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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Guest Videos: Prager U Exposing Two Major Drivers Behind DNC Anti-Liberty Agenda -- (Bonus:Two Insightful Quotes From America's Founder: Samuel Adams)

 "Philanthrop may tell us of the hazard “of disturbing and inflaming the minds of the multitude whose passions know no bounds”: A traitor to the constitution alone can dread this:

The multitude I am speaking of, is the body of the people – no contemptible multitude – for whose sake government is instituted; or rather, who have themselves erected it, solely for their own good – to whom even kings and all in subordination to them, are strictly speaking, servants and not masters....

 The constitution and its laws are the basis of the public tranquility – the firmest support of the public authority, and the pledge of the liberty of the citizens: 
But the constitution is a vain Phantom, and the best laws are useless, if they are not religiously observed. 

The nation ought then to watch, and the true patriot will watch very attentively, in order to render them equally respected, by those who govern, and the people destined to obey. ”

Samuel Adams  (aka. VINDEX)
Boston Gazette, January 21, 1771

“I am afraid there are little Jealousies among them which prevent their uniting their Councils and Efforts against that Inundation of Levity, Vanity,  Luxury Dissipation & indeed Vice of every kind which I am informed threatens that Country which has heretofore stood with unexampled Firmness in the Cause of Liberty and Virtue. This Torrent must be stemmed, and in order to do it effectually, there must be Associations of Men of unshaken Fortitude.
A general Dissolution of Principles & Manners will more surely overthrow the Liberties of America than the whole Force of the Common Enemy.

While the People are virtuous

 they cannot be subdued; 

but when once they lose their Virtue 

they will be ready to surrender their Liberties

to the first external or internal Invader.

…If Virtue ; Knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great Security.

Virtue & Knowledge will forever be an even Balance for Powers & Riches.

I hope our Countrymen will never depart from the Principles

 & Maxims which have been handed down to us from our 

wise forefathers. 

This greatly depends upon the Example of Men of Character

& Influence of the present Day.”

Samuel Adams

Letter to James Warren (February 12, 1779)

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