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Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11/2015 - A Look Back At 9/11/2001 - And A Comment That More Than Just Symptoms Of Corruption Are Manifesting In 2015

On September 11, 2015, some 14 years after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers and their total destruction, 

after an attack on the Pentagon and the destruction of what amounted to one fifth of the surface building, 

we find ourselves discovering that too many inconsistencies regarding not only the Pentagon, but also regarding what really happened regarding the World Trade Center Towers attack, et cetera. 

We have never been able to escape the reality, that there are just too many suppressions of eyewitness testimonies and factual data telling a different narrative than the propaganda version which was used to give us a never-ending war status, in which the end result is that we victims are now the enemy of the State, and the terrorists who kill innocents are somehow to be embraced, while any victim who speaks out or any who speak out on behalf of the victims are now "evil".   Really?  The psychopathic killers view the best of society as evil to them, and these are the ones who now are in charge.  Is that what is to be the real legacy of the suppressed narrative of what REALLY happened that day on September 11, 2001?     


The increase in State Sponsored hostility and the spread of evil filth as the new morality by the United States Federal Government against its own citizens just cannot be understood in the normal sense of looking at United States history.

  But it can be understood at greater depth when we realize that since the 1730s, there have really been two American Societies…one in the open, which we used to share and take pride in, and the underlying occult of the various and manifold England based Luciferians or Satanists, primarily Freemasonry and variant occults mimicking it, led and manipulated by those who scheme and game the financial and political governance of the people of the United States in their favor.


 Since 1776, with the merger of a Bavarian Luciferian Society of Elites called the Illuminati, the Freemasons and other occult groups and societies  have been on a mission to spread anarchy into other nations, fight or persecute Christians domestically, and run (what former President John Quincy Adams labeled as)  a shadow government within the government of the United States, in which members of these societies occupied in 1840 and still occupy to this day  too many posts of almost every important position and guided policy...and we might add, upon the Anglo-Germanic Luciferian Masonic Occult Societies, we can lay the blame for more than two centuries of national and international revolution and world anarchy, including their members being among those who are the true co-founders of Communism, Nazism, and far too many despotic regimes. 

 And that is still on-going.  It is a never ending drive and dedication of the promotion of Luciferian chaos by masonic and other occult members that is precisely what drives U.S. domestic and foreign policy today...and too many of its domestic and overseas Intelligence Service members have allied themselves  to Islam under the disinformation for useful idiots pitch as if the merger of the occult societies and Islam were somehow now a new Hegelian empowerment system.  The pitch, given me by a lesser Rockerfeller I conversed with in 2005, was that such a merger would have sustained Nazi Germany had they embraced it (an absolute lie), and in 2015, 10 years later, we can see that it would necessarily follow that such a use of Freemasonry or other Islamic embracing occultic practice could be another of several means that the Central Intelligence Agency along with funding so guides and controls chief or strategic leaders (not just participants) in both Al Qaeda and ISIS, even as in the last week they now launch another war of chaos.  This time, it is a war of chaos upon our Treaty Nation allies of the European Union (again with German help, this time  by its own Quisling leader called Merkel).

The domestic agenda is one launched primarily by political zealots merging with the occultists allying themselves through and in allegiance to Obama the usurper, is ever one of non-stop  homosexualizing - Islamicizing - and deConstitutionalizing  as a form of Satanic chaos warfare upon the citizens of the United States, as if to prove themselves greater anarchists than any who have preceded them, as if that a thing to aspire to...to be twice the child of hell any before them ever were, and to have to empathy for any United States Citizenship they might actually have, as if it never existed and were an alien thing.   This alliance has universal occultic support by majority Masonic occult control in its members occupying crucial functions and offices in all three Federal Branches of Government.  It is by Masonic ritual rules that one member may never turn in another Mason, though he rape your wife or children, though he be a murder or one guilty of the most heinous treason against his and your government imaginable, as a Mason or occult member, you are obligated to conspire and break all non-Masonic laws in society and you MUST protect him.  That is why so many of them are active pedophiles, homosexuals, and treasonous scum...the occult requires fellow occult members to protect the corrupt...mix that with Congress, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, and you have the United States of 2015.  A big fat mess of corruption on a scale beyond ordinary comprehension. 

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