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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hillsdale College Presents: Free Courses in United States History (and beyond)

Hillsdale College  is offering Free History Course Lectures  simply by going to   https://online.hillsdale.edu/login
and registering.

You get a standard University Level class on video that you can stop, rewind or replay at your leisure, and various reading materials lacking in many of our Universities should you take the American History I and II  or its variants as rewritten and then regurgitated by Progressives.  In other words, you get quite a bit of the material that Progressives refuse to allow you and your children and grandchildren to have anymore, not even at many Universities and Colleges let alone the high schools, because robbing you of knowledge and history is a means that the Left loves to use to control and manipulate others while empowering themselves for evil designs and purposes.  

Please review the lectures below, share them, and if you believe you indeed can intellectually benefit from these and other like lectures...please do not hesitate to freely sign up through the link of https://online.hillsdale.edu/login  and be part of the course.  

The title and overview introduction below are that which Hillsdale College uses to introduce the videos.  

Thank you, and kind regards....Brianroy

“From Elizabeth I to the Glorious Revolution”

with Paul Rahe


The 16th and 17th centuries witnessed a growing crisis in the English monarchy, which was not resolved until the Glorious Revolution. The appeal to natural law, especially as formulated by John Locke, as the standard by which to govern political society, along with the idea of the necessity of the separation of powers to guard against tyranny, influenced not only English politics, but later, American revolutionaries.



"The American Founding"

with Paul Rahe 


Prior to the Revolutionary War, the tradition of self-government in America was nurtured by the English common law tradition and the original charters of the American colonies, no less than by the constraints of geography. The debates in the colonies regarding representation and taxation grew out of the larger practical and theoretical debates in England on the nature and extent of the principle of sovereignty, the power and authority of the monarch in relation to Parliament, and the rights of citizens and natural rights, in the wake of the social and political changes resulting from the Glorious Revolution.



"Enlightenment and Natural Rights"

with Terrence Moore


The Enlightenment as understood by the later American colonists represented an enlargement of science—of knowledge of enduring truths in both the human and the physical worlds. The American Enlightenment centered on the pillars of religious liberty, political liberty, economic liberty, and moral responsibility. A quintessential example of the American Enlightenment and its importance as a foundation for the American Revolution and the Founding is illustrated by the person of Benjamin Franklin, whose intellectual endeavors and scientific discoveries not only served as the basis for his political work but also materially benefited civil society in America and abroad.



"Democracy: American Promise and its Dangers"

with Paul Rahe


The success of the principles of the American Revolution was not assured solely by the military victory over British forces—success also required that the policies and institutions of the new government be formulated in accordance with those principles. Echoing this sentiment, George Washington wrote in his Circular Letter to the States, “According to the system of Policy the States shall adopt at this moment, they will stand or fall, and by their confirmation or lapse, it is yet to be decided, whether the Revolution must ultimately be considered as a blessing or a curse […] not to the present age alone, for with our fate will the destiny of unborn Millions be involved.”


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