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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Infowars Alert: US Military Colonel Training For War Against United States Voting Citizens (aka. U.S. Sovereign Citizens) Confronted By Multiple Callers On C-Span

Americans flooded the C-SPAN phone lines Wednesday with questions for Colonel John Petkosek, commander of the U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia, on a multitude of issues including the facility’s resemblance to the United States and gun confiscation by military soldiers during Hurricane Katrina.  -- Infowars May 6, 2015

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The United States is being run by an Oligarchy of those who live and breathe Hegelianism, a Germanic view of Statism.   Within C.I.A. and obviously therefore within other Intelligence Services of the United States, it is this view that allows those who claim to be patriots to this nation to uplift and defend Communist-Socialists who are determined to destroy the Constitution of the United States.   But most American Voting Citizenry, which label is the definition of a Sovereign Citizen from the Federal Government's point of view (a voting citizen), do not grasp or comprehend, nor do they care to know that this  particular political view -- Hegelianism --  gave rise to both Marxist-Leninism, and it gave rise to Hitlerian National Socialism.  

 Barack Obama, as a dedicated political Communist-Socialist and politico-religious Muslim follows the Hegelian part of an actor, where he puts forth an image that is an idea of a certain personality, a role separate and distinct from the real person.  Allegedly, his only freedom to act is supposed to be within that personality, and by necessity he is constrained by others who have a hold on him as absolute masters over his being, even as American Statists or American Hegelian elitists insist that the State must be the unforgiving and ever present to punish and abuse as anti-Christ taskmaster in one’s life.   The community takes importance, as ordered under the Corporate CEO and policy-writers acting at his direction, as it were.  The individual is no longer a man with natural rights given by GOD, nor is he to be looked upon anymore as an intelligent and rational being.  Instead, his body is to be the thing that the State view as its own property, and even the mind is not allowed to be free and free thinking, for in Hegelianism or Totalitarian Statism, the mind to is to be impersonal and without freedom and without rights  (except in the liberty to have the freedom to act deceptively in order to advance the goals and objectives of totalitarianism / Hegelian Statism). 

In Statism or in Hegelianism, it is taught that a person must translate his freedom into an external sphere in order to exist as the Ideal.   Personality is the first, still wholly abstract, determination of the absolute and infinite will, and therefore this sphere distinct from the person, the sphere capable of embodying his freedom, is likewise determined as what is immediately different and separable from him.  If you wish to summarize this, you simply read George Orwell's "1984" where he says that Big Brother teaches his enslaved masses that "Freedom is slavery".     Or in other words, you must become a slave in order to be free.    

  Do Americans really want to be those who are shackled in real physical chains in order to experience a pretentious freedom of playing a role the State demands that YOU play out?   And what is the pitch to get one to that condition?  It would usually be that to experience true freedom of the mind, you must first learn to be shackled down as a prisoner of the State, and then your mind will really be free, fluttering about like the wings of a bird (or some such rot of a pitch like that).  But just ask any number of those in prison if their minds are "free" and if they are going through a condition of enlightenment, and see what the negative psychological and sometimes violent verbal reaction is, and then just hope when they get out they don't use you as a target for seething hate from that time until the moment they exact a retribution on you for that utterance.  

There is no doubt that the majority of those in the Oligarchy running the United States of America have in mind a gradual scale of transition into a World Governance, in which they must interact with other Oligarchies running Europe and other nations and places behind the scenes.  They also have complications of interactions which Chinese, Japanese, and Saudi banking Institution representatives as elite co-board members grafted in must also   have their say, even though these likely make a combined minority of less than 5% on the Board of Governance.  We can see indications and outlines by interactions even if we cannot as yet know the full particulars.  

In the Illuminati scheme of things, the American Hegelians appear to have a certain faction that wants to institute a pattern laid out by Alexander Hamilton, in which the whole hidden out of view Government Structure involves a president who appoints 50 sub-Presidents, having varying levels of powers of autonomy and sovereignty in the same way States were once argued that they should be sovereign, and that the United States should be more akin to a United Nations of 13 sovereign states than a Union of States as one single nation.  And if that path is chosen, it will be predetermined in written literature that will be issued to all Federal Judges at that time it is being implemented, as it will be accepted as if the Law of the Land, because to a Federal Judge, the Committee of Unelected Judges who establish the guidelines have more weight and influence upon them than does the Constitution of the United States, and this is continuously proven time and time again in regard to Barack Obama and any issues or complaints regarding him on ANY level of challenge.  

Most people do not realize that Federal Judges already operate by a set of books they are given which tells them what the rules and procedures are, and that they are to heed internal commissions appointed over them above that of the Constitution of the United States, and to ever steer to the annual updates of the political persuasions of the Committee or that initiated by their own consultations given or received, and if they do not conform to this Corporate Policy  they may not be receiving their paycheck if they render decisions that are out of line with their secret Committee advisement.  This hidden world of Judicial sabotage from within is easily identified in a training of first year Federal Judges  in 1994 (which includes the Communist-Socialist Sotomayor  who was also a Puerto-Rican terror cell / FALN terror group defending attorney, and who is now the illegal U.S. Supreme Court Justice) 

and the power and influence of the unelected secret Committees ruling over the Judges in the Federal Courts has only gotten worse over the last 21 years.  In other words, we are being betrayed by traitors and anti-Constitutionalists and even blackmailers working hand in glove with Intelligence Services to control and manipulate votes and decisions of Judges in the Federal Judiciary just as much as they do the same to those of the Legislative and Executive Branches of the Federal Government of the United States, and the  American Hegelian elitists are apparently also no longer afraid that we should know it.  

"At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." 
 - - Abraham Lincoln, 1838

I trust that the reader will be more than able to watch the featured Infowars Nightly News video and make up their own mind as to this issue.  Listening (rather than too much talking on our part) or having the time mull things over while reading should never become such a lost practice or become such a rare luxury where thinking things through to a more intelligent analytic conclusion becomes almost impossible.   This holds true in family, social relationships, religion, and politics.  


Last updated with very minor grammatical correction in one sentence on May 8 2015

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