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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Infowars is breaking the News the Mainstream Media Refuses To Share With YOU! FAST & FURIOUS WEAPONS TO AL QAEDA IN 2010 courtesy of TREASON by Obama and Holder.


On March 30, 2016, Adan Salazar offered a recap of some explosive facts that were found by following up on notes left behind by a slain United States Federal Law Enforcement officer, Brian Terry, which shows us that the usurper Barack Hussein Obama and then illegal to be in office Attorney General Eric Holder, CONSPIRED in smuggling guns to Al Qaeda and then blaming U.S. Citizens and claiming taking away legal gun rights of U.S. Citizens was justifiable, while NOT telling YOU that the guns were destined for drug cartels and especially operatives of Middle eastern terrorist organizations, especially splinter groups or sub-divisions of AL QAEDA.  

"To recap:
• Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from 2006 through 2010 convince straw dealers to sell weapons to suspected arms traffickers who may in turn sell them over to Mexican cartels, ostensibly to track the cartels.

• On December 14, 2010 while conducting operations in Nogales, Arizona, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot and died while attempting to arrest five individuals. Two of the guns found at the scene were linked to Fast and Furious.

• Smith-Meck claims weapons were sold in Mexico to middle eastern arms dealers in September 2010. A Moroccon DST commander – on 16 October 2010 also reported Fast and Furious weapons were in the kingdom of Morocco en route to arm the rebels in Algeria.

• Smith-Meck asserts guns, rifles, grenades, grenade launchers, military grade night vision goggles, black special forces tactical uniforms, as well as military equipment and installations were involved.

• Lt. Col Smith-Meck’s research into Terry’s death has led him to suspect a wider weapons transfer scheme may be amidst.
• Smith-Meck predicts a mid-May arms transfer.

• The retired Marine has been target of harassment and intimidation since looking into the case.

Watch the full interview with Lt. Col. Matt Smith-Meck and Kent Terry below:"

Let us also remember that Obama has created other victims on other dates and other occasions, such as Border Agent Brian Terry in the Fast and Furious Eric Holder Department of Justice orchestrated attempt to bring down the Second Amendment by blaming U.S. Citizens for the covert program Obama and Holder ordered.  A Fast and Furious labeled program which ran an illegal gun smuggling operation that legally was buying and illegally selling guns from U.S. gun shops and selling them at discounts specifically to violent Mexican drug cartels, criminal enterprises that should be prosecutable against Holder and Obama under R.I.C.O. at some later time -- such as IMPEACHMENT of Obama -- and that this criminal activity was directly responsible in getting Brian Terry shot up on December 14, 2010, from which wounding he died on December 15, 2010; but dying only after Holder was responsible for first issuing a policy of Border Agent disarmament and then also being specifically complicit in supplying the  semi-automatic rifle that fired the 7.62 x 39mm bullet that killed Brian Terry. 

So what of any and all the dead U.S. Citizens who have died as a consequence of illegal gun smuggling to terrorists via criminal organizations, and the hundreds of dead Mexican citizens, people who were killed because of Barack Obama despite their being on two continents thousands of miles apart, and who are  to Obama (like astro-turf humans to Nancy Pelosi)  merely "bumps in the road",   nuisance bodies he and his political machine runs over and as void of humanity as rodents and animals that are road-kill, run over and over until they are flatten and degraded into a forgotten memory (if they are remembered at all by them)?   What of Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 U.S. Citizens who died at Ben Ghazi by active conspiracy and collusion with enemies of the United States, now known to be indirectly linked but as a gradual consequence and progression from a secret Fast and Furious gun running to Al Qaeda factions in Western and northern Africa as well as smuggling to known crime syndicates illegally killing U.S. Citizens from Arizona to Texas?     These deaths are homicides and murders Obama commits under what might be law enforcement termed and penal code worded as "color of authority", whose scandals and public outcries are minor disturbances and noise...minor disturbances and noise...and are to be dismissed with a "what difference now does it make?" response, as Hillary Clinton remarks over some of those same corpses with cruel callousness,  a "we don't give a sh*t" attitude and de facto response.  

Obama has decided to openly rejoice over the deaths of all Americans who died on 9/11/2001, and those who died on 9/11/2012  and now politically dances in joy for the victories of jihadi Islam he has given them over OUR dead fellow citizens, as though he were an Arab Gaza or West bank terrorist celebrating the deaths of those who died on 9/11/2001 when the attack and destruction of the New York City World Trade Center towers  was first broadcast on the news to them.  And when Americans are attacked and killed in Europe, or if Christians die by the many tens of thousands in the Middle East, all Obama can do is snuggle up to a Cuban Communist dictator and watch a ball game and "do the wave" or do a dream job where ESPN has Barack do a host spot as if he were one of them.  

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