also of note would be the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Keith Olson – although not a Board of Directors member – one who spent 8 years at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as having finance positions with Prudential Capital Group and KPMG.

[Last Updated September 24, 2012 , geographical specification and parentheses added]

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