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Friday, September 4, 2015

Educational Film: The Triumph of the Will.

[[[[Update February 19, 2017   -- People are often clicking this post, and other Youtube video of Nazi film is gone.  I youtube uploaded my copy of this film to my channel for educational purposes only.  End of update. ]]]]

The Triumph of the Will, illustrates for us in a way how that a silly little man who is a uniter under the guise of National Sovereignty and Socialism, can get away with silly little sayings, the use of charlatan mass hypnosis gestures and speech rhythms, and has an entire people look to him as if he were a living deity among them.

Contrast this with the current scumbag illegally occupying the Presidency in the United States.   In many ways, he has the same cult-like following, but it is in many way anti-thesis to the way National Socialists were organized in the open.  

Obama , a man of hate, a divider who feeds on hate, is somehow as equally adhered to by those who love to hate  even as Hitler was by the German National Socialists in his day.  

No, Obama's  dumb-asses don't run around saying "Victory hail!", but they do run around an accuse others of being racist for challenging a deceiver who is on equal scale as a nefarious national and international deceiver as Hitler was.  In fact, Obama as a deceiver is worse than Hitler, because Hitler was dumb enough to lay out too much of what he was mostly about and intended in his book called "Mein Kampf".  

In 2008 to present day 2015, we have a silly little man, Obama, who as a divider runs around with silly little sayings and gestures of self-worship and a thriving on being worshiped, who uses charlatan mass hypnosis gestures and speech rhythms, and has an entire clusterf*ck of treasonous minded people (most who hate the Republic of the United States on many levels for whatever reasons of hate within themselves) who look to him as if he were a living deity among them.

Hitler felt he was robbed of a national identity in some respects because a Jewish influence convinced Maria Theresa in 1765 to have Innsbruck (Hitler's birthplace and home over a century later) and some surrounding lands removed from Bavaria, pay tribute taxes to Austria for every year from that year onward,  and be considered as seized and relabeled as Austrian.  The formality of nationality would not complete until about 1814-1815.   Hitler was deprived of a loving mother at a young age, and was the victim of a Roman Catholic Clergy sexual predator.  In spite of that experience, Hitler promoted reproduction and eugenics.  

Obama was likely born in Kenya and deprived of a maternal Indonesian identity, and a paternal Kenyan identity.  He blames America for the one, and Britain for the other.  He was deprived of even a loving surrogate mother, who he says that when she got near certain black men in his presence, she rhythmically (like a slut) began going into a sexual orgasm and in effect appeared (in his eyes) to have brazenly offered herself up to them for promiscuous sex.  Obama as a boy, according to his poem called "Pop", was anally raped by Frank Marshall Davis, and Obama attempted to play it out as if it was painfully consensual and says of Frank, "he took too damn long",  or words to that effect.  In light of that experience, Obama has embraced homosexuality and attempts to force that filthy sin on all nations.  

For those who have not succumbed to cognitive dissonance or the ramifications of too much information along with societal and technological future shock, you will be able to view the Triumph of the Will in both the historical context of the time as an historian, and be able to see the relevance of comparing it to our current socio-political climate here in the United States in 2015.   

The internet can never replace books.  It regularly has those controlling what is or is not to be allowed as anonymous editors who regularly change and scrub the past on the Internet.  It is as if when Orwell wrote about how the past was changed and rewritten and altered continuously, it might as well meant an age where it was in an electronic format that we have and is insisted upon us in our day.   Scrubbing and altering the past electronically is a standardized practice in place on the Internet today, and if you do regular research, you may have noticed it as well.  But more and more, we are being told that we should not study the past...don't study, so you will be more susceptible to repeat its mistakes; don't study, so others can rewrite it to what it never was and use those new lies in which a wholly fabricated version of the past can be presented to a historically  illiterate public to sway the politics of today.  

Examine the silly sayings of Hitler and what others say for him.  Then think on the same idiocy others do regarding Obama, and realize how dangerous the Obama cult really is, and the damage his illegal occupancy of the Presidency of the United States is really capable of doing, and when reflected on in history in decades to come, it will be with an even far worse contempt that so many currently have of 1930s Germany and of any acceptance of Adolf Hitler or what he advanced.   

Do you have the courage and the capability to have a Triumph of the Will to think for yourself and intelligently discuss the topics of the past and of today?

If suddenly you stopped having the ability in recent years, consider this.  
Vaccinations, especially those taken when the life is not imminently at stake and is said to be a "preventative" or "mandated" measure, those vaccinations are being used as a means to destroy intelligence and cognitive capabilities in the general population.  Vaccinations are knowingly be used to create intentional autism in Americans of all ages  at such a rate, that what used to be 1 in 146,000 is now less than 1 in 56 who get vaccinated, with a stated goal that 1 in 3 will be so mentally incapacitated by 2025.  

Something to be aware of and think about and research for yourselves.  

That's my input.  -- Brianroy

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