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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Republican National Committee Says Elections Of Voters Are Irrelevant And Now Mean NOTHING - The Names Of The Leaders Who Are Most Prominently Betraying You And Presumed Guilty Of Primaries and Caucus Voter Fraud

GUILTY until proven innocent: 

Traitors to the Republic Of the United States at the Republican National Committee (RNC) 

Who should be the focus 

if the RNC delegates selected by election through the Primaries to be assigned a candidate voted for and are discarded and the election is nothing more than a big, massive SCAM, 
 a FRAUD on the citizens of the United States, 
by a chronic action of a series of near perpetual CRIMES for the 2016 Presidential Election cycle, 
Criminal Frauds that are legally chargeable and prosecutable in every State as well as again in Federal Court with heavy fines and lengthy prison sentences (beginning with mail fraud on up)   as Priebus and others with the authority to represent the RNC to the Media and voters at large are saying?  

Who should be directly held accountable 

and dealt with as being charged with massive fraud upon the citizens of the United States and held criminally, civilly, and personally liable 

if the RNC puts forth a Republican nominee like Paul Ryan, who has filed in January 2016, has had no votes, and is installed as the Presidential Nominee at the up and coming RNC Convention?   

Reince Priebus -  Chairman of the Republican National Committee 

Sharon Day -   Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee 

Susie Hudson  - Secretary of the Republican National Committee

Mitch McConnell  -  Senate Republican Leader

Senator John Cornyn  - Senate Majority Whip

John Thune  - Republican Conference Chair

Senator John Barrasso - Republican Policy Committee Chair

Senator Roy Blunt  - Republican Policy Committee  Co-Chair

Paul Ryan - Speaker of the House    
                           (GOP RNC Committee 
                            Convention 2016 Intended / Pre-selected
                             Candidate for POTUS
                             putatively as of circa March 11, 2016)  

Representative Kevin McCarthy - House Majority Leader

Representative  Steve Scalise - House Majority Whip

Representative  Cathy McMorris Rodgers  - Republican Conference Chairman

Representative Luke Messer - Republican  Policy Committee Chairman

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