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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Heidi Cruz: "Ted IS An Immigrant" And An Unconfirmed Report That Carly Is Having Sex With Her Husband In The Last Couple Weeks? Yikes!

It is about to heat up even more than just Heidi admitting Ted is illegal to run for office. She may go La Costra Nostra all by herself one of these days. 

Anyone check out the following Campaign Trail clash between Heidi and Carly? 



Heidi Cruz Confronts Fiorina For Sleeping With Lyin’ Ted Cruz 

Greenville, Indiana Saturday, April 30, 2016

 A nasty argument broke out between Carly Fiorina and Heidi Cruz, after Heidi Cruz confronted Fiorina about sleeping with her husband, GOP Presidential candidate Lyin’ Ted Cruz, in a Pizza restaurant’s restroom in Greenville, Indiana on Saturday afternoon. 

On the campaign trail, Carly Fiorina, running mate to Republican presidential candidate Lying Ted Cruz, and Congressman Marlin Stutzman ( a senate candidate), along with first lady hopeful Heidi Cruz, came to Mozzi’s Pizza in Greenfield for lunch Saturday afternoon. 

An employee of Mozzi’s Pizza who was in a restroom occupied by Cruz and Fiorina, heard Cruz and Fiorina screaming at each other outside her stall, saying that: 

“I trusted you. I allow you in my home and trust you with my children. So how do you repay me….by f….ing (expletive) my husband.” [Cruz] 

“It wasn’t my fault. He came on to me and I really didn’t think you would care…it’s not like I was the first woman he ever cheated on you with.” [Fiorina] 

Allegedly, their altercation nearly turned violent with further harsh words levied by both Cruz and Fiorina, but calmed down shortly after the manager of the restaurant, Steve Geyer, knocked on the door of the restroom, in an attempt to quell the argument. [Unquote] 

So when Carly falls through a stage right in front of Heidi, notice the smile as a "serves you right" comes across Heidi's face. 


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