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Monday, August 29, 2016

Internet Censorship Intensifies As UN Prepares To Take Control? Alex Jones Video And My Brief Comment Regarding Legitimate Consequence Issues Of That Very Act Of Unconditional Surrender Of U.S. National Security To Foreign Conquest


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Does anyone else but a very few of us realize that handing over the internet is the same as capitulation to foreign conquest without the need for a hostile foreign power to send a standing army to force this nation into submission? The Internet is now a required means for controlling most means of telecommunications. By it, the electrical grid for most of the nation can be blacked out. The water and gas and oil for most of the nation can also be turned off. Nuclear power plants can be sent into emergency shutdown or crisis mode having potential meltdown issues. A hostile foreign power can simply kill the Internet and all utilities, and keep it off, or create intentional spikes and burnouts, wreak havoc on millions of traffic lights at a whim, or anything internet linked and accessible. Belgium has had a city block super computer facility designed to do such as well as data collection in upgrade after upgrade since at least the 1980s and named it "The Beast".

The very effect of handing over Internet control is like giving selective Electro-Magnetic Pulse weaponization to a hostile foreign group of powers who with great envy and hatred at United States technological and industrial superiority (despite its massive dismantling and sabotage by its own Federal Government) have one goal in mind: to steal, to kill, to destroy.  

Hundreds of millions of bank accounts having direct deposit of any kind, be they employer or government check accessed, as of October 1, 2016, under the Kenyan-Indonesian alien Obama-Soetoro who was adopted by a surrogate CIA mother and given a CIA bio-cover, can be wiped clean. Every level of United States Government can be placed at the mercy of a hostile foreign power as every computer and memory bank can be fully downloaded and then locked up and frozen or infected, and the records rendered useless at every level including not just the Social Security Administration and the Department of Internal Revenue, but at the Department of Defense, at the NSA Utah super data banks that has every Internet record ever trafficked in the United States since the 1990s, as well as the ability to render useless every Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agency, all of them made almost entirely Internet data base and Internet linked computer dependent.

Do we really want a hostile foreign body to have the Internet kill switch and the ability to individually or collectively terrorize and threaten every and any citizen of the United States? That is the kind of unconditional surrender war powers that is being sought to be handed over. Congress is oblivious. Under such unconditional surrender of United States sovereignty, under such a de facto greatest internal traitor to an alien foreign governance handing over of power the world has ever yet had happened (and what's more, stated in advance and openly to us all), what action is now a technically legal and appropriate as a response that without that threat and duress would not otherwise be?

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