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Friday, September 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton, A Tale of Two Hillary Clinton's By A Tale Of Two Noses Showing Two Different People? No One Is Asking What they Should.

I would like to ask the questions that no one else is asking, but should. And whether it seems nonsensical at the first, bear with me…and you will perhaps soon be questioning if Hillary of the September 26, 2016 debate with Donald Trump is Hillary, or an old Central Intelligence Agency counterpart playing an old, old role as her double.

Is Hillary Clinton really the Hillary Clinton who was actually the First lady and then the Secretary of State in 2012? Is Hillary someone who is supposed to have blue eyes or not?
Is there a lighting trick that turns her eyes brown on video, on old non-high def and non-computer algorithm manipulated television sets?

Is Hillary blue eyed in the photo or Hazel (brown and blue tendencies) or just brown eyed?

Does Hillary have a magical plastic surgery that relapses and is restored daily, be it her neck, her face wrinkles, and what kind of cream or makeup can "poof" alter her dramatically, or are we so accustomed to a body double (be it a non-relative, a kid sister, or whomever) that we have forgotten what Hillary 2012 and before actually looks like and was degenerating into?

Can Hillary PROVE she is Hillary Rodham-Clinton by all of the ff. - a height and natural eye color check, and by a DNA and fingerprint match if so required?

Hillary Clinton has BLUE EYES.


Height: 5ft 6in ( 1.68m )
First Name: Hillary
Middle Name: Rodham
Last Name: Clinton
Maiden Name: Rodham
Birth Full Name: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Build: Average
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde



What color were her eyes at the September 26 debate with Donald and in most of her appearances?

Does she suddenly alternate from tighter jowels and a smother neck to heavy jowels (woof!) and a heavily wrinkled neck from 2014 onward, especially in 2015-2016 or not?

As I look at Hillary, something looks wrong with this Hillary at the 2016 debate with the Ben Ghazi morning after “I have a Hangover” Hillary.
September 12, 2012 - Indeed, Hillary looks like she had a MASSIVE hangover while Obama made her stand beside him as he LIED to all of us about Ben Ghazi.

Not to mention it looks like she either has a NOSE job or we are being treated to someone not the same Hillary as Hillary Rodham-Clinton, who has been at it for years, is Hazel eyed instead of blue eyed, and has a smaller nose?
2013 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpdTLF46BHM

2014 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWFMqUDy1gw

But wait, it gets worse, a spoof video critiquing Hillary's accent shows that from College, there has been a second Hillary?

Look at the noses beginning and end as consistent and DIFFERENT from the First Lady Hillary in the middle photos and the 2013, 2014 videos referenced above. A tale of TWO Hillary Clintons carried over from Hillary's days with the Central Intelligence Agency still on going?


Update 10/06/2016 --  Correction Upon Further Inquiry And Investigation

I did some more checking into the ever changing face of Plastic Hillary, as a news story came along that NOW Hillary says she doesn't remember saying that she wants to drone strike Julian Assange.

Well, that request of hers was declared by Hillary herself on Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 
when Hillary asked
 “Can’t we just drone this guy?”

  Hillary doesn’t remember saying and pushing such things as calls for open assassinations by means of drone strikes.  Uh huh.  She wouldn't. She's had way too many face altering plastic surgeries that so altered her face, that the only way to tell it still might be her is by her upper front teeth.   What she has done to her nose through the decades in pictures is just one example, and who knows if she had infections on the brain and permanent plastic surgery complications from all the face alterations through the years. By example, you can see the changes 

and compare what Hillary USED to look like to what plastic surgery

 -- and realize her epilepsy and parkinsons may be so related by probable infections and tainted blood from her many blood transfusions (for all we know) since the 1980s -- 

has made her look like NOW by comparison. 

It has me many hundreds of photo examinations to realize and verify that the only way one would be able to forensically prove she isn't doubled is by her upper front teeth when she bares them in the photos. I have had some question regarding them, and perhaps this alone (a comparison of the upper front teeth when she smiles broadly) would distinguish her from any who would double her.

Lighting, and new technology which alters color and rewrites visual reality with special effects by this or that tinting or what have you, and her sometimes use  of dark contacts in place of glasses to attempt to defeat reactions to flashes and epileptic seizures which didn't work last summer, all these various things and more are deceptive to one degree or another. Also, we do not know if she has used half the amount of Botox treatments as Joe Biden with 10 times worse the physical and mental health side effects or what.

Hillary can't remember?
--"Um? Did I really order a nuclear strike on Russia and some of our European partners? Is that why the ICBMs are coming over the North Pole? Um? I don't remember!!!" -- Hillary would say. Uh huh.

Obama emasculates our nuclear arsenal where we count planes and launchers as nukes now, in that Treaty he made with Russia that top military retired general concur is EXACTLY how it reads, and we have how many nukes left that even work or can be delivered if a post January 2016 Hillary sets off say two or three dozen against the Russians following a John Kerry incompetence and Irish Republican Army wannabe Samantha Powers anarchist entrusted with Federal U.S. authority implementing a George Soros destruction of the USA lunatic policy which military commander yes-men would follow blindly because the ones who follow the Constitution or know what an unlawful order is have been too purged from the upper ranks of the various branches of the U.S. Military by Obama?

The same Obama who is de facto (not just de jure) a foreign usurper hat CANNOT prove birth identity and stated so in 1995 as an ATTORNEY was non-existent according to his searching Queen's hospital, Kapi'olani, the Bureau of Vital statistics or anywhere in Hawaii in 1995 – 

"You know, as soon as the Old Man died,
the lawyers contacted all those who might have a claim to the inheritance.
Unlike my mum,
has all the documents needed to prove who Mark's father was."
Dreams from My Father, p. 345 Barack Obama
(confessing there is NO Birth Certificate of any kind for him ANYWHERE in Hawaii as of 1995).

Do we REALLY want to go there with a President Hillary or a President Kaine, who proved at the October 2016 VP debate that at times he is just as mentally and as emotionally unstable (in his own way) as also UNFIT for the VP slot, let alone as POTUS? Hell NO!!!

So I hereby make my correction that in most cases, there is doubt Hillary uses a double, especially when the upper front teeth are bared and can be visually compared as the same.  This doesn't mean a set of false teeth or a near relation couldn't be doubling on rare occasions...only that now we should know what first to look for, as a blue eyed Hillary won't always be blue eyed before the cameras and video, it seems.  

That's my update for now.  Peace.  

End of Update  October 06, 2016  

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