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Friday, December 16, 2016

December 2016, The Final Maricopa County Press Conference On Obama Long Form Birth Certificate Forgery- Yes, It IS FELONY FRAUDULENT

[Updated  01/02/2017 with replacement video:  Youtube removed other.  Video may be subject to later replacement need again. -- End of 01/02/2017 update]

Lead Investigator Mike Zullo explains that there are a minimum of 9 points of definite fraud that can be used in Court to destroy any claim of validity of the manufacture that claims to be Obama's birth document.  In particular, a person of interest who primary birth document was used, and who says was never out of their possession prior to a post-release of the Obama birth allegation manufactured document.  Meaning, they are criminally a person of interest who COULD be charged at a later time by a Trump Administration Attorney General, or Federal Prosecutor.  Who knows?  

Just one previous example that one might cite at the ready, might start with the Birth Certificate Security Paper, even in electronic format, was FUBARed by Obama Birth Document Forger.

No kidding.You will note that the enclosed Scribe statement is also the same impeccably credible source(s) that Mike Zullo will cite in the Conference video above.  


[[[[Update: 12/23  Video added -

End of 12/23 Update]]]]

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