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Monday, April 22, 2013

Guest Video: Glenn Beck Offers His Blaze Networks Investigation On The April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon Bombers

The Following are the Glenn Beck released free to the public to "view" Commentaries on the Boston Marathon Bombing and those who perpetrated it.  It is, as of this post: one week after the event, 3 days after the death of one terrorist bomber and the capture of another later that same day. 

RADIO:  Morning of April 22, 2013

TELEVISION: Afternoon of April 22, 2013

Lone wolves? 

The Saudi Arabian Connection

Saudi National Timeline

MSNBC's Coverage Criticized

A List Of Relevant Blaze Reports As Of April 22, 2013

 I admit that I have a serious issue with Glenn Beck on facts of law regarding Obama.  I have done the research to prove Obama is Unconstitutional to even hold office and is NOT eligible.  I can pull up approximately 98 Supreme Court Decisions and make an intelligent case that will span hundreds of pages.  Mr. Beck is on record that he refused to give the issue more than 30 seconds thought.  But in politics and religion, and in many facets of life, who really believes 100% like you do?   Pragmatism demands that we utilize what tools and opportunities placed before us, without compromising what is right and true.

I have no problem offering Mr. Beck the opportunity to have his say on most issues apart from Obama's eligibility / ineligibility issue (an issue in which he is ill-informed, illiterate, or corrupt upon...and I really could care less which of them they are).    As for affording a generous opportunity for those around the world checking out my blog, I offer you this post and the opportunity to get to check out Glenn Beck. While he usually  does not rise to the more thorough and intensiveness of Pamela Geller at AtlasShrugs
 it is still worthwhile to include Mr. Beck in your internet perusing at least a few time a week.  

If you check no other video out, please check the Radio program segment on the Saudi - U.S. Relationship (video #2, above) .  It is a must watch eye-opener for many.   


[Updated Comments on April 23, 2013]

[[[[[Update: April 25, 2013   -- I will have to admit, I am pleasantly surprised that Glenn Beck and  those at The Blaze are so trusted, that they have been given high level classified access to a pro-Muslim Obama Administration attempt at destroying the active terrorist 212 3-B Homeland Security Designation file of Al-Harbi.  On the Radio on April 24, 2013,  Glenn Beck gave the ff. U.S. Government Al-Harbi  file page.  And if he hangs tough and keeps revealing this story, he could have a news organization built up under him that could in 5 - 7 years rival CNN in its hey-day and become THE most-trusted news on television in the United States and in many parts around the world.  That is the potential I see if he holds true and does not white-wash away Obama and the others who have had a direct hand in IMPORTING terrorists for such events as the Boston Marathon bombings.

TELEVISION  April 24, 2013:


America needs this story to get out, and to be told the truth about the evil and evil intent of Barack Hussein Obama and the many radicals he has welcomed with open arms, who are a mirror-reflection of his inner core belief system or inner self.   As for Al-Harbi,  “Subject is inadmissible to the U.S. under INA 212(a)(3)(B)(i)(II).”.   

April 25, 2013:  

 On April 25, 2013, we now learn that the State Department has put up a block-access of Al-Harbi's file to prevent this pattern of behavior scandal of actively importing terrorists as being Obama's equivalent to Nixon's Watergate tapes, in order to stop a justifiable national overwhelming mass public outrage and a near certain impeachment of Obama, who not only holds office illegally, but is directly involved in some level with the importation of Al Qaeda terrorists onto U.S. soil and / or the refusal to stop, detain, prosecute or deport them immediately once it is known that they are here.

End of April 25, 2013 update]]]]]

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