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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Democrat Presidential Candidate 2016 Has Full Epileptic Seizure, Physically Unfit To Run For And be POTUS

On September 11, 2016   Hillary Clinton Has Her 9/11 Experience To Her Campaign.  A Full Blown Epilepsy Seizure which paralyzes her buckling right leg even as she is standing up.  Had she not been supported, she would have been on the ground flopping like a fish.  Hillary Clinton is now BUSTED with video that she does have full blown incapacitating epileptic seizures, and it is clear that this has been an ongoing medical issue with her that will only degenerate and get worse.  

Dr. Ted Noel interviewed by Gary  Franchi diagnoses her epileptic seizures and coughing fits as Parkinsons disease related.

By example, Infowars especially,  has the the call for alrting the American Public as to Hillary's Health Issues.  For example, 

With epilepsy, like with Hillary's most recent (as of this article) seizure, there is a mostly full recovery after 20 - 25 minutes, and an appearance of normalcy for most epileptics in about 45 minutes. 

Parkinson's disease attacking the nervous system  ON TOP OF EPILEPSY is an added complication that fully disqualifies Hillary Clinton on medical issues alone...never mind she has committed dozens of acts of treason, is an accessory to many murders before and after the fact, supports America's enemies and sponsors terrorism, has helped sell U.S. Military secrets and names of agents and been directly complicit washed billions in bribes as a Secretary of State through the Clinton Foundation, etc.  

The new slogan we should all be saying now is: 

Hillary for a Prison Hospital 2016, and imprisoned for life...even if she croaks in under 6 months.  

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