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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Information On The Boston Marathon Bombers Family Shows Unforeseen Participant Complications

I have come across information by two journalists that effectually place a relative of the Boston Bombers allegedly as an active asset or agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, who in turn was recruited by a Vice-Chairman who sat on the Intelligence Board and who in turn was given that position by Ronald Reagan.  

 In effect, the circumstantial information uncovered by these journalists appears to point to a a conclusion that the C.I.A. relative of the Boston Bombers  may have used his own connections in both the United States and Russia by phone to stop probable detention and arrest of his nephews and sister over the last two years, with the motivation that perhaps with the motivation that these (shall we say misguided) jihadi relatives of his were just going through a phase.  But unfortunately, the Boston Bomber's uncle was not only mixed up with C.I.A. at a level so high it should give many in the Community a sort of intellectual vertigo; but once again, the nefarious hand and influence of George Soros own privatized espionage branches are mixed up in the Boston Marathon Bomber's Uncle's past as well.  We cannot rule out that there is once again a Soros - Al Qaeda element, the same as when Soros openly bragged involvement in toppling Libya, which coincidentally or not, directly involved recruiting and interacting with Al Qaeda in the overthrow of Moammar Qaddafy.   Was this Boston Marathon bombing in part a Soros-group dabbling and encouraging with Al Qaeda gone wrong? 

 There is also the concern in regard to another Boston Marathon Bomber still at large, a female bomb-maker who was involved in supplying the Boston Marathon bombers with the explosive devices they detonated.  It remains to be seen if the female's DNA is a match to the Tsarnaev brothers or possible known suspects, but yet the information  poses a further concern that the brothers did not act alone in at least constructing the bombs used. 

It appears that the brothers may have felt led into Jihadi Islam by the zealous encouragement of their mother.  In regard to that aspect of conversion to jihadi Islam, one theory or concern, if you will,  is that the mother of the Boston Bombers may have (herself) been physically and mentally beaten and beaten into a Jihadi insanity by her husband, as Islam demands their men beat their wives regularly into slave submission if they have any kind of an independent will,  and allegedly that she after years of abuse would have allegedly taken on a Stockholm syndrome fanaticism.

In effect, the Boston Marathon bombings are not as simply understood as we would like to have at first believed.  There is more at work than meets the eye, and some of it indirectly leads to the fact that it was at least an indirect result because of Obama and his pro-jihadi stance, that jihadi Islam is now to be viewed as a "lifestyle choice" and redefined as "workplace violence" or what have you when it occurs here in the United States; and that his close association and allowance of Soros to participate in espionage activities with Al Qaeda in Libya and elsewhere may have been a direct consequence that killed and maimed U.S. Citizens in Boston...but the operative word for now is plausibly "may".  If there is indeed a Soros or a Soros-group association finger-print on the Boston Bombings, it will be of a benefit for Congress to launch a hearing to probe Soros and all his groups here in the States to see if they are or not engaged in fomenting terrorism and acts of espionage here in the United States, and to see to what extent his and his Soros group involvements are. 

That's my input.

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As a side treat, I offer the now current Hillsdale College Lecture dealing with the Era of Ronald Reagan...a man whom Barack Obama hated with a passion (as a self-proclaimed Marxist-Leninist) in my presence in 1981.

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