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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Guest Video: Rand Paul Speaking for 5 minutes Against The Patriot Act on May 31, 2015 Speaks for the Majority of the Citizens of the United States Against It.

While Obama is NOT legally President of the United States under the Constitution, what Rand Paul says is how Senators and other members of Congress should have been representing the Citizens of the United States of America on that legislation, and anyone who is a true patriot and defender of the Constitution of the United States should consider it a mandatory litmus test (on their part) to vote against that miserable and tyrannical piece of legislation.

[[[[  Update June 1, 2015

While Julian Hattem on 05/31/15 05:42 PM EDT
in reporting for “The Hill” correctly reported on Rand Paul’s opposition  to the pseudo USA Freedom Act --  the reauthorization to the collection of all U.S. Citizen data of all that is electronically accessible, including all e-mails and places visited by any user on the internet, as well as having the ability of randomly or specifically turning on one’s cell phone and computer microphones, and reverse watching U.S. Citizens through new “big brother” smart television technologies  that can be activated if the user is hooked up to wireless or cable internet, which is all data dumped to an over 3 million square feet mega NSA data collection facility in Utah -  the Associated Press instead put out a disinformation hit job on

Who wrote:
“The Senate then voted 77-17 to move ahead on the USA Freedom Act.
McConnell was boxed in by the actions of his fellow Kentucky Republican, Paul, who helped stymie the leader's attempt to pass an extension of current law. Paul objected each time McConnell attempted to bring that measure to a vote.
Paul opposes the USA Freedom Act as not going far enough. But, he predicted, the USA Freedom Act "will ultimately pass."

There is no if, buts, or ands about it.  Ken Dilanian committed LIED in his representation of Rand Paul’s position, saying that Senator Paul’s position was that the Patriot Act did not go far enough in stripping Americans of their freedoms.  The Associated Press LIED.  

I would even argue, that one should view the AP as having lost journalistic credibility for even that which is publicly available to most Americans, as if they were attempting to gaslight us and pretend that their lie or lies will be the new truthspeak, and by recording their lie or lies, they merely need to refer back to their lie, and that is to be the new history as if they were the Orwellian Ministry of Truth, which was de facto the Ministry of Untruth in the book, 1984. 
Reuters reported Mon Jun 1, 2015 7:20am EDT
“Senate lets NSA spy program lapse, at least for now
that “A review panel Obama established in 2013 concluded that the metadata collection program had not been essential to preventing any terrorist attack.”

Since it does nothing in STOPPING Terrorism, but rather it is EXTREMELY likely that it is a misused “authorization” which instead of its intended and Congress authorized (though unconstitutional purpose), the Patriot Act and its renewal as the “USA Freedom Act” is de facto and de jure a means of the ultimate in Corporate espionage upon the Citizens of the United States and the data is farmed out, and likely either sold or internally authorized as part of blackmail for Federal rampant and widespread pedophilia and promiscuous homosexual activity in the Legislative and Executive Branches of the Federal Government ,  as if the National Security Agency was an Agency for hire with particular unparalleled polling and other data, as well as industrial and financial espionage data.  That being the case, then why should we allow such a system as the what the unPatriot Act and the USA removal of Freedom Act proposes to support and authorize as status quo existence?  We shouldn’t.  

     Senator Paul did the right thing in vigorously opposing the renewal of the Patriot Act.  Espionage needs to be conducted against foreign powers, and not be authorized against all Citizens of the United States generally, as if we are all the enemy of the very Government that takes our taxes and is supposed to represent us.  If so, we may have to make State movements where we give only the States our taxes, and then insist they keep it from a corrupt Congress and Executive Branch, while saying Molon Labe (that fight challenge of "Come and take up and snatch out of the hand" / "Come and take it") and forcing the issue in which perhaps in one scenario all Congress is recalled, and new elections are held while not allowing any senator of more than 2 terms or any Representative of more than 6  to ever run again, while also pushing for sexual misconduct and Treason speedy one day trial prosecutions and imprisonments  of those in Congress guilty of just that.  Maybe that is what it will take, I don’t know.  Any rate, for now, that’s my input.

End of June 1, 2015 update]]]] 

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