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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Robert Redford interview regarding the First Amendment and his life

Robert Redford gives an interview and discusses his life and work in the film industry in regard to the First Amendment.  

If America has THIS conversation, and applies it equally, making no political favoritism, they will see that the fears of a Nixonian Fascism by the Left (as applicable in his film, "All the President's Men" and through the Watergate Hearings) are being REALIZED in actuality by Obama, where even "the freedom of speech" to even criticize or to have a sharply contrasting differing opinion is being shut down; and in the same application that Robert Redford uses, therefore OBAMA and those protecting him are DESTROYING this Nation.

  Please watch, download,  and share the video:  and start the conversation among yourselves, or with Democrats and Independents in a fair and balanced view that accepts that there are negatives and positives on both sides, and we are in a time of perilous negatives by an Obama regime and any support of its continuance in the election of November 2012.  


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